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France: Would-be presidents make last-minute appeals before vote

Source: Reuters

"Candidates in France's presidential election made last-ditch appeals to sway undecided voters on Thursday as the third and fourth placed contenders kept up the pressure on the two hopefuls leading opinion polls. Voters will cast ballots on Sunday in the first round of what has turned into the most unpredictable French election in memory, with four of the 11 candidates within reach of the two places for the run-off on May 7. … A Harris Interactive poll showed [Emmanuel] Macron and [Marine] Le Pen still in front, with the gap a bit wider than before. The centrist inched ahead to 24.5 percent while Le Pen was a bit weaker on 21 percent. Conservative former prime minister Francois Fillon scored 20 percent, meaning he was now gaining on Le Pen. Jean-Luc Melenchon, a far left politician propelled from wildcard to genuine contender thanks to feisty television performances and smart social media campaign, was stable on 19 percent. An Ifop-Fiducial poll showed roughly the same breakdown." (04/20/17)


France: Le Pen attacked on stage by "topless" woman with bunch of flowers after violent street clashes between protesters and cops

Source: The Sun [UK]

"Marine Le Pen was attacked on stage by a topless woman with with a bunch of flowers as her campaign rally was marred by protesters throwing missiles at police. The French right-wing leader addressed around 5,000 Front National (FN) supporters at the Zenith concert hall in the north of the city this afternoon, ahead of the upcoming presidential elections. But there was chaos on the streets outside as menacing masked demonstrators dressed in black clashed with cops. Troublemakers hurled objects including rocks, chunks of wood and smoke bombs at riot police standing between them and the venue. Officers were seen firing tear gas back in an attempt to keep the mob at bay." (04/17/17)


France: Macron, Le Pen edge further ahead of Fillon, Melenchon in poll

Source: US News & World Report

"French centrist Emmanuel Macron is set to top the voting in the first round of France's presidential election ahead of far-right leader Marine Le Pen, and their leads over conservative Francois Fillon and leftist Jean-Luc Melenchon have widened, a poll showed on Monday. The Elabe poll for magazine L'Express showed Macron winning 24 percent of the vote on Sunday, up from 23.5 percent the last time the survey was conducted a week ago. Le Pen's score also improved slightly, rising to 23 percent from 22.5 percent, which would put her and Macron on course to face off in a May 7 runoff that he was seen winning by 62 percent to 38 percent." (04/17/17)

Le Pen: France not responsible for World War Two round up of Jews

Source: Washington Post

"Far-right French presidential contender Marine Le Pen made 'a serious mistake' by denying that the French State was responsible for the roundup of Jews in World War II, her main rival said Monday. Emmanuel Macron, an independent centrist, was among many presidential candidates criticizing Le Pen's comments Monday. … Le Pen said Sunday on RTL radio 'I don’t think France is responsible for the Vel d’Hiv,' in reference to the stadium where many thousands of Jews were rounded up in July 1942 before being sent to Nazi death camps. Le Pen later said in a written statement she 'considers that France and the Republic were in London' during wartime and 'the Vichy regime wasn’t France.'" (04/10/17)


France: Le Pen loses EU immunity for opposing Islamic State

Source: Yahoo! News

"Far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen was stripped of her European Parliament immunity Thursday after she tweeted images of Islamic State atrocities, paving the way for her prosecution by French authorities. Prosecutors launched a probe in December, 2015 over the graphic pictures that the French National Front (FN) leader posted on social media, which included the decapitated body of US journalist James Foley. … They showed Foley's bloodied body with his decapitated head on his torso, as well as a man on fire in a cage, and a victim being driven over by a tank. Police in the Paris suburb of Nanterre launched an investigation into 'the dissemination of violent images.'" (03/02/17)


Brexiteers against Le Pen

Source: spiked
by Naomi Firsht

"As we have argued on spiked, there are undoubted similarities between Brits voting against the EU and large numbers of Americans rejecting Hillary and establishment politics. Both signified a desire to upset the status quo and try something different in politics. However, beyond this, it is a gross distortion of the Brexit vote, of the Brexit sentiment, to compare it directly to the election of the fluorescent-haired demagogue now in-situ in the White House, never mind to the potential election of the inward-looking, far-right authoritarian Le Pen. It is simply wrong to conflate British people's decision to leave the EU with a normal political vote for a party or a leader." (02/07/17)


EU Parliament seeks to recover funds from French far-right leader Le Pen

Source: France 24 [France]

"Marine Le Pen on Tuesday must repay €298,000 to the European Parliament or see her MEP salary slashed in half, following allegations the French far-right leader misused funds. EU authorities are seeking to recover a total of €340,000 from the far-right leader, who is a lawmaker in the European Parliament but also a leading presidential candidate in France's upcoming presidential election. The EU Parliament is seeking to recover the funds after accusing two of Le Pen's parliamentary assistants of in fact working for her National Front party back home." (01/31/17)