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Sessions to federal prosecutors: Screw fighting real crime, let's get THEM FURRINERS

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday called on federal prosecutors in Georgia and across the nation to take aim at illegal [sic] immigration. In a three-page memo he sent the nation’s U.S. attorneys, Sessions told them to prioritize prosecuting people caught smuggling others into the U.S.; illegally [sic] reentering the country after being deported; committing identify theft and document fraud; and [defending themselves from] immigration enforcement officers." (04/11/17)


Deportation as a crime against humanity

Source: CounterPunch
by L Ali Khan

"International law in the form of human rights, international criminal law, the humanitarian law of war, regional compacts including the Charter on the Organization of American States, treaty provisions of state constitutions, and universal norms identified in scholarly treatises, all endorse, directly or indirectly, a simple principle that deportation is a crime against humanity. The Nuremberg tribunals stated in unambiguous terms that enslavement or deportation of a population is a crime against customary international law. … Building on the Nuremberg principles, more recent international treaties and scholarly treatises reaffirm that deportation is a crime against humanity, even if committed in peace times, and even if the deported population is not shipped to slave labor." (04/10/17)


Stop ignoring the difference between ICE detainers and warrants

Source: Niskanen Center
by Kristie de Pena

"When ICE issues a detainer request asking local law enforcement agencies to hold individuals after they are eligible for release, law enforcement is likely violating the Fourth Amendment, primarily because ICE detainers and warrants have wildly different procedural requirements, and confer fundamentally different rights. Whereas a warrant requires review by a judge, a valid ICE detainer is issued by any ICE officer who determines there is reason to believe an individual is an alien subject to removal. This standard extends significant deference to immigration officials, whereas the Fourth Amendment warrant requirements extend protections to the individual." (04/05/17)


ICE thugs abduct 82 over five days in Virginia, DC

Source: NBC 4 News

"U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents [abducted] 82 people from 26 nations in an operation focused on Virginia and D.C., the agency said in a release. … ICE said the dozens of people arrested came to the U.S. from a variety of countries, including Algeria, Bolivia, China, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Guinea, Honduras, Iran, Jamaica, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Somalia, South Korea, Sudan, Trinidad, Vietnam and Sierra Leone." (04/06/17)


Maybe arguing about immigration isn't totally hopeless after all

Source: Adam Smith Institute
by Sam Bowman

"I’ve written before about why people oppose immigration — whether it’s because they believe that immigrants threaten their incomes, safety, or way of life, or because they just don’t like immigrants and want less of them for more emotional reasons. Simply asking them is unlikely to give us the truth, because people who simply dislike immigrants will tend to give a more reasonable-sounding reason (they may not even be aware that they are doing this). This paper tests this by looking at whether people’s responses change when they have new information that might make them less hostile to immigrants." (04/05/17)


Do Muslim immigrants assimilate?

Source: Niskanen Center
by Jeremy L Neufeld

"In Trump's recent interview with Fox News'[s] Tucker Carlson, the President said that for American Muslims, 'assimilation has been very, very hard. It's been a very, very difficult process.' His comments echoed his earlier statements about Muslim immigrants made to Sean Hannity back in June: 'Assimilation has been very hard. It's almost — I won't say nonexistent, but it gets to be pretty close. And I'm talking about second and third generation. They come — they don't — for some reason, there's no real assimilation. As is the case with many other issues, Trump is wrong. After consulting data and experts, this claim was deemed 'false' by Politifact. The reality is that Muslim immigrants successfully assimilate into American society." (04/03/17)


H1B visas: Latest target in Trump's war on the American economy

Source: GeekWire

"A new set of guidelines, issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Friday, requires computer programmers to provide additional evidence that they have specialized skills to qualify for an H-1B visa and work in the U.S. Effective immediately, employers who want to sponsor H-1B visas 'must provide other evidence to establish that the particular position is one in a specialty occupation,' according to the USCIS memorandum, first spotted by Bloomberg. The guidelines are designed to ensure employers aren't hiring entry-level engineers from other countries and to encourage them to fill those jobs with American workers." (04/03/17)


Trump's wall is already collapsing

Source: Reason
by Steve Chapman

"Donald Trump spent more than a year rousing crowds with a simple promise: 'I'll build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will have Mexico pay for that wall.' As the campaign wore on, it got so he could ask 'Who's gonna pay for the wall?' and the audience would roar, 'Mexico!' It was fun while it lasted. But now, in the cold light of day, some facts are coming into focus: It may not exactly be a wall. It won't be paid for by Mexico. And it may not get built." (04/03/17)


Why the wall won't work

Source: Reason
by David Bier

"President Trump's wall would be a mammoth expenditure that would have little impact on illegal immigration. But perhaps that's not the point. The campaign's goal was to plant an image in voters' minds of what making America great again would look like. The president's goal may now be to create a symbol, an illustration of a nationalism that says to the world that although people of all kinds may want to come here, America was created by and for Americans. For those who are not nationalists, the wall is a problem. The direct harms are easy to document: the spending, the taxes, the eminent domain abuse, and the decrease in immigrants' freedom of movement. Even if the wall fails to reduce illegal entries significantly overall, one byproduct of making it harder to enter is that people will choose to cross in increasingly dangerous points along the border (the president's 'natural barriers')." (for publication 05/17)


Five ways Trump's anti-sanctuary city orders are unconstitutional

Source: Cato Institute
by Devin Watkins

"Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced that he will begin punishing states and local governments who refuse to help the federal government enforce its immigration laws — known as sanctuary cities — by taking away federal grants. Sessions even mentioned using a 'claw-back'” to retake money already given to local governments. Two federal judges are already examining if they should be put on hold. The order is plainly unconstitutional. It undermines federalism in several ways." (03/31/17)