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Solve the sanctuary city conflict by granting statehood to cities

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Ryan McMaken

"More than 30 states have moved with varying degrees of success to rein in so-called sanctuary cities that have pledged to not assist federal agents with rounding up and prosecuting suspected illegal immigrants. … Legally speaking, it’s not clear that the cities have much of a foundation to stand on. Unlike states, which are guaranteed a certain amount of sovereignty in the US Constitution, local governments are usually creatures of the state government itself. In most states, the state government does not guarantee specific rights to specific cities and counties. County and city lines have historically been drawn and re-drawn by the state governments. While the United States is a federalist system — albeit an increasingly centralized one — state governments are not federalist, but are unitary. Thus, state-city relations are not analogous to state-federal relations. But, laws and constitutions can be changed, and political solutions can offer answers where legal ones do not." (08/30/17)


Hurricane Harvey: About that wall …

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

"Even before Harvey, an April 2017 poll by Texas Lyceum found that 62% of Texans believe immigration helps the US more than it hurts, and that 61% of Texans oppose US president Donald Trump’s 'border wall' project. Hopefully those numbers will go up as the bills for Hurricane Harvey start to arrive and the need for (re)construction labor begins to mount. Hopefully, President Trump will re-think both his border wall proposal and his emphasis on immigration enforcement, and order at least a temporary draw-down of Border Patrol and Immigration & Customs Enforcement operations, especially along the Gulf Coast. The conflict Donald Trump faces now is one of priorities. He can indulge his immigration obsession or he can let the market rebuild Houston. He can’t do both." (08/29/17)


CA: Border patrol thugs abduct 30 after discovering tunnel

Source: New York Daily News

"Border Patrol agents arrested 30 immigrants suspected of crossing a Southern California border Saturday through an underground tunnel, federal authorities said. Officers found a crude opening and a ladder inside the tunnel north from the Otay Mesa border entrance shortly after 1 a.m., U.S. Customs and Border Patrol said in a statement. Authorities took 23 Chinese citizens and seven Mexicans into custody for questioning. Some of the immigrants tried getting back into the tunnel, but it’s unknown if anyone made it back to Mexico, a CBP spokesman told The San Diego Union-Tribune." (08/27/17)


KY: ICE abducts (and plans to deport) young mother with "legal status"

Source: USA Today

"Immigration police officers seized a 22-year-old mother of two young children last week and are holding her for deportation despite having legal status, the Enquirer has learned. In a case with national implications, Riccy Enriquez Perdomo, 22, of Florence, Ky., was arrested Thursday and has been held at four different locations since then, say her family and attorneys. Federal officials say they plan to deport Enriquez next week, family members say. She has been moved to the McHenry County Jail northwest of Chicago. It is the final stop for detainees who are in the deportation process in that region." [editor's note: Is abducting and deporting someone somehow magically better if they HAVEN'T complied with evil and unconstitutional immigration laws? – TLK] (08/24/17)


CA: Anti-immigration group dwarfed by conterprotesters at beach

Source: US News & World Report

"A small group of people demonstrating against illegal [sic] immigration in Laguna Beach were outnumbered on Sunday by hundreds of counterprotesters who gathered on the same stretch of sand to denounce racism in the coastal California city. The group America First! said it wanted to focus attention on what it says are victims of DUI crashes and gang-related crimes committed by people living illegally [sic] in the U.S. Organizer Johnny Benitez said the group also wanted to protest 'cheap labor' from those here illegally [sic]. … Police officers, some on horseback, separated the groups as business carried on in the picturesque city of about 23,000 people. A short distance away, beachgoers gathered for a drum circle and a plane flew overhead pulling a banner that said 'Hate is beneath us.' Police said there were no significant incidents as officers continued to monitor the crowd Sunday evening." (08/21/17)


Nationalism isn't xenophobia, but it's just as bad

Source: Niskanen Center
by Jeffrey Friedman

"If xenophobia is antipathy toward others whom one has never met based on their living outside the borders of one's country, nationalism is sympathy toward others whom one has never met based on their living inside those borders. To the nationalist, people within these arbitrary geographical boundaries deserve to have their interests protected by the national state — even at the expense of the interests of those outside those boundaries. Press a nationalist to justify this distinction and one is likely to be met with puzzlement. The irrationality of nationalism is nearly invisible, however, because nationalism itself is so much a part of our cultural background that it's hard to notice." (08/16/17)


Immigration controls violate the libertarian non-aggression principle

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

"Whenever you find a libertarian defending immigration controls, you will see one distinguishing characteristic of his defense: the absence of any discussion about immigration enforcement measures. There is a simple reason for that. Immigration enforcement measures entail the initiation of force against others and, therefore, violate the fundamental principle of libertarianism, commonly known as the non-aggression principle. Since libertarians who support immigration controls do not wish to appear to be advocating a violation of the core principle of libertarianism, they always talk in terms of supporting immigration controls while, at the same time, remaining silent about how the government enforces such controls." (08/15/17)


Immigration points and the fatal conceit of central planning

Source: Bleeding Heart Libertarians
by Jason Brennan

"Most of you recognize government is too stupid to plan shoe production. You need price signals and competitive mechanisms to tell you what, where, and how to produce. You can't make a five-year plan for the whole economy because the economic problem constantly changes. But many people who recognize that flip around say, 'Oh, but no worries. We can figure out exactly how many and what kind of laborers the economy needs for the next five years using this artificial points scale.' The best way to know whether 'the economy needs an immigrant' is simple: If we allow people to hire the immigrant, do they choose to do so?" (08/10/17)


The Libertarian Angle, 08/10/17

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation

"FFF president Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling answer questions from viewers on open borders." [various formats] (08/10/17)


Shutting out foreign workers would cost American jobs

Source: Reason
by Steve Chapman

"Donald Trump is a businessman who has routinely hired foreign guest workers to staff his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, claiming it's impossible to find Americans to do the work. But his administration now wants to shut out foreigners who fill comparable jobs, which he now insists Americans would be happy to take. Consistency is not a Trump obsession. Nor is economics." (08/10/17)