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EU executive sends “letter of formal notice” over new Hungarian education law

Source: Fox News

“The European Union has launched legal action against Hungary over a new higher education law that critics say is aimed at shutting down a university founded by billionaire philanthropist George Soros. European Commission President Valdis Dombrovskis said Wednesday that the EU’s executive arm has sent a ‘letter of formal notice’ to Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government.” (04/26/17)


Greece: Regime, lenders seek deal as bailout talks resume in Athens

Source: Reuters

“Greece and its foreign creditors resume talks on Tuesday on reforms prescribed under the international bailout and further debt relief, aiming to reach a comprehensive deal before a meeting of euro zone finance ministers on May 22. Talks over reforms in the energy and labor market and on pension cuts and income tax have dragged on for months mainly due to differences between EU lenders and the International Monetary Fund over fiscal targets. The leftist-led government and the lenders reached a deal this month in Malta on key elements of reforms worth 2 percent of gross domestic product which the country has agreed to legislate now but implement in 2019 and 2020.” (04/25/17)


Brexit referendum 2.0

Source: The American Conservative
by David A Cowan

“To the surprise of Britons, this week Prime Minister Theresa May made her boldest move yet by calling a snap general election for June 8. It is a gamble that has caught her political rivals off-guard and promises to be a game-changer for Brexit, the country’s ongoing process of leaving the European Union. … This snap election could give May the personal mandate, large majority, and lengthy timetable she needs in order to secure a successful Brexit. It could also produce a renewed and united Euroskeptic party ready for the parliamentary battles of the future. If May fails to win a landslide majority, then the process of Brexit will be put in jeopardy.” (04/19/17)


UK: Anti-Brexit pols ape US “maybe Putin did it” propaganda

Source: Newsweek

“Foreign hackers may have targeted the British government’s voter registration site before the Brexit referendum last June, a committee of MPs has said. On June 7, 2016, the ‘register to vote’ website was temporarily inaccessible due to technical problems. This was the last day people could register to have a vote in the June 23 referendum and authorities blamed a surge in demand as Brits scrambled to sign up. But on Wednesday, a report from a committee of MPs will say that they cannot rule out that the website went down due to intervention by foreign hackers. … In December, the British Labour MP Ben Bradshaw said that it is ‘highly probable’ Russia sought to influence the result of the Brexit referendum and called on the government to investigate interference from Moscow. Many believe Brexit was the desired outcome of Russian President Vladimir Putin, particularly given the Russian support for anti-EU politicians such as Marine Le Pen.” (04/12/17)


Brexit is happening — so let’s all cheer up about it

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Daniel Hannan

“In the aftermath of the vote, many of my Remainer friends were genuinely worried about an abrupt economic shock. In a lot of cases, indeed, this was their chief reason for having voted to stay in. And in fairness, it wasn’t just the Remain campaign that prophesied frogs and locusts. Most academic economists, along with the Treasury, the Bank of England, the IMF and the OECD, forecast an immediate downturn as a result of a Leave vote. In the event, all these organisations have since been scrabbling to revise their predictions upwards, and you can see why. Britain grew more strongly in the six months after the vote than in the six months before it …. But the remains of Remain, the irreconcilable Europeans, are behaving like doomsday cultists, constantly deferring the date of the coming apocalypse. Being cultists, they can’t quite hide the fact that they relish the prospect of obliteration — however unappealing that attitude is to everyone else.” (04/06/17)


EU pols adopt Brexit resolution, reject pro-Gibraltar hint

Source: Reuters

“European Union lawmakers adopted a resolution on Wednesday setting their red lines for the two-year divorce talks with Britain and rejected attempts by British MEPs to recognize Gibraltar’s pro-EU stance in the Brexit referendum. In a display of EU unity, the legislature'[s] text repeated the same priorities set by the EU summits’ chair Donald Tusk in his draft negotiating guidelines released last week. The European Parliament wants talks on Britain’s future relations with the EU to start only after ‘substantial progress’ is made on the bill for Brexit bill, on the Irish border, and on the rights of the 3 million EU citizens in Britain and the one million British residents in EU countries.” (04/05/17)


Brexit: Lord Howard accused of “sabre-rattling” over Gibraltar

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“A senior Tory has been criticised for saying the prime minister would defend Gibraltar in the same way as Margaret Thatcher defended the Falklands. … In its draft negotiating guidelines, published last week, the EU said decisions affecting Gibraltar — a British territory — would be run past the Spanish government. Speaking on BBC One’s Sunday Politics, Lord Howard said that 35 years ago, ‘another woman prime minister sent a taskforce halfway across the world to protect another small group of British people against another Spanish-speaking country. And I’m absolutely clear that our current woman prime minister will show the same resolve in relation to Gibraltar as he predecessor did.’ … Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said the UK would protect Gibraltar ‘all the way’ because its residents had ‘made it very clear they do not want to live under Spanish rule.'” (04/02/17)


Brexit: UK regime sets out plans to replace all EU laws

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Thousands of EU laws on everything from workers’ rights to the environment are to be transferred into UK law as the country gears up for Brexit. Brexit Secretary David Davis said the Great Repeal Bill would allow the UK Parliament and Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland administrations to scrap, amend and improve laws. It would also end the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. But Labour warned it was being done without proper Parliamentary scrutiny.” (03/30/17)


Article 50: The dawn of a new Democratic era

Source: spiked
by Tom Slater

“Today is one of the greatest days in the history of British democracy. When Theresa May seals the Article 50 letter and sends it to Brussels, she’ll do so under the democratic order of 17.4 million Britons, the largest number of people to have voted for anything in the history of this country. When we cast our votes in the EU referendum last June, it was the first time in decades that our vote felt like it truly meant something. We felt the weight of a real democratic choice as we stood in the voting booth. It’s become a cliche — but it’s true. And today is the day that that democratic clout will finally be made real. It’s more striking for the fact that Brexit is being carried through against the apparently better instincts of our political class.” (03/29/17)


Scotland: Parliament backs independence referendum call

Source: Chicago Tribune

“Scottish lawmakers voted Tuesday to seek a new referendum on independence, to be held within the next two years — an unwanted headache for the British government as it prepares to push the European Union exit button. The Edinburgh-based legislature voted 69-59 to back First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s call to ask the British government for an independence vote. Outside, several dozen independence supporters bearing Scottish and EU flags broke into cheers and tears of joy as the news broke. … Scottish voters rejected independence in a 2014 referendum that Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party called a once-in-a-generation vote. But Sturgeon says Brexit has changed the situation dramatically.” (03/28/17)