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Milo is not the victim here

Source: Center for a Stateless Society
by Kevin Carson

"Milo Yiannopoulos, who writes for the 'alt right' (i.e. white supremacist or neo-fascist) website Breitbart.com, is a master at victimizing other people and then claiming victim status for himself when he's hit back. For example, he actually took advantage of a position in the White House Press Corps to whine to former President Obama about Twitter taking his blue checkmark away. And unfortunately, Yiannopoulos has all too many enablers on the so-called 'libertarian' Right. His latest misappropriation of victim status follows the cancellation of his appearance at UC Berkeley January 31, because of the administration's alleged safety concerns over violent demonstrations." [editor's note: The "concerns" weren't "alleged." The appearance was canceled after actual violence broke out. And Carson's column just goes downhill from there. How abysmally bad this one is highlights how good he usually is – TLK]


Hey Antifa: Free speech is not negotiable

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

"Antifa is not an anti-fascist movement. It is a violent authoritarian movement that creatively brands and markets itself as anti-fascist. Nor is Antifa an anarchist movement. Violent authoritarianism which attempts to suppress the dissemination of ideas through speech — to rule the minds and mouths of others through force — is not anarchism even if it formally eschews the state as its instrument of coercion." (02/07/17)


Thugs indulge their Weimar dreams and become the totalitarians they claim to hate

Source: Reason
by JD Tuccille

"Last week, anti-fascist protesters showed up in Berkeley, California, to courageously battle the Nazi supporters of alt-right figure Milo Yiannopoulos. Soon after, they likewise put it all on the line to tussle with the right-wing mob supporting radical demagogue Gavin McInnes. Well, that's how they imagine it in their fever dreams, anyway. In reality, the Nazis didn't show up and the protesters themselves were the only totalitarians in sight. … Curiously, each major target of violent anti-fascist ire has actually been further and further from an actual Nazi, from Spencer, to Yiannopoulos, to McInnes. This suggests that the threshold allegedly justifying physical assault is movable, making anybody at the outer edge of the shifting acceptable realm for speech eligible for a punch. If it's Nazis all the way down, ultimately, only two black-clad douchebags will be left standing in a basement somewhere, fists clenched, glaring at each other with each wondering about the other's anti-Nazi bona fides." (02/07/16)


Conspiring to stifle free speech is a crime

Source: USA Today
Glenn Harlan Reynolds

"They told me if Donald Trump were elected, voices of dissent would be shut down by fascist mobs. And they were right! At the University of California, Berkeley campus, for example, gay conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos had to be evacuated, and his speech cancelled, because masked rioters beat people, smashed windows, and started fires. Protesters threw commercial fireworks at police. … there has evolved on our campuses a culture of impunity: Misbehavior on the part of lefty activists will get winked at, even as other groups (sports teams with sexist appearance rankings, say) get raked over the coals for minor misbehavior. This double standard is of a piece with many campuses openly taking sides over the election, treating Trump’s win like a terrorist attack, while investigating Trump supporters for racist allegations only to find no evidence that they had done anything except say 'Make America Great Again,' as Babson College, a small school in Massachusetts, did." (02/06/17)


The silence of violence

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

"Regardless of label, [Milo] Yiannopoulos's right to speak and the right of others to listen are constitutionally protected. And violence to block a peacefully expressed point of view is never justified. … Either we defend civilization against speech-squelching violence, or inherit an ugly silence." (02/03/17)


After the smoke clears at Berkeley, could more have been done?

Source: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
by Will Creeley and Adam Steinbaugh

"Last week, we praised University of California, Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks for professing his respect for the First Amendment rights of his students. Faced with calls to cancel Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos'[s] appearance on campus at the invitation of the College Republicans, Chancellor Dirks refused. Instead, he committed the university to treating Yiannopoulos and the College Republicans as it would any other student group bringing a speaker to campus, pledging 'to ensure the event goes as planned, and to provide for the safety and security of those who attend, as well as those who will choose to protest Yiannopoulos's appearance in a lawful manner.' Of course, the event did not go as planned. As the chaotic scene broadcast nationwide Wednesday made all too clear, Berkeley's efforts proved flatly insufficient against organized efforts to shut down the event through violence." (02/04/17)


The Berkeley mess

Source: Bleeding Heart Libertarians
by Jason Brennan

"There are certain strands of critical theory and postmodernist thought which hold that all speech is an exercise of power. On this view, to talk is to coerce. On this view, too argue for or defend social injustice, or even to discuss such ideas in the classroom, is a form of violence. If you have that view, then of course you'll think it's appropriate to use violence to shut down speech you dislike. Of course you'll believe professors or campus authorities have a duty to silence 'bad' speech." (02/02/17)


The Free Speech Movement in flames

Source: spiked
by Tom Slater

"Last night, Sproul Plaza was in flames. Students amassed outside the Martin Luther King Jr Student Union to protest the appearance of Trump cheerleader and right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. Protesters held up placards saying 'We REFUSE to accept fascist America' and 'BASH THE FASH.' Then a mob of black-clad 'anti-fascists' broke through police barricades, smashed windows, threw fireworks and set a light pole on fire. The event was cancelled and the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement became the site of its spiritual death. Where Berkeley radicals 50 years ago put themselves on the line for unfettered free speech, for the right of students to listen and speak and reason, their pimpled heirs are practising the must ugly, irrational form of censorship: censorship of the mob." (02/02/17)


CA: Violent fascist protesters shut down Milo Yiannopoulos talk at birthplace of Free Speech Movement

Source: NBC News

"A scheduled speech by controversial Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of California, Berkeley led to violent protests that caused the event to be called off, the university said. The university said fires were set, including one caused by a firebomb that ignited a generator-powered spotlight, and commercial-grade fireworks were thrown at police. NBC Bay Area showed a group of people grab a metal barricade and smash it against a door. 'The violence was instigated by a group of about 150 masked agitators who came onto campus and interrupted an otherwise non-violent protest,' UC Berkeley said in a statement. Some people were attacked and police treated six people for injuries, the university said." [editor's note: Likely the work of "Antifa," a fascist group which markets/brands itself as anti-fascist; pretty much a bunch of mini-Milos minus the sense of humor – TLK] (02/02/17)


Why you should care about protest waiting periods

Source: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
by Samantha Harris

"FIRE has long noted that many university policies require students to obtain substantial advance notice in order to hold a protest or demonstration on campus. For instance, students at Lake Superior State University must submit an event application at least 72 hours before holding a demonstration or rally on campus. … On more occasions than I can count, I have explained that such rules impermissibly restrict the right to protest because demonstrations are often spontaneous responses to developing events, and requiring people to wait days to protest can deprive them of the immediacy of their message in a way that greatly affects its impact." (01/30/17)