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Bandwidth welfare queens to join pro-Net Neutrality day of protest

Source: TechCrunch

“A day of protest over the FCC’s controversial proposal to eliminate net neutrality rules is been planned for July 12, with supporters of the online action including the likes of Amazon, Etsy, Github, Kickstarter, Reddit and Y Combinator. The protest website lists more than 60 participants who are planning to join in the day of action next month, and is soliciting more signs up. The action is being organized by three online rights organizations, Fight for the Future, freepress and Demand Progress — some of which were also involved in the 2012 online protests against the SOPA and PIPA bills.” [editor’s note: Sad to see usually pro-Internet-freedom groups like FFTF et al. still supporting the big government anti-freedom corporate welfare “Net Neutrality” scam – TLK] (06/07/17)


An argument against Net Neutrality

Source: Notes on Liberty
by Rick Weber

“First off, Comcast sucks. Seriously, screw those guys. But let’s assume a can opener and see if that doesn’t help us find a deeper root problem. The can opener is competition in the ISP network. Let’s consider how the issue of Net Neutrality (NN) would play out in a world where your choice of ISP looked more like your choice of grocery store.” (05/29/17)


The Net Neutrality debate in a phrase: Net Neutrality good, Title II bad

Source: The Heartland Institute
by Bartlett Cleland

“Net neutrality, once a concept only discussed in arcane telecommunications legal policy settings has become a quite popular topic. Network neutrality is the notion of an ‘open internet,’ defined by the FCC as allowing ‘… consumers can go where they want, when they want.’ To go a little deeper, one Democrat and then two successive Republican FCC chairmen outlined and ultimately published a ‘policy statement’ that brought definition to the idea with four principles that should be preserved by the broadband industry. And for well over a decade these bi-partisan principles were followed. The goal of more broadband, more places, more often, and for more people was being met. The light touch regulatory model powered by a free market was the grounding for that success. No other model conceived even comes close to seeing the level of consumer freedom flourish alongside consumer choice. But, unfortunately, for a wild-eyed minority of big government activists that was never the true goal. Instead they were on a quest to force a different, less effective, more consumer restrictive, intellectual experiment.” (05/21/17)


FCC won’t publish evidence of alleged DDoS attack

Source: ZDNet

“The FCC will not publish evidence of an alleged distributed denial-of-service attack, which critics say prevented a flood of people from leaving messages on the agency’s support of net neutrality. Call for the release of the agency’s log files came after security experts and pro-net neutrality groups disputed the agency’s claims that someone attempted to ‘bombard the FCC’s comment system with a high amount of traffic’ in the hours after the John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ show, which rallied viewers to leave feedback in favor of net neutrality rules, which the FCC currently wants to roll back.” (05/21/17)


FCC begins repeal of Obama-era “Net Neutrality” power grab

Source: Los Angeles Times

“Federal regulators on Thursday took the first formal step toward repealing tough net neutrality rules enacted two years ago that imposed strict oversight of Internet service providers [on the pretext of ensuring] the unfettered flow of online content. … With net neutrality supporters, including Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.), protesting outside the agency’s building, the Republican-controlled FCC voted 2-1 along party lines to start a formal, months-long process of dismantling the rules put in place in 2015. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said the goal was ‘to return to the light-touch regulatory framework’ that had allowed the Internet to flourish.” ()5/18/17)


Internet giants, not broadband providers, are the top threat to consumers

Source: Heartland Institute
by Scott Cleland

“The Federal Communications Commission has begun a high profile rulemaking process to undo the net neutrality rules that President Obama’s FCC passed in 2015. So it is imperative to get the basic facts right about the ‘networks’ involved in ‘network neutrality.’ The entire justification for mandating ‘the strongest possible’ regulation of Internet service providers rests upon the notion that ISPs are unique networks, and that only networks must be neutral. But those assumptions are inaccurate.” (05/17/17)


A Net Neutrality primer

Source: Competitive Enterprise Institute
by Jessica Melugin & Ryan Radia

“Net neutrality regulations harm consumers because they prevent ISPs from experimenting with the network configurations and pricing models that serve consumers best. Instead of regulating how broadband service is provided, Congress, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and governments at all levels should promote competition by making more spectrum available for commercial use and by reducing barriers to deploying wireline infrastructure. Past efforts by the FCC to establish net neutrality regulations have repeatedly failed in the courts. Though its latest effort, which was heavily influenced by the Obama White House, has survived, the new chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, is moving to repeal it. That is a welcome move because freeing the Internet’s infrastructure from burdensome regulations will allow greater innovation and restore open competition among Internet service providers (ISPs).” (05/16/17)


FCC halts public comments on Net Neutrality

Source: Boing Boing

“After hearing from so many angry Americans who wanted to preserve net neutrality rules that they had to invent a seemingly fictional ‘denial of service’ attack to explain their servers melting down, the FCC has solved the problem by telling the public to go fuck themselves. The FCC will no longer accept public comments on Net Neutrality, while it ‘reflects’ on the comments it’s received.” (05/15/17)


Net Neutrality: Venezuela for the Internet

Source: Heartland Institute
by Seton Motley

“One of so many walking undead issues that shamble on in Washington, D.C. is the ridiculous government Internet overreach known as Network Neutrality. — Anything that the Left insists on imposing via unelected bureaucrats issuing regulatory fiats — rather than through legislation via our elected officials in Congress — is going to very much resemble a zombie. Because these things are never truly good and dead (settled). Net Neutrality certainly deserves to be good and dead. For always. Net Neutrality is Socialism for the Internet — it guarantees everyone equal amounts of nothing.” (05/04/17)


Pai announces announces plan to reverse “Net Neutrality” scam

Source: The Verge

“The Federal Communications Commission is cracking open the net neutrality debate again with a proposal to undo the 2015 rules that implemented net neutrality with Title II classification. … [FCC chairman Ajit Pai’s] proposal will do three things: first, it’ll reclassify internet providers as Title I information services; second, it’ll prevent the FCC from adapting any net neutrality rules to practices that internet providers haven’t thought up yet; and third, it’ll open questions about what to do with several key net neutrality rules — like no blocking or throttling of apps and websites — that were implemented in 2015. Pai said the full text of his net neutrality proposal would be published tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be voted on by the FCC at a meeting on May 18th.” (04/26/17)