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US regime pushes Europe to commit to reneging on Iran nuclear deal

Source: Antiwar.com

“The Trump Administration is once again setting up an ultimatum for the US staying in the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran, this time pushing on EU participants to commit to the idea of changing the deal by May, the next time Trump could withdraw sanctions relief. President Trump has long opposed the Iran deal, and demands massive changes to the already signed pact, despite everyone else agreeing the terms are final and no renegotiation is needed. US officials suggest the only way to keep them on board is to commit to unspecified future changes.” (02/18/18)


Syria: Israeli forces carry out “large-scale attack” after losing jet

Source: The Age [Australia]

“Israel carried out extensive airstrikes inside Syria on Saturday, targeting what the Israeli military said were air defence batteries and army bases as well as Iranian positions, in a day of dramatic cross-border confrontations as the threat of a wider regional conflict looms. The Israeli military said it launched the ‘large scale attack’ after one of its F-16 fighter jets crashed under Syrian antiaircraft fire. Eight Israeli jets had been responding to an incursion by an Iranian drone launched from Syrian territory by bombing a Syrian air base, Israel said. Seeking to contain Iran and its proxies, Israel has regularly carried out airstrikes inside Syria, though not on this scale. If a direct hit on the Israeli aircraft is confirmed, it would be the first time an Israeli jet has been brought down by enemy fire since 1982.” (02/10/18)


Blowback: How a CIA-backed coup led to the rise of Iran’s ayatollahs

Source: The Intercept
by Mehdi Hasan

“Why can’t Iran have a secular, democratic government? It’s a question Americans often ask of their longstanding Middle East adversary — especially when they see images of anti-regime protesters taking to the streets of major Iranian cities and towns to demand greater freedom. Unlike citizens of the Islamic Republic, however, citizens of the United States tend to have short memories. The historical reality is that Iran did have a secular, democratic government, led by Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh between 1951 and 1953 — but Mossadegh was removed from power in a coup organized and funded by the CIA and Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service …. In Washington, D.C., Iranian hostility toward the U.S. has long been treated as inexplicable and irrational, while the CIA’s role in the 1953 coup –— which set off a chain of events that resulted in the rise of Iran’s ayatollahs and the Islamic Revolution of 1979 — has vanished into a memory hole.” (02/05/18)


Destroying the Iran deal while claiming to save it

Source: The Atlantic
by Philip Gordon & Robert Malley

“President Trump’s recent ‘help-me-before-I-do-something-really-irresponsible’ statement on the Iran nuclear deal could have been worse. But it should have been better. And it will almost certainly end badly. Contrary to what many had feared, Trump didn’t void the deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). While he imposed some new penalties on Iranian officials, they were not of the sort that put the deal in immediate danger. He nonetheless chose yet again to attack and undermine an international agreement that, by all accounts, is working, to which America’s allies and partners are committed, and whose collapse would both severely undermine U.S. credibility and allow Iran to resume the nuclear activities it recently halted. By threatening to withdraw from the deal unless Congress and Europe implausibly and unilaterally alter its terms, Trump has put it on a path to collapse without any realistic plan for what to do if that happens.” (01/21/18)


The baseless fear of Iranian “hegemony”

Source: The American Conservative
by Daniel Larison

“Iran doesn’t have the resources to become the region’s hegemon. Its military and economic power are both inadequate to the task, and that isn’t going to change in the foreseeable future. While Iran is an important regional power, it is not in a position to dominate the region. The people claiming otherwise are simply trying to scare Congress and the public into endorsing misguided and destructive regional policies that serve no discernible American interest and risk more unnecessary wars. Conjuring up the specter of Iran as a possible regional hegemon is worse than threat inflation. It is threat invention.” (01/17/18)


Lavrov: Russia will not support US bid to change Iran nuclear deal

Source: Reuters

“Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday Moscow will not support attempts by Washington to modify the Iran nuclear deal, arguing such a move could also complicate diplomacy over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Lavrov spoke days after U.S. President Donald Trump said he would waive nuclear sanctions against Iran for the last time to give Washington and its European allies a chance to fix the ‘terrible flaws’ of the 2015 nuclear deal. ‘We will not support what the United States is trying to do, changing the wording of the agreement, incorporating things that will be absolutely unacceptable for Iran,’ Lavrov told a news conference in Moscow.” (01/15/18)


Trump’s ridiculous ultimatum on the nuclear deal

Source: The American Conservative
by Daniel Larison

“It has been clear for years that Trump wants to renege on the nuclear deal, but it’s also clear that he wants to be able to blame someone else when he does so. The problem for Trump is that his bad faith on this issue is so obvious to everyone that his attempt to shift the blame for his poor policy choices won’t work. Our European allies won’t yield to his ridiculous ultimatum because they have no reason to do so. If the U.S. opts to break the commitments it made under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), it will do so without obtaining their assistance in providing political cover.” (01/15/18)


Iranian regime to Trump regime: Nuclear pact is “not renegotiable”

Source: New York Times

“Iranian officials, responding to President Trump’s call to revise the nuclear agreement, said they would reject any changes to the 2015 deal, saying it was ‘not renegotiable.’ Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, wrote on Saturday in a message on Twitter that the nuclear agreement between Iran, the United States and other world powers was ‘a solid multilateral agreement’ that President Trump was ‘maliciously violating.’ … The agreement Mr. Trump wants to make with the Europeans should also involve Iran’s long-range missile program, the White House said on Friday. Iran’s military heavily relies on missiles as a deterrent; one of Iran’s regional competitors, Saudi Arabia, purchased more than $110 billion in weaponry from the United States in 2017. Iranian officials have said they are not considering making the missile program negotiable.” (01/13/18)


Trump waives Iran sanctions for what regime says is last time

Source: The Hill

President Trump will again waive sanctions against Iran that were lifted as part of the landmark 2015 nuclear deal, the White House said Friday. But the Trump administration is imposing new, nonnuclear sanctions in response to Iran’s ballistic missile activity and its crackdown on anti-government protestors. Trump also warned that this will be the last such waiver, calling for a follow-on deal with Europeans and a legislative fix from Congress.” (01/12/18)


America’s relationship with Europe: Collateral damage if Trump kills the Iran deal

Source: The American Conservative
by Trita Parsi

“What was once only whispered is now clearly said: Europe is readying itself for a post-American world, even after the end of the Donald Trump era. And in a surprising twist, the fate of the U.S.-European Union axis may come down to what Trump decides to do with the Iran nuclear deal later this month. Many drew a sigh of relief back in December as the congressional deadline to impose new sanctions on Iran passed. The nuclear deal had survived another challenge, they thought. But the celebrations were premature. Trump can kill the deal this week by simply doing nothing. We’ve seen this movie before — but this time America’s relationship with Europe is at the center of the drama.” (01/10/18)