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France: "Carlos the Jackal" sentenced to third life term for 1974 attack

Source: MSN

"The man known as 'Carlos the Jackal' has been convicted in a French court of a deadly 1974 attack on a Paris shopping arcade and sentenced to life in prison for the third time. The Venezuelan-born Ilich Ramirez Sanchez is already serving two life sentences in France for murders and attacks he was convicted of perpetrating or organizing on behalf of the Palestinian cause or of communist revolution in the 1970s and '80s." [hat tip — David Klaus] (03/28/17)


France: Clashes in Paris over police killing of Chinese man

Source: USA Today

"Violent clashes in Paris between police and protesters angry at the police killing of a Chinese man in his home have left three police officers injured and 35 protesters arrested, authorities said Tuesday. Demonstrators, who were from the Asian community, had gathered in the multicultural 19th district on the French capital's northeastern edge, police official Agnes Thibault Lecuivre said. They were paying homage to a Chinese man killed Sunday by a police officer, outraged by reports that he was shot in his home in front of his children while he was cutting up fish. Police say the officer fired in self-defense during a raid because the victim, whom Chinese media say is Chinese, wounded an officer with a bladed weapon." (03/28/17)


France: Minister quits over scandal as Macron's presidency bid gathers pace

Source: Reuters

"Centrist Emmanuel Macron's bid for power in France gathered pace on Tuesday when he won support from a junior minister in the Socialist government while the interior minister resigned amid scandal in a new twist to the topsy-turvy presidential campaign. Voters rated Macron as the strongest performer of the five leading candidates who took part in the first debate of the presidential election campaign on Monday night, watched by nearly 10 million viewers, according to snap opinion polls. His front-running status was reinforced by an endorsement from a junior minister in Socialist President Francois Hollande's administration, the first government member openly to back the independent politician in preference to the Socialist candidate, Benoit Hamon." (03/21/17)


France: Paris Orly airport attacker vowed to "die for Allah," says prosecutor

Source: FRANCE 24 [France]

"Troops at Paris'[s] Orly airport on Saturday shot dead a man who tried to grab a female soldier's weapon saying he was ready to die for Allah, triggering a major security alert that caused travel chaos. The incident comes as France remains on high alert following a series of jihadist attacks that have claimed more than 230 lives since January 2015. Prosecutors said they had opened an anti-terror investigation." (03/19/17)


France: One hurt in letter bomb blast at IMF's Paris office

Source: The Guardian [Nigeria]

"An employee at the Paris offices of the International Monetary Fund suffered injuries to her hands and face after opening a letter which exploded on Thursday, police said. Several people were evacuated from the building near the Arc de Triomphe monument 'as a precaution,' a police source said. Although no link has been established at this stage, a Greek far-left group claimed Thursday that it had sent a parcel bomb to the German finance ministry in Berlin, more than six years after waging a similar campaign against European officials." (03/16/17)


France: Fillon pleads conspiracy theory after graft charge

Source: Bloomberg

"Francois Fillon told voters he's the victim of a plot, as pollsters assess how far his deepening legal problems have damaged his bid to be France's next president. A day after being charged with embezzlement over his wife's allegedly fake job as a parliamentary aide, the 63-year-old former prime minister insisted on his innocence in a radio interview Wednesday and argued that the courts are being used by his political opponents in the run-up to the first round of voting on April 23. 'Justice is being manipulated against me to prevent me from running,' Fillon told Radio Classique. 'I am innocent.'" (03/15/17)


France: Fillon charged in jobs investigation

Source: Los Angeles Times

"French conservative presidential candidate Francois Fillon was preliminarily charged and put under investigation Tuesday over wages his wife and children received for parliamentary jobs they allegedly never did. Magistrates announced that the Parliament member and former prime minister would face questioning on fraud allegations including that he misappropriated public funds. It is the first time a French presidential candidate has been formally charged during a campaign." (03/14/17)


France: "Carlos the Jackal" on trial for 1974 Paris grenade bombing

Source: United Press International

"Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, the Venezuelan terrorist known as Carlos the Jackal, is facing a trial Monday for allegedly throwing a grenade in a Paris shopping center in 1974. Ramirez Sanchez, 67, was once one of the world's most wanted terror suspects for carrying out several killings in the name of Palestinian and communist causes, including a bombing on a train traveling between Paris and Toulouse in 1982 that killed five people. He is serving two life terms. In his latest trial, prosecutors accuse Ramirez Sanchez of throwing a hand grenade into a shopping center in Paris'[s] Latin Quarter in September 1974, killing two people and injuring 34." (03/13/17)


France: Beleaguered Fillon hit by fresh scandals

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

"Beleaguered French presidential candidate Francois Fillon was put on the defensive again over the weekend following two fresh controversies. Mr Fillon's party apologised on Saturday for tweeting a caricature of rival Emmanuel Macron that Mr Fillon admitted was anti-Semitic. And on Sunday it emerged that he had accepted two suits from a friend worth €13,000 (£11,500; $13,900). France sets a limit of €4,600 that any individual can donate to a candidate. … Mr Fillon was at one point the favourite to win the presidency but his campaign has been hit by a series of scandals, including an investigation into allegations that he paid his wife €831,400 (£710,000; $900,000) of public funds for work she didn't do." (03/12/17)


France: Poachers shoot rhino at zoo

Source: Guardian [UK]

"Poachers have broken into a French zoo, killing a four-year-old white rhinoceros and sawing off its horn. Keepers found the dead animal, named Vince, in the African enclosure of the zoo at Thoiry, west of Paris, on Tuesday morning. It had been shot in the head and its large horn removed with a chainsaw. The poachers fled before they could remove the animal’s second horn, either because they were disturbed or because their equipment failed, police said. Authorities described the incident as the first of its kind in Europe." (03/07/17)