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In search of firmer cosmopolitan solidarity: The need for a sentimentalist case for open borders

Source: Notes On Liberty
by Zachary Woodman

"In this essay, drawing from the sentimentalist ethics of David Hume and the perspective on liberal solidarity of Richard Rorty, I want to sketch a vision of universalized solidarity that would win over tribalists to the side of, if not purely open borders, at least more liberalized immigration restrictions and allowance for refugees. This is not so much a moral argument of the form most arguments for open borders have taken, but a strategy to cultivate the sentiments of a (specifically American nationalist) tribalist to be more open to the concerns and sympathies of someone with whom they do not share a national origin. The main goal is that we shouldn’t try to argue away people’s sincere, deeply held tribalist and nationalist emotions, but seek to redirect them in a way that does not lead to massive suffering for immigrants." (07/17/17)


The moral case for open immigration

Source: PanAm Post
by Jose Azel

"In an earlier article, I argued that migration is an individual right; an expression of a desire for the liberty to improve one’s quality of life. I sought then to outline the libertarian case for open immigration being careful to clarify that open immigration is not equivalent to unmonitored immigration. It does not have to grant a right to eligibility for citizenship, welfare benefits, or other government services. I defined open immigration only as the right of individuals to freedom of movement to enter a country at designated check points where objective screenings are conducted to protect the nation from diseases, enemies, and criminality. Individuals have the right to put one foot in front of another and cross a border in pursuit of freedom and happiness. Yet, borders mean something." [editor's note: Yes, borders are useful if for no other reason they help us identify the authoritarians who endorse them – TLK] (07/17/17)


Hoppe on immigration, part 1

Source: The Jolly Libertarian
by Marco den Ouden

"Hans-Hermann Hoppe has become the darling of the alt-right for presenting a philosophical case against immigration. In this essay I deconstruct his immigration argument which is explained in chapter 7 of Democracy: The God That Failed. Here in point form is Hoppe's argument. I will use direct quotes as much as possible, occasionally simplifying for brevity or clarity. I am quoting extensively to make sure I don't misrepresent his views. This post reiterates Hoppe's argument for those unfamiliar with it. My critique will be published at a later date." (07/14/17)


MA: Border Patrol thugs abduct, deport Iranian cancer researcher

Source: NBC News

"An Iranian cancer researcher who was detained at Boston's Logan International Airport has been sent back to his home country. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol spokeswoman Stephanie Malin said Mohsen Dehnavi and his family were put on a return flight shortly after 9 p.m. Tuesday. Dehnavi was arriving in the U.S. to start work at a prominent Boston hospital. Boston Children's Hospital said in a statement earlier Tuesday that Dehnavi was prevented from entering the country with his wife and three young children despite holding a J-1 visa for visiting scholars." (07/12/17)


US House bill allocates $1.6 billion for Berlin … er, border … wall

Source: The Hill

"The House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday released a bill allocating $1.6 billion to begin construction of a physical barrier along the U.S. border with Mexico, one of President Trump’s central campaign promises. The bill funding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for fiscal year 2018 also negates one of Trump’s central promises, that Mexico would pay for the construction of the wall. … Conservative [sic] lawmakers in recent days had begun warning that they would pull their votes from a budget and spending plan that failed to fund the wall." (07/11/17)


FL: ACLU sues Miami-Dade County for illegally detaining US citizen for ICE gangsters

Source: Miami New Times

"In January, experts from the American Civil Liberties Union and elsewhere issued Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez a stern warning: If he bowed to President Donald Trump's toothless demand to crack down on so-called sanctuary communities, they said, he'd be opening the county up to expensive lawsuits. By agreeing to start honoring ICE 'detainer' requests — where the county holds people arrested for any infraction, including low-level traffic tickets, in jail on ICE's behalf for up to 48 hours — Miami-Dade would inevitably be sued when U.S. citizens were mistakenly caught up in the dragnet, the experts cautioned. Well, they were right. Today the ACLU said it's joining with the University of Miami School of Law Immigration Clinic to sue the county after an 18-year-old U.S. citizen was detained in county jail after incorrectly being issued an ICE detainer."


What right-wing populist movements share: Blaming immigrants

Source: The Atlantic
by Conor Friedersdorf

"What’s behind the surge of populism that brought Donald Trump to power? For Fareed Zakaria, trends in technology and globalization are one important factor, insofar as they have created a disconnect between economic growth and jobs in the United States. That isn’t, however, the whole story." (06/29/17)


Trump, immigration and the Supreme Court

Source: LewRockwell.com
by Andrew P Napolitano

"Earlier this week, after nearly uniform rejections by judges all across the country, President Donald Trump achieved a court victory in the persistent challenges to his most recent executive order restricting the immigration of people into the United States from six predominately Muslim countries. Lower federal courts had consistently ruled that the president’s behavior was animated by an anti-Muslim bias — a bias he forcefully articulated during the presidential election campaign — concluding that what appeared to be, on its face, a travel ban based rationally on national security needs was in reality a 'Muslim ban' based on religious fear, prejudice or hatred. The Supreme Court unanimously saw it differently. Here is the back story." (06/28/17)


CO: ICE thugs abduct brother of man they shot

Source: Fox 31 Denver

"Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested a Mexican national living in Montbello with his girlfriend. That man is the brother of another immigrant ICE agents shot three weeks ago in Denver. … ICE told us late Wednesday afternoon they arrested Edgar because he had re-entered the U.S. twice after deportation in February and April of 2008. ICE said it's a felony for anyone to re-enter after being deported, and is punishable by up to 20 years in federal prison." (06/28/17)


US court hears challenge on Texas law to punish sanctuary cities

Source: US News & World Report

"A small border town and some of the largest cities in Texas will ask a federal judge on Monday to block a new state law to punish 'sanctuary cities,' arguing it promotes racial profiling, diverts resources from police and is unconstitutional. The Republican-backed law in Texas, the U.S. state with the longest border with Mexico, takes effect on Sept. 1. It is the first of its kind since Republican Donald Trump became president in January, promising to crack down on illegal immigration [sic]. … The law known as Senate Bill 4 calls for jail time for police chiefs and sheriffs who fail to cooperate in U.S. immigration enforcement." (06/26/17)