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Amnesty: EU governments complicit in Libya migrant abuse

Source: CNN

“Amnesty International has accused European governments of being complicit in the torture and abuse of migrants and refugees in Libya. In a new report, the human rights group criticizes European governments for supporting efforts by the Libyan coastguard to prevent migrants crossing the Mediterranean and returning them camps in Libya. … The Amnesty report also accused the Libyan coastguard of endangering migrants’ lives and of intimidating NGOs operating in the Mediterranean on rescue missions.” (12/12/17)


God, Brexit, and EUtopia, part 2

Source: Acton Institute
by Stephen F Copp

“The first part of this series rejected seductive dreams of utopian visions for society. From a Judeo-Christian theological perspective utopia conflicts with human nature as it is: fallen. Utopia needs to come from within, not without, through the transformative power of a renewed relationship with God. Fine as the utopian values on which the EU project is claimed to be based appear, there are good reasons to be sceptical of them. This second part evaluates what the Brexit negotiations reveal about the EU’s true values.” (12/11/17)


“Brexit breakthrough”: What you need to know about the new UK-EU report

Source: Acton Institute
by Rev. Ben Johnson

“After frenetic all-night talks, the UK prime minister and the president of the EU announced early Friday morning that the first round of Brexit talks had made ‘sufficient progress’ to go forward. What does that mean for the UK, EU, and the future of economic liberty, deregulation, and reclaiming national self-determination?” (12/08/17)


Key Brexit advocate says voters can change UK deal with EU

Source: US News & World Report

“British voters will be able to change the final Brexit agreement with the European Union if they aren’t happy with what the British government delivers, a key Brexit supporter claimed Saturday. British Environment Secretary Michael Gove’s comments came after Prime Minister Theresa May compromised on issues such as Britain’s financial obligation to the bloc, the Northern Ireland border and the jurisdiction of European courts in order to reach a preliminary agreement on divorce terms with the EU. … ‘The British people will be in control,’ Gove wrote in Saturday’s edition of the Daily Telegraph. ‘By the time of the next election, EU law and any new treaty with the EU will cease to have primacy or direct effect in UK law. If the British people dislike the arrangement that we have negotiated with the EU, the agreement will allow a future government to diverge.'” (12/09/17)


Brexit: No deal in Brussels after DUP torpedoes May/Juncker Ireland agreement

Source: Independent [UK]

Theresa May’s Brexit strategy is in disarray after the Irish Prime Minister dramatically accused her of reneging on an agreement that would have ended the deadlock in the talks. On a day of drama, the Prime Minister pulled the plug on a deal on the Irish border after it was rejected by the Democratic Unionist Party which props her up in power — triggering claims she is being ‘held to ransom.’ The embarrassment left Ms May scrambling to arrange crisis talks with the DUP before she heads back to Brussels later this week, with the clock ticking on the negotiations. EU leaders have demanded she guarantee there will no hard land border in Ireland before a summit next week, if the talks are to move on to discussing future trade and a transitional deal. The unravelling of the deal also left many Conservatives questioning Ms May’s handling of the talks, amid disbelief that the DUP had not been squared off in advance.” [editor’s note: If the UK ends its occupation of the Six Counties, there won’t be any “Irish border problem” – TLK] (12/04/17)


Brexit talks reportedly on brink of breakthrough after May’s concession on Irish border

Source: The Herald [Scotland]

“The Brexit talks are on the verge of a breakthrough after Theresa May appears to have conceded to Dublin’s demands on the Irish border following a frantic weekend of diplomacy. As the Prime Minister sat down for lunch with Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission President, in the Brussels, details of the draft agreement emerged. They made reference to continued ‘regulatory alignment’ between Northern Ireland and the Republic post Brexit, which seems to reassure the concerns of the Irish Government over maintaining the open border and close relationship between Northern Ireland and the EU. … In Edinburgh, [Scottish First Minister] Nicola Sturgeon responded to the reports that Northern Ireland and the Republic could maintain regulatory alignment by saying there was no good reason that Scotland could not do the same with the EU and ‘effectively stay in the single market.'” (12/04/17)


As we’ve been saying, there is no Brexit divorce bill

Source: Adam Smith Institute
by Tim Worstall

“Recall what the EU’s position is. You have agreed to pay this as a part of your membership. If you leave you should still pay the amount you agreed to pay. OK. Or maybe not OK to taste. But quite obviously, if we pay whether we go or stay then it’s not a cost of either going or staying, is it? It’s a sunk cost, a result of decisions taken in the past and decisions made now won’t alter it in the slightest.” (11/30/17)


EU negotiator hopes for deal on Brexit bill by mid-December

Source: Chippewa Herald

“The European Union’s chief negotiator in talks over Britain’s withdrawal from the bloc said Wednesday he hopes to reach agreement on a financial settlement before an EU summit in mid-December but that the two sides are still working to find common ground. Michel Barnier dismissed as rumors reports Tuesday that both sides had tentatively agreed on a British payment of roughly around 50 billion euros ($59 billion). … The British government also insists negotiations over the bill are still underway and no amount has been agreed.” (11/29/17)


Barnier: UK can have “ambitious” Brexit trade deal — at a price

Source: euronews [EU]

“The European Union’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier has said that the union is ready to offer the UK an ‘ambitious’ free trade deal after Brexit. However, the sweetener comes with several significant strings attached. The Commission’s negotiator set out the main condition for the UK: it must respect European regulatory standards. There must be an orderly withdrawal from the EU, he said, respecting the integrity of the single market and establishing a ‘level playing field.’ … There was also a warning from the Commission’s negotiator that EU parliaments might block a Brexit trade deal if the UK decided to diverge too far from the European model, adding that the UK had to decide what it wanted.” (11/20/17)


EU cuts Turkey funding after “democratic deterioration”

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatar]

“The European Union will cut funds allocated to Turkey due to the ‘deteriorating situation in relation to democracy, rule of law and human rights’ there, according to a European Parliament (EP) statement. The bloc will shrink the so-called ‘pre-ascension funds’ for Turkey by 105m euros ($124m) and suspend an additional 70m euros in the 2018 budget, the statement said on Saturday. Ankara is entitled to receive 4.45 billion euros from the EU between 2014 and 2020 in the framework of the bloc’s ‘Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance.’ … Many of the EU member states have been in condemnation of the Turkish government’s arrests and purges of tens of thousands of people after a failed coup attempt in July 2016. Local and international rights groups have accused the government of using the coup attempt as a pretext to silence opposition in the country.” (11/19/17)