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Border police discover drug catapult on US-Mexico border

Source: BBC [UK state media]

“US border patrol agents have found a medieval-style catapult mounted on the border wall with Mexico, designed to launch bundles of drugs into the US. The device was discovered last week, southeast of Tucson, Arizona, when agents spotted a group of men scattering as they approached. A closer look turned up two bundles of cannabis weighing a combined 47lb (21kg), which had yet to be launched. The catapult was dismantled on the Mexican side. No arrests were made.” [editor’s note: We don’ need no steenkin’ ladders! – SAT] (02/15/17)


Mexico: Senator champions bill to stop US corn shipments

Source: KTIC AM 840 News

“A Mexican senator at a rally on Sunday proposed that Mexico stop buying U.S. corn in retaliation for some of President Donald Trump’s stances on our southern neighbors. Mexico is the top market for U.S. corn exports with Mexican buyers importing nearly 28% of all U.S. corn sent to foreign markets in the 2015-16 marketing year. CNN reported Sunday during a rally that Sen. Armando Rios Piter, ‘who leads a congressional committee on foreign affairs, says he will introduce a bill this week where Mexico will buy corn from Brazil and Argentina instead of the United States.’ … DTN Senior Analyst Darin Newsom noted any effort to shut down U.S. corn exports to Mexico would have a ripple effect across the ag economy. ‘We have an oversupply situation,’ Newsom said. ‘We can’t have any threats to demand. Corn’s the No. 1 agricultural market that we have. It’s not just the grain market. It’s all of the agricultural economy is tied back to corn.'” (02/14/17)


Mexico: Thousands take to the streets in protest of Trump’s border wall

Source: PanAm Post

“More than 20,000 people in Mexico City participated in marches this weekend in protest of Trump’s border wall. Using slogans such as ‘No to the wall’ and ‘Stop the deportations,’ the crowd gathered at the city’s Independence Angel to reject the Republican’s immigration policies.” (02/13/17)


Will Mexico say adios to NAFTA?

Source: The American Prospect
by Andres Lajous

“Now that Mexico has signaled the beginning of a 90-day period for domestic consultations before beginning negotiations with the United States over the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the question facing Mexican leaders is whether they should even expect to reach a new agreement. A few weeks ago, the suggestion that Mexico would walk away from NAFTA would have seemed outlandish; for the last two decades, most Mexican political leaders have been fully committed to the agreement. But a number of influential figures, including former president Ernesto Zedillo, have recently argued that Mexico has no hope of reaching a balanced agreement with Donald Trump and would be better off relying on the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to regulate trade with the United States.” (02/03/17)


Fear of Trump move drives cash transfers to Mexico to record

Source: Bloomberg

“Money transfers to Mexico from workers living abroad climbed to a record last year as Donald Trump’s election raised the prospect of the U.S. blocking the flow of cash to make its southern neighbor pay for a border wall. Remittances rose 6 percent in December from a year earlier to $2.34 billion, the most ever for the holiday season, according to data released by Mexico’s central bank on Wednesday. The increase brings 2016 transfers to $27 billion, exceeding the previous high from 2007, before the financial crisis and U.S. recession.” (02/01/17)


Colombian, Peruvian regimes back Mexican regime in Trump border wall conflict

Source: PanAm Post

“The Presidents of Peru and Colombia expressed their support for Mexico this weekend regarding the wall US President Donald Trump is planning to build along the border to out immigrants. Pedro Pablo Kuczynski of Peru and Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia both made statements about the controversial border wall plan at a meeting in the southern region of Arequipa, Peru, during which they called for strengthening the so-called Alliance of the Pacific.” (01/30/17)


How Trump will pay for his useless wall

Source: Liberty Viral
by Carson Seeger

“How the President was going to pay for the proposed wall has always been a source of contention.  During the campaign, Trump boldly and repeatedly said Mexico would pay for any border wall. Well this week, Trump speculated a 20% import tax on Mexican goods outta do the trick! While Press Secretary Sean Spicer admitted after both Democrats and Republicans hurled criticism at the idea, that the tax was only one way they could pay for the wall. The wall, which according to Mitch McConnell, will cost approximately $12-$15 billion to build and another $750 million annually to maintain, would be paid for by Mexico as Trump said during his campaign. But by levying an import tax on our third largest trade partner, we would see a price increase in everyday items such as fruit, cars, and electronics which are all produced by Mexico. Economists are calling the proposed tax ‘insane.'” (01/28/17)


Mexico: Nieto cancels visit to US Fuhrerhauptquartiere

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has cancelled next week’s trip to Washington to meet US President Donald Trump. His decision comes a day after the new US president unveiled his plan to build a wall along the Mexico-US border. … Mr Pena Nieto announced that he had called off the 31 January trip after Mr Trump suggested he should do just that.” (01/26/17)


Trump’s wall — an attempt to insult and humiliate Mexicans

Source: Independent Institute
by Robert Higgs

“Suppose the Canadians were to build a wall to keep Americans out of their country, making it clear that Americans are simply not decent, productive, peaceful people and therefore the fewer of them who enter Canada the better. Might Americans take justifiable offense at such treatment? Why does anyone imagine that Mexicans feel any differently?” (01/26/17)


Trump’s great wall will be costly and useless and Mexico won’t pay for it

Source: Reason
by Shikha Dalmia

“The good news here is that Trump has backed off from his original cockamamie idea of paying for the wall by confiscating the hard-earned remittances of Mexican workers in America — turning this great country literally into a kleptocracy of the likes that even the Third World hasn’t seen. But let me help Trump out with the fiscal math on his wall a bit …. the total hit if cost projections don’t balloon — a big if, assuming that Trump won’t use illegal Mexican workers and will use only American steel — would be somewhere close to $15 billion upfront, give or take, of even a modest version of Trump’s plan. But as per Insidegov.com, the United States gave Mexico about $210 million in economic and military assistance in 2012. … even if all that money is channeled toward the wall, which it won’t be given that Trump also talks about doubling down on the drug war to stop the flow of drug traffickers from Mexico, this aid will pay not even for the wall’s annual maintenance cost.” (01/25/17)