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North Korean defector may have been abducted and returned to Pyongyang

Source: Vice

"South Korean authorities are investigating the possibility that a North Korean defector who fled to Seoul and became a reality-TV star has been kidnapped by Pyongyang. Officials said Wednesday that they were made aware of Lim Ji-hyun’s return home after a video was posted online where she denounced her time in the south as 'hellish.' Lim Ji-hyun left North Korea some years ago for China, where she married a Chinese national. Having ended the arranged marriage, Lim arrived in Seoul in January 2014 and soon found fame as a TV star on talk shows and reality television, including shows that featured defectors from the North. However, on July 15, a video appeared on YouTube showing Lim back in Pyongyang. In it, she says her return to the hermit kingdom was voluntary and that she had travelled to the South, 'led by fantasy that I could eat well and make a lot of money.'" (07/19/17)


South Korea: Regime offers talks with North on tension, family reunions

Source: US News & World Report

"South Korea on Monday offered talks with North Korea to ease animosities along their tense border and resume reunions of families separated by their war in the 1950s. It was unclear how North Korea will react since it remains suspicious of new South Korean President Moon Jae-in's outreach to it. But Moon's overture, the first formal offer of talks since his inauguration in May, indicates he wants to use dialogue to defuse the international standoff over North Korea's weapons programs, despite having condemned the North's first intercontinental ballistic missile test on July 4 and vowed a firm response." (07/17/17)


North Korean missile lacks re-entry capability, South Korean regime says

Source: CNN

"Despite its long range, the North Korean missile fired on July 4 is not capable of a key process that would allow a nuclear weapon atop the projectile to hit its target, South Korea's intelligence service told lawmakers Tuesday. After the test launch last week, North Korean state media said the ballistic missile was equipped with a stable re-entry system, which allows a warhead to survive the heat-intensive process of re-entering the Earth's atmosphere. … 'Considering the fact that the missile had been launched from a fixed launcher, the NIS (National Intelligence Service) evaluates the technology is at the beginning stage,' South Korean lawmaker Lee Wan-young said Tuesday. 'The NIS sees North Korea as not yet capable of re-entry technology,' Lee said in a televised news conference after an intelligence briefing." (07/11/17)


Priebus: North Korean, Chinese regimes interfered in US election

Source: New York Daily News

"Russia wasn’t alone — North Korea and China have also breached recent U.S. elections, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said Sunday. It was the first time someone in the Trump administration formally accused the two nations of interfering with the election, backing up vague claims from President Trump that 'other countries' joined Russia in its digital interference. … Priebus did not cite any evidence to back up his apparent bombshell." (07/09/17)


President Trump: End the Korean War!

Source: LewRockwell.com
by Eric Margolis

"'I have some pretty severe things we’re thinking about,' Trump said of North Korea at a news conference in Warsaw. 'Doesn’t mean we’re going to do them.' What President Trump really meant is that he has painted the US into a corner with all his threats of war and really does not know what to do next. North Korea called his 'or else' bluff. Good. No action on North Korea is better than any conceivable military operation." (07/08/17)


Who's that you called dangerous, President Trump?

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

"Kim Jong Un’s regime has, in recent months, test-fired a handful of missiles harmlessly into the ocean. Only two months ago, Donald Trump ordered the firing of 59 missiles at military bases situated on the territory of a sovereign nation with which the US is not at war (Syria). The US government is worried that the North may be close to developing the launch capability to hit the US with one of its 13-30 atomic fission weapons boasting explosive yields of up to the equivalent of 30 thousand tons of TNT The US, by the way, possesses nearly 7,000 nuclear weapons with yields of up 1.4 million tons, and 450 Minuteman 3 ICBMs to carry them. It’s also the only nation on Earth that’s ever used atomic or nuclear weapons in war. North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950 and hasn’t invaded another country since. How many countries has the US invaded since then?" (07/06/17)


Guy who launched 59 missiles at Syria accuses guy who launched one missile into the ocean of "behaving in a very, very dangerous manner"

Source: CNN

"President Donald Trump chided North Korea for its recent missile tests, saying it is 'behaving in a very very dangerous manner.' 'It's a shame they're behaving this way — they're behaving in a very, very dangerous manner and something will have to be done about it,' Trump said in a news conference Thursday with Polish President Andrzej Duda. … The President did not mention the arms deal struck overnight in Warsaw. Poland's Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz told reporters on Thursday that the United States had agreed to sell Patriot missiles to Poland." (07/06/17)


Don't be surprised to see Trump bomb North Korea

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

"The thing that most of the mainstream media miss in the Korean crisis is the reason why North Korea has been striving for nuclear weapons. The U.S. press continues to imply that North Korea wants such missiles for offensive purposes — that is, to initiate a nuclear war against the United States. Not so. North Korea knows that if it did that, the U.S. government would respond with the same type of carpet-bombing campaign that it waged during the Korean War, only this time with hundreds or thousands of nuclear bombs. North Korea does not wish to go out of existence, which is precisely why it has no interest in initiating a nuclear attack on the United States. So why does North Korea want nuclear weapons, especially ones that can reach the United States? It wants them for the same reason that Cuba, another communist state, wanted nuclear weapons back in 1962 — for defensive purposes. Defense against whom? Defense against the U.S government, of course." (07/05/17)


North Korea: Regime forces fire missile into waters off Japan

Source: CNN

"North Korea fired an unidentified ballistic missile Tuesday from North Pyong'an Province that flew into waters east of the Korean Peninsula, according to South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff. The projectile may have landed in Japan's Exclusive Economic Zone, which extends 200 nautical miles from its coastline, Takahiro Hirano, Public Affairs Officer from Japan's Ministry of Defense told CNN." (07/03/17)


Chinese, US regimes agree on aim of "complete, irreversible" Korean denuclearization

Source: Yahoo! News

"China and the United States agreed that efforts to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula should be 'complete, verifiable and irreversible,' Chinese state media said on Saturday, reporting the results of high level talks in Washington this week. 'Both sides reaffirm that they will strive for the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,' a consensus document released by the official Xinhua news agency said. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had said on Thursday that the United States pressed China to ramp up economic and political pressure on North Korea, during his meeting with top Chinese diplomats and defense chiefs." [hat dip — David Klaus] (06/24/17)