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UK, France announce new treaty over migrants, Calais

Source: CNN

“France and Britain signed a new treaty Thursday aimed at speeding up asylum applications for migrants entitled to claim refuge in the UK. The new pact, which French President Emmanuel Macron said was the first border treaty between the two countries in 15 years, will cover unaccompanied children and will reduce the processing times for cases from six months to one month for adults, and from six months to 25 days for minors. Ahead of the meeting, Macron indicated France would not tolerate another camp being built in Calais, saying the port town will not be used as a ‘side door’ for migrants to gain access to the UK.” (01/18/18)


Macron’s Orwellian fake news fix

Source: Acton Institute
by Marcin Rzegocki

“On January 3, during his first press event of the new year, French President Emmanuel Macron presented a proposal intended to ‘protect the democratic life’ of France from ‘fake news.’ According to the French president, so-called fake news constitutes a threat to democracy itself. … These proposals would mandate greater transparency from internet portals about the sponsored content that they publish during an election season. The identity of the advertisers and those who finance them would have to be clearly indicated. The amount of money spent for such content would be limited. It would also be possible for judges to remove fake news stories, delete the links to them, block the sites, or close the offending users’ accounts.” (01/17/18)


First France, now Brazil unveils plans to empower the government to censor the Internet in the name of stopping “fake news”

Source: The Intercept
by Glenn Greenwald

“Yesterday afternoon, the official Twitter account of Brazil’s Federal Police (its FBI equivalent) posted an extraordinary announcement. The bureaucratically nonchalant tone it used belied its significance. The tweet, at its core, purports to vest in the federal police and the federal government that oversees it the power to regulate, control and outright censor political content on the internet that is assessed to be ‘false,’ and to ‘punish’ those who disseminate it. The new power would cover both social media posts and entire websites devoted to politics. … The move to obtain new censorship authority over the internet by Brazilian police officials would be disturbing enough standing alone given Brazil’s status as the world’s fifth most populous country and second-largest in the hemisphere. But that Brazil’s announcement closely follows very similar efforts unveiled last week by French President Emmanuel Macron strongly suggests a trend in which government are now exploiting concerns over ‘Fake News’ to justify state control over the internet.” (01/10/18)


France: Regime lures US scientists with anti-Trump climate grants

Source: CBS News

“Several U.S.-based climate scientists are about to win multi-year, all-expenses-paid grants to relocate to France. The ‘Make Our Planet Great Again’ grants are an effort by French President Emmanuel Macron to counter U.S. President Donald Trump on the climate change front. Macron announced a competition for the grants hours after Mr. Trump declared he would withdraw the U.S. from the global accord reached in Paris in 2015 to reduce climate-damaging emissions. Macron is unveiling the winners Monday evening ahead of a climate summit Tuesday aimed at giving new impetus to the Paris accord and finding new funding to help governments and businesses meet its goals.” (12/11/17)


Former Lebanese PM accepts invitation to travel to France

Source: CNN

“Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has accepted an invitation to leave Saudi Arabia and go to France, an Elysee Palace spokewoman told CNN on Thursday. It comes a day after Lebanon’s President accused Riyadh of holding Hariri ‘captive.’ Hariri resigned in an address from Riyadh on November 4, saying his life was in danger. He has not been back to Lebanon since, fueling speculation that he is being held against his will. ‘He will come to France and the prince has been informed,’ French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Thursday, according to AFP, referring to Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who held talks with the Foreign Minister on Wednesday.” (11/16/17)


France: Regime considers setting minimum age for sexual consent to 13

Source: Independent [Ireland]

“A bill being prepared by the French government could set a minimum legal age for sexual consent for the first time, and the country’s justice minister said Monday that she thought 13 years old could be reasonable. Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet told France’s RTL radio network that 13 was a ‘limit that is worth considering’ for the forthcoming legislation, but noted that judges should also have the ability to assess whether someone was old enough to give consent in individual situations. … A minimum age of sexual consent does not currently exist in French law.” (11/14/17)


France: Wolf-whistling could become illegal under street harassment laws

Source: USA Today

“Wolf-whistling could become illegal in France, as the country’s new gender equality minister vowed to criminalize street harassment. Marlene Schiappa has set up a working party of five lawmakers who will come up with a legal definition of street harassment, and decide what punishments to impose, according to the Times of London. ‘The idea is to characterize street harassment so that the police can impose fines on men who follow women on the streets, intimidate them and harass them in public,’ Schiappa said. She is also on a mission to close France’s gender pay gap, which the government says is 25 percentage points.” (09/21/17)


France: Four US tourists attacked with acid in Marseille

Source: New York Daily News

” Four young female U.S. tourists were attacked with acid in Marseille’s main train station, an official said. The tourists — who are all in their 20s — were hospitalized, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor told the Associated Press. The alleged attacker was arrested.” (09/17/17)


France: Macron faces first major street protests of his presidency

Source: France 24 [France]

“Emmanuel Macron faces the first major protests of his presidency on Tuesday as one of the country’s biggest trade unions prepares to lead demonstrations against his planned labour reforms. More than 180 protests are planned nationwide. Members of the CGT, France’s second-largest trade union, will lead demonstrations across the country against a reform package that promises to loosen working restrictions and stimulate employment.” (09/12/17)


France: One killed as car crashes into Marseille bus stop

Source: CBS News

“Police in Marseille, southeastern France, detained the driver of a vehicle on Monday who crashed into two bus shelters in the city, killing one person, but the incident was not being investigated as terrorism. The prosecutor for Marseille said later Monday that the driver had a letter on him that mentioned a psychiatric clinic, so they were following that lead. He said it was not believed to have been a terrorist attack, like the vehicle attacks that left 14 people dead in Spain last week. The suspect in Marseille was known to police for previous drug and weapons offences, according to French media.” (08/21/17)