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A man is dead. Are the witch-hunters happy now?

Source: spiked
by Brendan O’Neill

“We still do not know for certain why Carl Sargeant, the Welsh Labour politician, took his life this week. Suicide is a deeply complex affair, and often springs from a deep-seated, hard-to-understand turmoil. But we do know this: Sargeant had been plunged into despair by accusations made against him as part of the increasingly febrile, nasty ‘Pestminster’ witch-hunt. … To read about the treatment of Sargeant is to get a glimpse into how unhinged and even Stalinist the sex-pest panic has become. Most strikingly, Sargeant was kept in the dark about the accusations made against him and about the identity of his accusers. He was not afforded the most basic information about why he was under investigation and as a consequence had to lose, temporarily at least, his entire purpose in political life: his job as Welsh government minister and his membership of the Labour Party. This echoes the showtrials of earlier, darker eras, when ‘political deviants’ were likewise kept in the dark about the reasons for their public destruction.” (11/08/17)


The glee over the Uber ban reveals how Corbyn’s economic policy would work

Source: Cato Institute
by Ryan Bourne

“On Uber, reactions speak louder than words. Set aside for a moment the issue of Uber’s compliance with the Transport for London (TfL) rules, and whether revoking their licence was justified or proportionate. The celebratory tone of the supposed ‘labour movement’ to news that 40,000 contractors will see their main source of income effectively banned (a higher number than employed in the much-discussed steel industry) was far more eye-opening, and should lead many to question the hard left’s true concern for ‘workers.’ In fact, this whole episode has offered a revealing insight into how a Corbyn-governed Britain might operate when it comes to business and the labour market.” (09/26/17)


UK: Labour divisions exposed as conference vote on Brexit ruled out

Source: Daily Mail [UK]

“Labour divisions over Europe erupted after conference delegates agreed not to push the issue of Brexit to a vote. The decision meant Jeremy Corbyn avoided a divisive clash over Labour’s Brexit policy on the conference floor at the gathering in Brighton. But anger boiled over among pro-EU MPs, with one branding the decision ‘f***ing ridiculous’ while a member of Mr Corbyn’s frontbench team said the decision was ‘strange.’ The pro-Corbyn Momentum movement had used its special conference mobile app to suggest that supporters should back other topics for a vote rather than a Brexit motion.” (09/24/17)


Theresa May: The mummy dissolves?

Source: Libertarian Alliance
by Sean Gabb

“Because Jeremy Corbyn is hated by virtually the whole of the political and media class, she was cried up, through her first ten months in office, as some kind of political giant. She was urged into calling the present election, because everyone important thought it would be a disaster for Mr Corbyn. She obviously believed what she was told, and spent the first week of the campaign smirking at the prospect of a three-figure majority. Then, even the combined BBC and media oligarchs were unable to prevent us from taking a good look at the woman, and concluding that she was probably unfit to run a jumble sale. I doubt she will lose. Bad as she is, she is our best chance of leaving the European Union, and that will surely be enough to get the Conservatives another majority. The prospect of a Labour-Scottish Nationalist coalition may also bring out the votes in England. But, unless the opinion polls are more unreliable than usual, she will emerge from this election personally humiliated.” (06/07/17)


UK: Corbin to debate; May runs and hides behind Rudd

Source: Sky News [UK]

“Jeremy Corbyn has announced he will take part in a live TV General Election debate tonight and challenged Theresa May to join him. The Labour leader will join the leaders of the Liberal Democrats, UKIP, the Green Party and Plaid Cymru, and the SNP’s leader at Westminster, at the BBC event, which has been boycotted by the Prime Minister. The Tories are to be represented by Home Secretary Amber Rudd, after Mrs May made clear that she would not take part in a face-to-face showdown with any other party leaders during the campaign.” (05/31/17)


Labour: The party of the non-working class

Source: spiked
by Tim Black

“While May is donning the proverbial donkey jacket and talking about workers’ rights, what is Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn doing to ‘woo working-class voters,’ as the Guardian inaccurately described his latest policy announcement? He’s promising to save the NHS, of course, with a promised £37 billion cash injection over the course of the next parliament. The recourse to a ‘save our NHS’ gesture is predictable, but it’s revealing, too. It captures a party that knows not how to speak for its one-time social base, only to speak to it, as an agglomeration of the poor and needy, people in want of treatment. Because that’s what the working class is for Labour now: patients in waiting, objects of public-health prohibitions, and sermons about fizzy drinks and fags. That’s why the NHS has become the sacred cow to whose udders Corbyn et al are determinedly attached. Because in Labour’s eyes, it’s what people need: beds and no circuses.” (05/16/17)


UK: Corbyn says elites trying to “hijack” Brexit

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Jeremy Corbyn has said wealthy elites are trying to ‘hijack’ Brexit as he formally launched Labour’s campaign. Speaking in Manchester, the Labour leader said the question of whether the UK would leave the EU had been ‘settled’ and the task was to protect the national interest not show ‘who can be toughest with Brussels.’ He promised a reckoning for ‘tax cheats and greedy bankers’ after the election. ‘We have four weeks to show what kind of country we are,’ he said. In the run-up to the speech, Mr Corbyn insisted he would stay on as Labour leader even if the party loses at the general election.” (05/09/17)


UK: Conservatives open up record polling lead

Source: Reuters

“British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party has opened up the biggest lead on record for polls conducted by research firm ICM, suggesting it remains on course for a sweeping win in a national election in a month’s time. An ICM poll published on Monday, which was conducted immediately after the Conservatives scored big wins in local elections last week, gave May’s party a 22-point lead over the opposition Labour Party ahead of the June 8 national election. May caught her political rivals and investors unawares last month when she called the election, saying she wanted strong backing from voters before she launches into tough negotiations with the European Union about Britain’s departure from the bloc.” (05/08/17)


UK: Corbyn says Labour government would suspend Syria airstrikes

Source: Independent [UK]

“A Labour government would move to suspend British air strikes against targets in Syria, Jeremy Corbyn has said. The Labour leader said his foreign policy priority in the country if he became the Prime Minister would be to urge US President Donald Trump to resume international peace talks in Geneva. RAF warplanes are currently hitting Isis targets in Iraq and Syria, though they are not engaging with Assad regime targets. The US has made strikes against the Assad regime under Mr Trump, however.” (04/23/17)


Labour: From socialism to miserabilism

Source: spiked
by Naomi Firsht

“You know something’s gone badly wrong in left-wing politics when your party decides to use Donald Trump as a shining example. Yes, he won an election, but so far as socialist values go, most find Trump to be decidedly lacking. And yet, late last year, UK Labour Party strategists announced a new campaign to set up Jeremy Corbyn as the left’s answer to Trump, in an attempt to harness the current anti-establishment political trend. Perhaps it was Trump’s inclination to reach the people via Twitter that swung it for Corbyn’s advisers — Labour, after all, long ago abandoned the working man for the Twitterati. Needless to say, the relaunch is not going swimmingly.” (01/19/17)