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Russia: Police arrest Libertarians during Adam Smith Forum

Source: Freedom Today Network

“Last weekend, the Libertarian Party of Russia was co-organising the Adam Smith Forum, an annual conference on classical liberalism, in Moscow. The topics discussed included railway nationalisation, universal basic income, smart contracts and many more — by no means anyone called for an armed anti-government riot. However, when a group of guests and speakers were going on a lunch break they were brutally searched, arrested and taken to the police station. Once again: in 2017, in the centre of Moscow, police arrest the participants of an academic conference! Some of the detainees were not released until late at night, others are still kept under arrest; some were accused of participating in an unauthorised rally and are now serving 15 days in jail.” [hat tip — Independent Political Report] (11/07/17)


Libertarian Party files brief attacking federal campaign limit on bequests

Source: Ballot Access News

“On September 5, the Libertarian National Committee filed this 27-page brief in Libertarian National Committee v Federal Election Commission, U.S. District Court, D.C., 1:16cv-121. The issue is whether it is constitutional for the federal government to prevent the party from receiving a bequest of amounts greater than $33,900 in any one year. The case arose when Joseph Shaber died in 2014 and left the Libertarian Party a bequest of $235,575. The FEC said the money must mostly be put in an escrow account, and doled out at the rate of $33,900 per year.” (09/05/17)


This LP member wishes Austin Petersen the best of luck

Source: The Libertarian Republic
by Avens O’Brien

“Let’s be clear: the Libertarian Party is my only political party. Flirtations with the Ron Paul Revolution aside, I’ve only ever had one party affiliation. I don’t consider most Republicans to be that close to libertarianism. I really don’t — I think elected Republicans are fiscally irresponsible, utterly wrong on foreign policy, and terrible on social issues. I don’t see much they have in common with Libertarians, besides their lip service to the words ‘smaller government’ and ‘low taxes’ which none of them seem to actually be interested in acting on — oh, and a little lust for gun rights, unless the gun owner is a black man from Minnesota who gets murdered by a police officer. But, in fairness, I do understand why Libertarians go to the Republican Party to try to impact it.” (07/07/17)


Libertarian developments

Source: The Anarchist Shemale
by Aria DiMezzo

“In a series of awesome developments, Austin Petersen defected (I wish him well but I’m glad he’s gone) from the Libertarian Party to the Republican Party, as I and countless others predicted he would, while Vice Chair Arvin Vohra signed up for the Audacious Caucus and announced his own Senate campaign, and while the Audacious Caucus released its proposed platform.” (07/06/17)


Please, Gary Johnson, stay the hell away from politics

Source: Rare
by Jack Hunter

“What many libertarians had hoped would happen with the Johnson campaign — mainstreaming and elevating our philosophy — the exact opposite happened. So when Reason reported on Thursday that Johnson was returning to politics, I did not rejoice — I recoiled. Johnson had his chance, the biggest chance the Libertarian Party will likely ever have in our lifetimes, and his campaign did more to diminish liberty than promote it. Johnson’s simple 2016 task was two-fold: First, present libertarianism coherently, and hopefully, attractively. Second, don’t look like an idiot. He failed on both.” (06/30/17)


Cuba: Regime arrests Libertarian Party members — “only the Communist Party is legal”

Source: PanAm Post

“Members of the Cuban Libertarian Party were arrested this week without warrant or cause, a party spokesperson reported. … a group of 15 special agents entered the house, violently attacking those inside while tearing apart the house, [Nelson Rodriguez] Chartrand said. President of the party Caridad Ramirez Utria, Vice President Heriberto Pons Ruiz and party member Eduardo Ramos were transferred to a detention center while Nelson and Miguel Lopez, best known as ‘Miguelito cartelito,’ who are currently on a hunger strike in solidarity with illegally imprisoned Libertarian political prisoners, were sent to a different one.” (06/02/17)


The Jason Stapleton Program

Source: The Jason Stapleton Program

“If you wonder why I have written off the Libertarian Party, this is a great example. The LP is full of arrogant, self-righteous children and Vice Chair Arvin Vohra is a perfect example. No tact, no sense of messaging, no clue. I hit the LP hard in this episode, so if you’re a big fan, you might want to skip this one.” [editor’s note: Alternatively, if you want to listen to Jason Stapleton make an ass of himself in public, you might want to give it a listen – TLK] (05/22/17)


Why does the Libertarian Party exist?

Source: The Anarchist Shemale
by Aria DiMezzo

“It’s been my contention for some time now that when Big L Libertarians talk about ‘compromise’ they don’t mean ‘with anarchists,’ and they actually mean ‘with Republicans and Democrats.’ They love talking about compromise, but when it actually comes down to it, they’re typically intransigent and seem to think that ‘compromise’ means that they get whatever they want, and dissenters get to go along with it or stfu.” (05/21/17)


NH: Legislator switches from Democratic to Libertarian Party affiliation

Source: Ballot Access News

“On May 10, New Hampshire Representative Joseph Stallcop held a press conference to say he is switching party registration from Democratic to Libertarian. He represents the Cheshire County 4th district, and had been elected without opposition as a Democrat in 2016. He is 21 years old. Because the Libertarian Party now has two state representatives, it is entitled to be recognized as a caucus, with its own room in the capitol. Stallcop has become a dues-paying member of both the national and state Libertarian Parties.” (05/10/17)


Why does the Libertarian Party fail every four years?

Source: HubPages
by Garry Reed

“Campaign season or not it’s easy to find headlines virtually everywhere asking why the Libertarian Party fails, doesn’t work, can’t win and falls short every election year. Everyone, friend and foe, has an endless array of answers and an even longer list of fixes. But few get to the true heart of the matter. The fundamental reality is that as a philosophy, as a political ideology, as a personal psychological mindset, libertarianism is an individualist concept while all other forms of social organizing are authoritarian.” (04/05/17)