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UK: May warns of chaotic Brexit in final Prime Minister's Questions before election

Source: CNN

"UK Prime Minister Theresa May warned that the opposition Labour Party would doom Britain to a 'chaotic Brexit' as she clashed with its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, in a testy final Prime Minister's Questions before a snap general election is held on June 8. May, who made repeated use of her party's mantra of "strong and stable leadership" under the Conservatives, said Labour would 'crash' the economy if it won the election, and that a vote for Corbyn would damage Britain's ability to ensure the best terms for its exit from the European Union in two years' time. … Labour on Tuesday vowed to scrap May's Brexit plans if it wins the general election in June, saying it will seek a softer departure from the European Union." (04/26/17)


Are American voters actually just stupid? A new poll suggests the answer may be "yes"

Source: Salon
by Chauncey DeVega

"Are tens of millions of Americans really this stupid? If the findings from a new poll are any indication, then the answer is yes …. 'Among those who report having voted for [Trump] in November, 96 percent today say it was the right thing to do; a mere 2 percent regret it. And if a rerun of the election were held today, the poll indicates even the possibility of a Trump victory in the popular vote among 2016 voters.' This is despite all the lies Donald Trump has told and all the campaign promises he has betrayed …" (04/26/17)


France: Le Pen steps down as National Front leader for presidential runoff

Source: MSN News

"French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen announced Monday she is temporarily stepping down as head of her National Front party with less than two weeks ago before the country chooses its leader in a runoff vote. The move appears to be a way for Le Pen to embrace a wide range of potential voters ahead of the vote pitting her against Emmanuel Macron, the independent centrist who came in first in Sunday's first round, The Associated Press reported. … Le Pen has said in the past that she is not a candidate of her party, and made that point when she rolled out her platform in February, saying the measures she was espousing were not her party's, but her own." (04/24/17)


UKIP's burqa ban is desperate and daft

Source: spiked
by Ella Whelan

"What do you do if your party is on the ropes? For UKIP, a party hurtling towards irrelevance, the solution is to announce a controversial, outrage-inducing policy: a burqa ban, in this case. '[Firstly] we have a heightened security risk at the moment and for CCTV to be effective you need to see people’s faces,' said Paul Nuttall, UKIP’s leader, on BBC One’s The Andrew Marr Show. 'Secondly, there’s the issue of integration,' he continued, 'I don’t believe you can integrate fully and enjoy the fruits of British society if you can’t see people’s faces.' Putting aside Nuttall’s illiberal desire for increased CCTV, his attempt to present a burqa ban as an aid to integration is absurd. Why would restricting a woman’s civil liberties make her feel more integrated into British society?" (04/24/17)


Marine Le Pen is what happens when you try to meet racism in the middle

Source: The Intercept
by Mehdi Hasan

"Shame on them all. French leaders from across the political spectrum could not prevent a far-right candidate, who has denied the role played by her country’s wartime Vichy government in the Nazi Holocaust, from reaching the second and final round of the presidential election. On Sunday, Marine Le Pen became only the second National Front (FN) candidate in French history to make it through to the second round — the first was her Holocaust-denying father, FN founder Jean Marie Le Pen, in 2002 …. So who is to blame for the rise and rise of Le Pen and the FN? The conventional wisdom says that mainstream French politicians allowed the far right to win votes by letting them monopolize the issue of immigration. The reverse is, in fact, the case: over the past four decades, both the center-right Republicans and center-left Socialists went out of their way to try and co-opt the xenophobic rhetoric and policies of the Le Pens, which only emboldened — and normalized — both father and daughter." (04/24/17)


UK: UKIP fully abandons former kinda-sorta-libertarian image, goes full authoritarian xenophobe

Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

"Britain's anti-EU U.K. Independence Party says it will promote social integration by banning face-covering veils and barring the opening of new Islamic schools. The right-wing party on Monday unveiled what it calls an 'integration agenda' ahead of Britain's June 8 election. It includes bans on Sharia law and on wearing face-covering veils in public, and a call for prosecution of parents of girls subjected to female genital mutilation." (04/24/17)


UK: Corbyn says Labour government would suspend Syria airstrikes

Source: Independent [UK]

"A Labour government would move to suspend British air strikes against targets in Syria, Jeremy Corbyn has said. The Labour leader said his foreign policy priority in the country if he became the Prime Minister would be to urge US President Donald Trump to resume international peace talks in Geneva. RAF warplanes are currently hitting Isis targets in Iraq and Syria, though they are not engaging with Assad regime targets. The US has made strikes against the Assad regime under Mr Trump, however." (04/23/17)


Wag that tail, dog

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

"Last November, Maine voters passed a ballot measure, Question 5, to begin electing their federal representatives to Congress, and their governor and state legislators, using Ranked Choice Voting. This selection mechanism allows voters to rank their choices, thereby removing the 'spoiler effect' that often pushes citizens to support the lesser of two popular evils. Last month, Maine’s State Senate submitted advisory questions to the Maine Supreme Court about the new law’s constitutionality. … Justices Donald Alexander and Joseph Jabar seemed concerned about ranked-choice voting making it easier to vote for the person and not the party. That’s not unconstitutional. But is it somehow bad? 'We are going to have a lot of people abandoning the political parties if ranked-choice voting remains,' argued Alexander. Or perhaps the parties might better serve voters?" (04/21/17)


Iran: Ahmadinejad "disqualified" from presidential election

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatar]

"Iran's former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been disqualified from running in next month's presidential election, according to state media. The decision on Thursday was taken by the Guardian Council, a clerical body charged with vetting candidates for the May 19 election. In a surprise move, Ahmadinejad registered as a candidate last week, despite previously saying he would not stand. Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had previously urged him not to run." (04/20/17)


France: Would-be presidents make last-minute appeals before vote

Source: Reuters

"Candidates in France's presidential election made last-ditch appeals to sway undecided voters on Thursday as the third and fourth placed contenders kept up the pressure on the two hopefuls leading opinion polls. Voters will cast ballots on Sunday in the first round of what has turned into the most unpredictable French election in memory, with four of the 11 candidates within reach of the two places for the run-off on May 7. … A Harris Interactive poll showed [Emmanuel] Macron and [Marine] Le Pen still in front, with the gap a bit wider than before. The centrist inched ahead to 24.5 percent while Le Pen was a bit weaker on 21 percent. Conservative former prime minister Francois Fillon scored 20 percent, meaning he was now gaining on Le Pen. Jean-Luc Melenchon, a far left politician propelled from wildcard to genuine contender thanks to feisty television performances and smart social media campaign, was stable on 19 percent. An Ifop-Fiducial poll showed roughly the same breakdown." (04/20/17)