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Immigration is not citizenship

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

"Today there are more than a million Americans living in Mexico. Most of them are retirees. They have chosen to retain their American citizenship. Many of them have chosen not to assimilate into Mexican society. They still eat hamburgers instead of enchiladas, they still pay taxes to the IRS, they still speak English at home, they still vote here, and some of them even root for American sports teams. Should those Americans be considered bad people — unpatriotic people — for not pledging allegiance to the flag of Mexico? Of course not! They have every right to just live their lives the way they choose. Who cares that they have chosen to remain American citizens? This is one of the aspects of open immigration that anti-immigrant types just don't get. They think that just because foreign citizens come to the United States to live or work, it is incumbent on them to become American citizens. Not so!" (03/06/17)


MS: ICE gangsters abduct 22-year-old

Source: Washington Post

"About two weeks ago, Daniela Vargas hid in the bedroom closet of her Jackson, Miss., home after watching immigration officials handcuff her father in the family's driveway. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents [abducted] the 22-year-old’s father and brother, Argentines who were living in the country illegally [sic], amid the Trump administration's aggressive [terror campaign] that has riled immigrant communities across the country. Although Vargas was in the process of renewing her status as a 'dreamer' to remain in the United States legally — a status she had allowed to lapse — she feared that immigration officials would come after her next. But those fears did not stop Vargas from speaking out at a news conference Wednesday at Jackson City Hall … After leaving the news conference with her friend, two law enforcement cars pulled her over. ICE [gang-bangers] reportedly opened the car door, telling Vargas, 'you know who we are and you know why we're here,' her friend, Jordan Sanders, told Univision. Then, they handcuffed her and [abducted her]." (03/02/17)


Immigration, cultural change, and diversity as a cultural discovery process

Source: Notes On Liberty
by Zachary Woodman

"Instead of viewing immigration as a necessary drain on culture, it may be viewed as a potential means of improving culture through the free exchange of cultural values and practices. In the market, individuals are permitted to experiment with new inventions and methods of production because this innovation and risk can lead to better ways of doing things. Therefore, entrepreneurship is commonly called a 'discovery process;' it is how humanity may 'discover' newer, more efficient economic production techniques and products. Why is cosmopolitan diversity not to be thought of as such a discovery process in the realm of culture? Just as competition between firms without barriers to entry brings economic innovation, competition between cultural practices without the barrier to entry of immigration laws may be a means of bettering culture." (03/01/17)


Trump's immigration ban is discriminatory, damaging policy that Congress explicitly rejected in 1965: The parallels are striking

Source: Cato Institute
by David Bier

"President Trump plans to release a revision of his immigration executive order on Muslim-majority countries next week. If the new order bans new immigrants from certain countries again, it is certain to land back in court. Last time this happened, his lawyers defended him by asserting that courts have no role in 'second-guessing a formal national-security judgment made by the President.' But by not second-guessing Trump, courts will instead have to second-guess the security judgment of Congress, which believed nationality-based discrimination would harm U.S. security and so banned it." (03/01/17)


US Attorney believes judge heroically helped man evade ICE gangsters

Source: KOIN 6 News

"Oregon's top federal prosecutor says a Multnomah County judge helped an illegal immigrant [sic] elude ICE agents waiting to [abduct] him. It happened at the Multnomah County Justice Center on January 27 when Diddier Pancheco entered a change of plea for a DUI case, KOIN 6 News learned. ICE agents were reportedly there waiting for him at their usual spots. But he left through a different door typically used only by court officials. U.S. Attorney Billy Williams said he believes someone helped him get through that door. … Monica Herranz was on the bench acting as a court referee at the time. Williams said he'’s unsure whether Herranz instructed Pancheco to leave through that door." [editor's note: If so, good on her! – TLK] (02/28/17)


Hypocrisy, left and right, on immigration

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

"Leftists (or liberals or progressives, if you prefer) are lamenting the plight of illegal immigrants who are being arrested and deported by President Trump's ICE gendarmes. Playing the standard defender of the 'poor, needy, and disadvantaged,' they are criticizing Trump for being cruel and heartless with his deportations of illegal immigrants who have been in the United States for long periods of time, especially young ones, or who have children who are American citizens. Many liberals are also supporting sanctuaries, whereby churches or families hide illegal immigrants, or sanctuary cities, where the police are prohibited from serving as immigration cops. However, there is a great big hypocritical flaw in leftists' latest purported concern for the plight of the 'poor, needy, and disadvantaged': Leftists are just as responsible for making all these immigrants illegal as conservatives are!" (02/28/17)


The immigration enforcement police state is here

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

"When advocating for the libertarian position on immigration ('open borders,' which also happens to have been the position Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush both took in the 1980 Republican presidential primary debates) I usually prefer to stick to the moral argument. That argument, put simply, is that where peaceful people move to, settle or work is nobody's business but theirs. But there are practical arguments against America's increasingly draconian immigration laws too. Enforcement is expensive but, fortunately, almost certain to be ineffectual (if it worked, severe economic downturn would be the result). The most important of the practical arguments, in my opinion, is that a police state built to persecute immigrants will necessarily persecute everyone else as well." (02/26/17)


The enforcement costs of immigration laws are greater than alleged welfare costs

Source: Notes on Liberty
by Zachary Woodman

"As I mentioned in my note yesterday, the common argument that immigration is significantly costly through welfare is mostly empirically falsified. The fact of the matter is immigrants usually aren't qualified for such programs, illegal immigrants mostly cannot and do not receive them, and immigrants as a whole wind up contributing more to the government's balance sheet through economic growth and tax receipts than they take through welfare transfer payments. However, there is one fact I neglected to mention yesterday worthy of its own post: if those opposed to immigration on the grounds of welfare costs were really sincere in that argument, they also need to consider the fiscal costs of enforcing their beloved immigration laws." (02/26/17)


Santa Cruz (California) police: ICE gangsters lied to us about immigration abductions

Source: KQED News

"Santa Cruz police say they were misled by the Department of Homeland Security into helping make immigration arrests during a raid on suspected gang members. Police Chief Kevin Vogel and Assistant Chief Dan Flippo said at a news conference on Thursday that federal officials lied when they assured them a Feb. 13 joint operation would not include immigration-related arrests during a raid on the El Salvador-based gang known by the names MS-13 and Mara Salvatrucha. … Vogel said the department no longer trusts the Department of Homeland Security, which includes Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and will no longer work with the agency." (02/24/17)


IL: Chicago schools will tell ICE gangsters to get warrants or f*ck off

Source: Newser

"As educators around the United States wonder whether a crackdown on immigrants will reach their schoolhouse doors, principals in Chicago have been given a simple order: Do not let federal immigration agents in without a criminal warrant. … In the note Tuesday to Chicago's principals, Public Schools Chief Education Officer Janice Jackson urged them to not only keep immigration agents outside and to avoid sharing any student records with the agents, but to also put plans in place for the possibility of parents being [abducted by the ICE gang] while their children are in school." (02/23/17)