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Macron’s Orwellian fake news fix

Source: Acton Institute
by Marcin Rzegocki

“On January 3, during his first press event of the new year, French President Emmanuel Macron presented a proposal intended to ‘protect the democratic life’ of France from ‘fake news.’ According to the French president, so-called fake news constitutes a threat to democracy itself. … These proposals would mandate greater transparency from internet portals about the sponsored content that they publish during an election season. The identity of the advertisers and those who finance them would have to be clearly indicated. The amount of money spent for such content would be limited. It would also be possible for judges to remove fake news stories, delete the links to them, block the sites, or close the offending users’ accounts.” (01/17/18)


France: Macron faces first major street protests of his presidency

Source: France 24 [France]

“Emmanuel Macron faces the first major protests of his presidency on Tuesday as one of the country’s biggest trade unions prepares to lead demonstrations against his planned labour reforms. More than 180 protests are planned nationwide. Members of the CGT, France’s second-largest trade union, will lead demonstrations across the country against a reform package that promises to loosen working restrictions and stimulate employment.” (09/12/17)


France: Macron files lawsuit against photographer

Source: Politico

“French President Emmanuel Macron filed a complaint for ‘harassment and attempted invasion of privacy’ against a photographer who followed him on his holiday in Marseille, the Elysee said in a statement quoted by Le Monde on Tuesday. The legal action was initiated following the alleged trespassing by the man last Sunday on the private property where Macron and his wife Brigitte are spending their summer holidays …” (08/15/17)


France: Petition seeks to stop Brigitte Macron from being official “First Lady”

Source: France 24

“Nearly 200,000 people have signed an online petition against the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron being given a formal position as the country’s First Lady. The petition, launched two weeks ago on change.org, demands that no public money be set aside for the First Lady role that Macron promised to create for his wife while he was still a presidential candidate. ‘Brigitte Macron currently has a team of two or three aides, as well as two secretaries and two security agents. That’s enough,’ says the petition, which had collected 188,000 signatories by Monday.” (08/07/17)


Wikileaks releases thousands of Macron campaign emails

Source: Telegraph [UK]

“More than 20,000 emails from Emmanuel Macron’s presidential campaign have been published by Wikileaks. The whistleblowing website released the trove of leaked emails on Monday as a searchable archive. It comes almost three months after the Macron campaign was hacked on the eve of his election. … The campaign has previously blamed Russian interests for the hacking and cybersecurity researchers have linked the attack to a group known as APT28 or Fancy Bears, the group believed to have hacked the US Democrats last year and which is often linked to the Kremlin. Russia has denied responsibility and the head of France’s cybersecurity agency, Guillaume Poupard, has said there is no evidence of Russian interference.” (07/31/17)


France: Macron urges resumption of Israel-Arab peace talks

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatar]

“French President Emmanuel Macron has called for a resumption of long-stalled peace talks between Israel and Palestine based on a two-state solution. Macron said on Sunday that France was ready to apply diplomatic levers towards renewed negotiations, but gave no specifics. He did not indicate any eagerness for France to spearhead such negotiations after a fruitless French diplomatic effort early this year.” (07/16/17)


The Obamafication of Macron

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Stephen Cable

“Eleven years ago, the US media started to produce glowing, servile reports about the junior senator from Illinois named Barack Obama. I remember reading an article in Time Magazine that had a curious lack of curiosity about it. The Senator was shown in flattering photos with good lighting, his megawatt smile beaming with confidence. Everything about him was wonderful. All his words had the ring of hope and change and even creaky floorboards stopped creaking when he walked on them. … Then on February 10, 2007, he announced his run for the presidency to the surprise of no one. A man with the most razor thin resume ever for a presidential candidate was running for the most powerful political position in the world. The rest, as they say, is history. From then until now the media has fallen over themselves to tell you how awesome he is. … Enter Emmanuel Macron the newly minted (banking pun there) French President. Now the process is underway again as Macron undergoes Obamafication.” (06/12/17)


France: Macron tightens grip on Assembly as old guard ejected

Source: Bloomberg

“President Emmanuel Macron expanded his control of French politics as voters put his party on track to a sweeping majority in the National Assembly in the first round of legislative elections, ousting establishment stalwarts in the process. The new president’s year-old party, Republic on the Move, won 32.3 percent of the vote alongside its centrist ally MoDem, more than 13 percentage points ahead of the Republicans’ group, according to the Interior Ministry’s final vote count. The first round was marked by record-low turnout with less than half the registered voters casting a ballot. In an alliance with the centrist MoDem party, Macron’s group will have between 415 and 455 seats out of 577 in the lower house of parliament, according to projections by Ipsos.” (06/12/17)


Putin visits France, hopes to mend strained ties with west

Source: Washington Post

“On a visit likely to shape Russia-France ties for years, French President Emmanuel Macron hosted Russian President Vladimir Putin at the sumptuous Palace of Versailles on Monday for what the newly-elected French leader said would be ‘demanding’ talks on Syria, the Ukrainian crisis and other thorny issues driving the rift between Russia and the West.” (05/29/17)


France: Macron names Republican Philippe as prime minister

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“President Emmanuel Macron has chosen centre-right mayor Edouard Philippe as France’s new prime minister. Mr Philippe, 46, is not from the president’s new centrist party but from the centre-right Republicans. The choice is seen as an attempt to draw in key figures from both the right and left of French politics. The announcement forms part of a busy first day for the president – he is due to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. The naming of a new prime minister, Mr Macron’s first big appointment, came after hours of fevered speculation in France and a day after he was inaugurated as president.” (05/15/17)