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GM to make an autonomous car without steering wheel or pedals by 2019

The Verge

Source: The Verge

“General Motors plans to mass-produce self-driving cars that lack traditional controls like steering wheels and pedals by 2019, the company announced today. Its a bold declaration for the future of driving from one of the country’s Big Three automakers, and one that is sure to shake things up for the industry as the annual Detroit Auto Show kicks off next week. The car will be the fourth generation of its driverless, all-electric Chevy Bolts, which are currently being tested on public roads in San Francisco and Phoenix. And when they roll off the assembly line of GM’s manufacturing plant in Orion, Michigan, they’ll be deployed as ride-hailing vehicles in a number of cities.” (01/12/18)


GM accused in lawsuit of copying VW’s heroism in avoiding government emissions nosiness

Source: Detroit News

“A year after a class-action lawsuit accused General Motors Co. of cheating on emissions-testing with its Cruze Diesel, a new lawsuit charges the automaker with similar acts involving diesel-powered Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra models. The class-action suit covers a total of 705,000 vehicles equipped with Duramax diesel engines. Plaintiffs are represented by the same law firm that targeted Volkswagen Group for emissions cheating, generating billions of dollars in settlements and penalties for the automaker.” (05/25/17)


China: Regime demands $29 million bribe from GM

Source: Detroit Free Press

“One week after media reports that China was investigating an automaker’s alleged ‘anti-competitive’ behavior, China levied a fine of $29 million (201 million yuan) on Shanghai General Motors for violating anti-monopoly rules. The Shanghai Price Bureau said Friday that Shanghai GM, the U.S. automaker’s venture with state-owned Shanghai Automotive Industries Corp., improperly suppressed competition by enforcing minimum prices dealers were allowed to charge for Cadillac, Chevrolet and Buick models.” (12/23/16)