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VA: Republicans win “lot draw” for state legislature seat

Source: CNN

“GOP incumbent David Yancey won a ‘lot draw’ in the race for Virginia’s House of Delegates Thursday, giving Republicans control of the chamber. The quirk of democracy came as the Virginia Board of Elections used the procedure laid out in a 1705 law to settle the 11,608-to-11,608 tie between Yancey and Democrat Shelly Simonds for the seat. James Alcorn, the chairman of the board of elections, drew a film canister with Yancey’s name out of a blue and white ceramic bowl made by Virginia artist Steven Glass. After the lot draw, Simonds did not rule out seeking a second recount, saying ‘all options are still on the table.'” (01/04/18)


Liberia: VP Boakai concedes presidential election to former soccer star Weah

Source: Boston Globe

“After allegations of election fraud and a delayed runoff that raised fears about a constitutional crisis, Vice President Joseph Boakai of Liberia accepted defeat in the country’s presidential election Friday and offered his support to the new government. … By conceding the race to [George Manneh] Weah, a former international soccer star, Boakai helped pave the way for the first democratic transition of power in the West African country in more than 70 years. Previous elections were overseen by the United Nations.” (12/29/17)


AL: State certifies Jones election win as Moore’s court challenge fails

Source: NBC News

“Alabama officials certified the results of its special Senate election Thursday, officially naming Democrat Doug Jones the victor not long after a judge rejected a last-minute challenge from Republican Roy Moore. Late Wednesday, hours before the Alabama State Canvassing Board was scheduled to meet Thursday to certify Jones’ victory, Moore and his campaign filed a lawsuit alleging that voter fraud had tainted the election results and requesting that certification be delayed.” (12/28/17)


VA: Officials postpone legislative seat lottery drawing due to lawsuit

Source: Raw Story

“A lottery drawing to settle a tied Virginia legislative race that could shift the statehouse balance of power has been indefinitely postponed, state election officials said on Tuesday, after the Democratic candidate mounted a legal fight. The decision to put off the high-stakes lotto, originally scheduled for Wednesday, marks the latest twist in a dramatic election recount that at one point showed Democrat Shelly Simonds beating Republican incumbent David Yancey by a single vote. … A day after Simonds emerged as the victor of a recount, a three-judge panel ruled that a disputed ballot should be counted for Yancey. That decision left the two candidates tied with 11,608 votes each in a district that encompasses the shipping hub of Newport News in southeastern Virginia, setting the stage for the equivalent of a coin toss to pick a final winner. Simonds asked a state court to reconsider on Tuesday, arguing that the disputed ballot was wrongly included.” (12/27/16)


Spain: Rajoy rejects call for talks with Puigdemont

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has rebuffed calls by Catalonia’s ousted [sic] leader, Carles Puigdemont, to meet for new talks outside the country. Mr Rajoy said he would negotiate with whoever became the new head of the Catalan government but they would have to take up their post in Catalonia. Mr Puigdemont earlier called for talks to take place in Brussels, where he is living in self-imposed exile. Separatist parties won a majority in a Thursday’s snap regional election. … The Spanish government imposed direct rule on Catalonia and called the election after declaring an October independence referendum illegal.” (12/22/17)


Catalonia: Separatists win back majority in parliament, frustrating Spanish occupiers

Source: Politico

“Catalan separatists won an absolute majority in the regional parliament in Thursday’s election, crushing Madrid’s hopes of halting the push for independence. The result will be a blow to Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s hopes that the ballot would set the region on a path to normality after the chaos that followed a referendum and unilateral declaration of independence in October. … The separatists managed to retain the majority of seats that they won in the last regional vote two years ago despite the fact that their top leaders have been jailed or have taken refuge abroad.” (12/21/17)


Honduras: OAS calls for new election after president wins re-election

Source: New York Times

“The Honduran electoral commission on Sunday declared President Juan Orlando Hernandez the victor in a bitterly contested race, but the Organization of American States called for a new election, arguing that the vote was so riddled with irregularities that it was impossible to be sure of a winner. The electoral commission, which is controlled by allies of Mr. Hernandez, said he had won by about 50,000 votes over the opposition candidate, Salvador Nasralla. The announcement, and the response from Luis Almagro, the secretary general of the O.A.S., seemed likely to escalate the political crisis that has gripped Honduras since the Nov. 26 vote.” (12/17/17)


Chile: Former president Sebastian Pinera wins runoff vote

Source: CNN

“Chile’s former President, the conservative billionaire Sebastian Pinera, has been elected to serve another term as the country’s leader. Pinera, who governed the South American nation from 2010 to 2014, defeated leftist candidate Alejandro Guillier during a second round of voting Sunday. Chile’s Electoral Service said Pinera won with 54.58% of the votes. Guillier came in second with 45.42%, a much wider margin than originally predicted by pollsters. Outgoing President Michelle Bachelet, a socialist leader who also served two presidential terms, had backed Guillier, who had pledged to continue many of her policies and programs.” (12/17/17)


Relieved by Roy Moore’s defeat? Thank a Libertarian

Libertarian Party

Source: Libertarian Party
by staff

“Republican candidate Roy Moore lost to Democrat Doug Jones in the Dec. 12 special election for U.S. Senate. The Moore campaign was plagued by allegations of sexual impropriety, and voters turned away in droves from what was once considered a safe GOP seat. The race was so close, though, that Jones won by a margin of only 1.5 percent — less than the 1.7 percent of votes for write-in candidates, including Libertarian Ron Bishop. … According to Bishop campaign staffer Jim Albea, it will be several weeks before we know how many of the write-in votes went to Bishop. Libertarian candidates usually draw equally from disaffected Republicans, Democrats, and independents. Considering the slim margin of victory in such a heavily Republican state, though, Bishop probably turned far more voters away from Moore than from Jones. He did so with an unabashed campaign championing free trade, a balanced budget, lower taxes, and other common-sense Libertarian positions …” (12/14/17)


The Republican nightmare is just beginning

Source: The Atlantic
by McKay Coppins

“Roy Moore’s stunning defeat Tuesday night was met with quiet sighs of relief throughout the GOP establishment, where the culture-warring ex-judge and accused child abuser was widely regarded as radioactive. Yet even as Moore’s political obituaries were being written, party strategists were bracing for the army of Moore-like insurgents they expect to flood next year’s Republican primaries. Indeed, Breitbart News chief Steve Bannon has already pledged to field challengers for every incumbent Republican senator up for reelection next year (with the exception of Ted Cruz). … While Republicans in the political class will no doubt cite Moore’s loss as proof that their party needs to nominate stronger, more mainstream candidates next year, it’s far from certain that primary voters on the ground will heed such pleas from the swamp.” (12/14/17)