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Israel: Regime moves to ban al-Jazeera

Source: Antiwar.com

"Israeli Communications minister Ayoub Kara has announced his intention to see a total ban of the al-Jazeera news network within Israel, including the revocation of all affiliated journalists' credentials. … Kara said he expects Israel's parliament to move quickly on such a ban, and called on the Press Office to work quickly with him to impose the ban 'as quickly as possible.' Analysts, however, say it's not likely to be so easy." (08/06/17)


AIPAC still our biggest foreign agent

Source: Antiwar.com
by Grant Smith

"During the course of the 1960s Senate and Justice Department investigations, it was revealed that Israel was funneling millions of dollars to unregistered foreign agents in America to lobby for foreign aid to Israel, set up think tanks, engage in Madison Avenue public relations, fund lobbying newsletters, and establish an umbrella organization called the American Zionist Council (AZC). Within the AZC was an unincorporated unit that lobbied congress called the 'American Israel Public Affairs Committee.' On November 21, 1962, the Department of Justice ordered the AZC to begin registering as an Israeli foreign agent. This touched off an intense battle between the Justice Department and the AZC which outlasted both JFK and RFK. The bloodied and bruised Justice Department hid away its files on the affair until they were finally declassified and released in 2008. The effort to register Israel’s foreign agents clearly failed. Just 42 days after the Justice Department order, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee incorporated itself in Washington and took over the AZC’s functions." (07/18/17)


France: Macron urges resumption of Israel-Arab peace talks

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatar]

"French President Emmanuel Macron has called for a resumption of long-stalled peace talks between Israel and Palestine based on a two-state solution. Macron said on Sunday that France was ready to apply diplomatic levers towards renewed negotiations, but gave no specifics. He did not indicate any eagerness for France to spearhead such negotiations after a fruitless French diplomatic effort early this year." (07/16/17)


Israel: Olmert released from prison

Source: CBS News

"Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert left prison early Sunday days after a parole board granted him early release from his 27-month corruption sentence. Prison Service spokesman Assaf Librati said Olmert, 71, was whisked away by security and driven home after serving 16 months. … Olmert was convicted in 2014 in a wide-ranging case that accused him of accepting bribes to promote a real-estate project in Jerusalem and obstructing justice. The charges pertained to a period when he was mayor of Jerusalem and trade minister before he became premier in 2006." (07/02/17)


Israeli, Gaza regimes in talks over prisoner swap

Source: Newsweek

"Israel and Hamas are in indirect negotiations for the release of Israeli nationals held hostage in the Gaza Strip by the militant group. According to Israeli media reports, a visit to Egypt by Hamas'[s] new leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, known for his hardline views, has been followed by an uptick in activity between the two sides." (06/27/17)


Israeli regime forces strike Syrian regime forces near Golan Heights

Source: CNN

"Israel launched strikes on Syrian military positions Saturday, close to the two countries' disputed border in the Golan Heights, according to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The action was a response to what the IDF said were more than 10 projectiles fired into Israel from inside Syria. The IDF described the projectile fire as 'errant,' blaming it on internal fighting. Israeli aircraft targeted three positions from which the projectiles were fired, the IDF said. The strikes included hits on two tanks belonging to the Syrian regime." (06/24/17)


Israel vs. the United Nations: The Nikki Haley Doctrine

Source: Antiwar.com
by Ramzy Baroud

"The United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, seems to be championing a single cause: Israel. When Haley speaks about Israel, her language is not merely emotive nor tailored to fit the need of a specific occasion. Rather, her words are resolute, consistent and are matched by a clear plan of action. Along with Haley, the rightwing Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu is moving fast to cultivate the unique opportunity of dismissing the United Nations, thus, any attempt at criticizing the Israeli Occupation." (06/22/17)


Israel: Regime reduces Gaza electricity to four hours daily to aid Abbas v. Hamas

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatar]

"The Israeli government has agreed to cut down its electricity supply in the Gaza Strip, at the behest of the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority (PA), Israeli officials said. According to Yoav Mordechai, the Israeli head of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), President Mahmoud Abbas requested Israel to stop supplying electricity to Gaza back in April. The PA declined to comment to Al Jazeera. Khalil Shaheen, a Ramallah-based political analyst, said the PA was applying heavy pressure on the Hamas government to relinquish its control over the Gaza Strip." (06/13/17)


UN human rights chief calls for end to Israel's occupation of Arab areas

Source: The Guardian [UK]

"The UN’s top human rights official has marked the 50th anniversary of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories by calling for its quick end, insisting that such an outcome would benefit both sides. Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the Jordanian prince who heads the UN Human Rights Council, echoed the strong language of the UN secretary general, Antonio Guterres, who earlier this week condemned the occupation’s 'heavy humanitarian and development burden on the Palestinian people,' which he said had 'fuelled recurring cycles of violence and retribution.' The remarks follow a series of critical reports by humanitarian and rights organisations that reveal the impact of the 50-year occupation, and come as Israeli politicians celebrate the bicentenary of the 1967 six-day war, in which Israel captured the West Bank and East Jerusalem, including the Old City." (06/06/17)


Trump waives law requiring US to move its Israel embassy out of Israel

Source: ABC News

"President Donald Trump has temporarily waived a law requiring the U.S. to move its embassy in [sic] Israel to Jerusalem. Trump's move to renew the waiver for six months keeps the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv for now. Trump has said he's reviewing whether to fulfill his campaign promise to move it to Jerusalem." (06/01/17)