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Minarchism on seasteads

Source: Praxeology.net
by Roderick T Long

Abstract: “States are dangerous, even minarchist ones. Nevertheless, there are reasons why a seastead community might seek to organize as a minarchy rather than an anarchy in order to have a governmental face to turn toward the outside world. Such a minarchy will need to be designed with incentive structures to counteract, as far as possible, the tendency of state power to grow. Several strategies for doing so, both democratic and anti-democratic, are considered and found wanting. It is argued that the best way of constraining a minarchist state is to build competitive, anarchic elements into its structure; several ways of doing this are canvassed.” [PDF] (published earlier in 207; so far as I know, just now posted online)


Minarchism, anarchism, and democracy: A shared challenge

Source: Notes on Liberty
by Rick Weber

“Minarchism — basically as small a government as we can get away with — is probably the most economically efficient possible way to organize society. A night watchman state providing courts of last resort and just enough military to keep someone worse from taking over. The trouble (argues my inner anarchist) is that if we’ve got a government — an organization allowed to force/forbid behaviors — we’re already on the slippery slope to abuse of powers through political trading. Without an entrenched culture that takes minarchism seriously it’s only a matter of time before a) the state grows out of control and you’re no longer in a minarchist Utopia, or b) a populace unwilling to do their part allows violent gangs to fill the power vacuum.” (09/11/17)