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Facing GOP opposition, US Senate leaders postpone vote to overhaul ObamaCare

Source: Washington Post

"Facing a rebellion within their own ranks, Senate Republican leaders on Tuesday postponed a vote to overhaul the 2010 Affordable Care Act until after the July 4 recess. The delay, which came after five Senate Republicans said they could not support a move to bring up the bill this week in the wake of a new budget analysis of its impacts, means that lawmakers will be exposed to a barrage of lobbying in their home states in the coming days. The current proposal by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), which would make deep cuts to the Medicaid program while rolling back many of the existing law’s insurance mandates and tax increases, has come under attack from both the left and right." (06/27/17)


White House hammers CBO for health bill score

Source: The Hill

"The White House slammed the Congressional Budget Office after its analysis showed the Senate Republicans’ healthcare bill would leave 22 million more people uninsured over the next decade. 'The CBO has consistently proven it cannot accurately predict how healthcare legislation will impact insurance coverage,' the White House said in a statement on Monday evening. 'This history of inaccuracy, as demonstrated by its flawed report on coverage, premiums, and predicted deficit arising out of Obamacare, reminds us that its analysis must not be trusted blindly.' President Trump’s team is questioning the credibility of the non-partisan budget office in order to stanch the political fallout from the score. The numbers have created a hurdle for GOP leaders, who are hoping to hold a vote on the ObamaCare overhaul this week, before senators leave for July 4 recess." (06/26/17)


The real ObamaCare opposition

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

"Too many mainstream Republican congressmen lack the courage of their constituents’ convictions. They apparently do not really believe that a freed-up health care system and insurance market can work to the general good. At least, not in time for the next election." (06/23/17)


What Americans really want from health care reform is impossible

Source: Cato Institute
by Michael D Tanner

"It is true that the US spends nearly a third more on health care than the second-highest-spending developed country (Sweden), both in per-capita dollars and as a percentage of GDP. But that reduction in spending can come with a price of its own: The most effective way to hold down health care costs is to limit the availability of care. Some other developed countries ration care directly. Some spend less on facilities, technology or physician incomes, leading to long waits for care. Such trade-offs are not inherently bad, and not all health care is of equal value, though that would seem to be a determination most appropriately made by patients rather than the government. But the fact remains that no health care system anywhere in the world provides everyone with unlimited care." (06/23/17)


NY: Court of Appeals hears arguments on physician-assisted suicide

Source: Newsday

"Judges on New York’s top court voiced skepticism Tuesday about establishing a right to physician-assisted suicide while questioning how the state can ban that but allow a person to refuse medical treatment. In oral arguments before the Court of Appeals, an advocacy group, 'End of Life Choice New York,' along with some terminally ill patients and physicians asked the judges to view 'aid in dying,' as the groups call it, as different from 'suicide.' … The lawsuit was filed by a coalition in 2015 led by three patients with terminal diagnoses. Steve Goldenberg, who has since died of HIV-related illness; Sara Myers, who has since died of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, and Eric Sieff, who is still being treated for cancer." [editor's note: What my physician assists me in doing, and how, should be entirely between me and my physician. It's none of the state's business – TLK] (05/31/17)


The high cost of not owning your healthcare

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Rachel Mills

"When you ask or force some other entity that doesn’t love you to pay for your healthcare (or education for that matter) for how long will you suffer under the illusion that you also retain control or that decisions made for you are truly in your best interest? Put a large layer of bureaucracy between you and your doctor and what do you imagine you might get? I promise you it won’t be more control. Health insurance companies routinely deny this or that course of treatment, for whatever reason and they largely get their way. They are paying the piper." (05/11/17)


Government shouldn't be in medicine

Source: Eastern New Mexico News
by Kent McManigal

"It’s 2017, ObamaCare is morphing into TrumpCare, and it’s still not about 'care.' Instead, it’s about government controlling a huge segment of the economy, taking away choice, and robbing people to pay for things they may not want. Government has no business meddling in medicine." (05/10/17)


Some ideas to guide your thoughts on health care

Source: Notes On Liberty
by Rick Weber

"This post is meant to help my non-economist friends think more clearly about how we pay for health care. I’ll talk about markets, but the truth is that the American system is built of deeply bastardized markets. If our car markets worked like our health markets, most of us would walk to work. I’m trying to focus on the essential logic of the situation which is going to sound Utopian because Congress isn’t going to give us any sort of logical policy any time soon. But we aren’t going to get a logical solution until we as voters understand the logic of health care finance." (05/09/17)


The healthcare insurance quagmire as a linguistic problem

Source: Independent Institute
by Robert Higgs

"The federal government and the state governments have intervened haphazardly in the health-care insurance business so pervasively and for so long that by now the whole setup is nothing but a gigantic mess that flies in the face of the insurance principle and dictates a host of requirements that make no sense except as answers to the prayers of special-interest groups and rent seekers. Once a net benefit has been created, however, each beneficiary group will scream to the heavens if reforms should threaten to remove its privilege, and legislators will be reluctant to buck such organized political insistence on continued subsidies and privileges no matter how irrational these interventionist distortions are as components of an insurance system." (05/08/17)



Source: J Neil Schulman @ Rational Review
by J Neil Schulman

"The 'Overton window' of the politically possible is not where a libertarian like me is. Conservatives and Minarchists (this latter a term coined by my old friend, Samuel Edward Konkin III) believe in restricting the State as much as humanly possible. Democrats, liberals, progressives all favor Universal Health Care, also known as 'Single Payer' also known as Socialized Medicine. Even a former Nixon administration economist like Ben Stein sees this as inevitable. I don’t. I see a possible stopgap from destroying all remnants of the free market in medicine, health care, and health insurance." (05/06/17)