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Klansman who orchestrated “Mississippi Burning” killings dies in prison

Source: USA Today

“A Klansman who orchestrated one of the nation’s most notorious mass killings, the slayings of three civil-rights workers in 1964 in Mississippi, has died in prison. In 2005, a jury convicted Edgar Ray Killen on three counts of manslaughter in the June 21, 1964, deaths of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, who had been killed while organizing a voter-registration drive for blacks in Jessup County, Miss. Killen was sentenced to 60 years in prison. … Edgar Ray Killen, less than a week from his 93rd birthday, was the last living Klansman in a Mississippi prison for a civil-rights cold case.” (01/12/18)


MS: Police shoot dog, kill man while serving warrant at wrong house

Source: United Press International

“Close to midnight on Sunday, Southaven, Miss., police arrived at the wrong house to serve an arrest warrant and shot a man dead in his own home, according to reports. Ismael Lopez, 41, was shot dead late Sunday night after he checked to see who was at his front door. But the police were supposed to be across the street to serve an arrest warrant for Samuel Pearman, who was wanted on an assault charge, reported WREG. … police officers said they were forced to shoot Lopez when he opened his front door and his pet pit bull charged at them. Police said they opened fire at the dog and saw Lopez holding a gun from behind his door.” (07/26/17)


MS: Court lifts injunction on state law allowing government officials to refuse to do their jobs

Source: Raw Story

“A U.S. appeals court on Thursday lifted an injunction that blocked a Mississippi law allowing businesses and government employees to deny services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people by citing religious beliefs. Opponents said they would likely seek to overturn the decision, arguing that the measure allowed for sweeping discrimination against the LGBT community. A three-judge panel at the New Orleans-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit reversed a lower court ruling that blocked the 2016 law, known as House Bill 1523 and backed by Christian groups, from taking effect. The panel said the plaintiffs, who included ordained ministers who have married same-sex couples and same-sex couples seeking to marry, did not have standing to bring the lawsuit.” (06/22/17)


Rest in peace, sleeping dogs & Mariner Durant

Source: The Anarchist Shemale
by Aria DiMezzo

“Here are the facts as we know them: * Mariner Durant withdrew from the mayoral race, citing threats to his safety and the advice of unknown law enforcement. * Mariner Durant was found shot to death in the woods outside of his home, shortly thereafter. * Local police are ruling it a suicide, though are bringing in the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation. Most people seem to take the local police’s word for it that it’s a suicide, and that Mariner likely had some sort of psychosis or paranoia where these threats were imagined, and that this psychosis ultimately led to his suicide. That’s certainly a valid interpretation, and we’ll probably never know. Now let me tell you some stuff about Mississippi.” (06/06/17)


Alabama, Mississippi mark Confederate Memorial Day

Source: Gadsden Times

“State government offices are closing Monday in Mississippi and Alabama for Confederate Memorial Day. Georgia used to mark the holiday, but removed the Confederate reference in 2015. Now, the last Monday in April there is simply called State Holiday. Confederate Memorial Day in Mississippi and Alabama commemorates those who died during the Civil War while fighting for Southern states that tried to secede from the U.S. The Confederate military surrendered in April 1865. South Carolina holds a Confederate Memorial Day in May to mark the day Gen. Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson died.” (04/24/17)


Transgender and arrested in a Mississippi jail

Source: The Anarchist Shemale
by Aria DiMezzo

“I was strip-searched by a male officer over a traffic misdemeanor when my bail bondsman was literally there waiting on me and after I’d already explained that I’m transgender and identify as female. For all intents and purposes, a male officer strip-searched a female prisoner today when she was arrested over a misdemeanor and while she was waiting on paperwork to be processed so she could be released. It may seem minor. The officer didn’t touch me while I was naked, after all, but if you’ve never been there, then you couldn’t imagine. These are the police. The’Do as we say, or we beat you or shoot you’ people.” (01/04/17)