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The Senate GOP’s new health care bill is just ObamaCare, but less of it

Source: Reason
by Peter Suderman

“When congressional Republicans began drafting health care legislation at the beginning of the year, critics worried that the result would not be the repeal and replace of Obamacare that the GOP had long promised. Instead, they warned, the Republican party was on track to produce something more aptly understood as ‘Obamacare lite’ — a watered down version of the law that is already in place. Partly this was for procedural reasons: Reconciliation, the budget maneuver which Republicans are relying on to pass a bill in the Senate with a simple majority vote, presents some procedural barriers to full repeal. But those worries also stemmed from long-simmering concerns that, despite having spent seven years campaigning on replacing the health care law, Republicans had developed no substantive health policy goals of their own.” (06/22/17)


Repeal the ObamaCare taxes

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Sheldon Richman

“The American Health Care Act, the House bill intended to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), is frequently opposed on the grounds that it cuts taxes for the rich. This may seem like an odd criticism of a purported health-insurance reform, but we must understand that Obamacare can reasonably be viewed as a massive tax increase disguised as health-insurance reform. If that’s the case, then those who favor Obamacare would naturally dislike the repeal of its tax increases. One is reminded of Thomas Paine’s insight in Rights of Man: ‘In reviewing the history of the English Government, its wars and its taxes, a bystander, not blinded by prejudice nor warped by interest, would declare that taxes were not raised to carry on wars, but that wars were raised to carry on taxes.’ Likewise, perhaps taxes were not raised to carry on health-insurance reform, but rather health-insurance reform was raised to carry on taxes.” (05/17/17)


US House passes ObamaCare repeal

Source: The Hill

“House Republicans on Thursday passed legislation aimed at repealing and replacing ObamaCare, taking a major step toward a long-held goal and setting in motion an overhaul of the nation’s health system. The narrow 217-213 vote is a victory for GOP leaders, who faced a tumultuous path to getting the bill to the floor. The measure had to be pulled in March because of a lack of votes, but a series of deals since then brought on board the conservative Freedom Caucus and then wavering moderates. … The bill, known as the American Health Care Act, repeals the core elements of ObamaCare, including its subsidies to help people get insurance coverage, expansion of Medicaid, taxes and mandates for people to get coverage. In its place, the bill provides a new tax credit aimed at helping people buy insurance, though it would provide less help than ObamaCare to low-income people.” (05/04/17)


When is government-run healthcare not government-run health care?

Source: Campaign For Liberty
by Norm Singleton

“When it’s supported by Republicans of course …” (04/26/17)


US Freedom Caucus endorses revised ObamaCare repeal-and-replace bill

Source: The Hill

“The House Freedom Caucus on Wednesday announced it will back the GOP’s healthcare plan now that an amendment allowing states to opt out of key ObamaCare rules is included. The group of roughly 30 hard-line conservatives held out for weeks, scuttling a planned House vote on the bill last month after it became clear there was’t enough Republican support to pass it. The group said it sees the new amendment, brokered by Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and centrist Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.), as the best option short of fully repealing the 2010 law. … Moderate Republicans are facing a difficult decision on the bill now that the Freedom Caucus has backed it, bringing the legislation close to the 216 House votes needed for passage.” (04/26/17)


Beyond ObamaCare: The seven percent solution

Source: Bleeding Heart Libertarians
by Loren Lomasky

“ObamaCare is dead, long live — what? The House Republican plan achieved the rare feat of displeasing fellow conservatives almost as much as Democrats before dying stillborn. Does it follow, as numerous commentators have intoned, that ObamaCare ought to be retained? No, for it too is multiply flawed and has been rejected by citizens in most polls. So what is to be done? This isn’t a wonkish question about design but rather a plea for radical rethinking. America makes three demands on its healthcare system that, unfortunately, are jointly incompatible.” (04/19/17)


Good news about the “Obamacare Replacement Act”

Source: Downsize DC
by Perry Willis and Jim Babka

“Senator Rand Paul’s ‘Obamacare Replacement Act’ (S. 222) is gaining traction. It has a new co-sponsor in the Senate — Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania. Even better … The bill has also been introduced in the House (H.R. 1072) by Representative Mark Sanford of South Carolina, and it already has 7 Republican, co-sponsors …” (04/17/17)


Repealing ObamaCare is not enough

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Laurence M Vance

“One would think that repealing Obamacare would have been the first order of business for the Republican-controlled Congress once Trump was sworn in. After all, Republicans have spent the last seven years since Obamacare was passed denouncing the law, campaigning on promises to repeal it, airing more than $235 million in ads attacking the law, and staging more than 50 high-profile votes in the House to repeal it. It turns out that ‘some GOP legislators are saying that the political assault on Obamacare was an exercise in cynical politics, and that an outright repeal was never on the table.'” (04/07/17)


Republicans learn to love single-payer health care

Source: Reason
by Jesse Walker

“Who wants a Medicare-for-all system? A plurality of Republicans, apparently. A new Economist/YouGov survey shows 46 percent of the party in favor of ‘expanding Medicare to provide health insurance to every American.’ Just 38 percent are opposed. This comes on the heels of a January Pew poll where 30 percent of Republicans agreed that the government has a responsibility ‘to make sure all Americans have health coverage.’ That looked like a pretty high number at the time, but these new results make it seem small. If you were alert, you could see this sentiment building for a while. About a year ago, a Gallup poll suggested that 41 percent of the GOP liked the idea of replacing ObamaCare with federally funded universal health care. That number was probably inflated by people willing to endorse anything framed as an alternative to ObamaCare, but you can’t say that about this year’s results.” (04/06/17)


White House presents new GOP health care plan to moderates, conservatives

Source: CBS News

“The White House has come up with a new proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., told reporters Monday night. Meadows said Vice President Pence, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney met with the conservative House members Monday. Pence met with moderates earlier in the day. While Meadows said ‘there is no deal, in principle,’ he did refer to the proposal as ‘a solid idea that was offered,’ and said his caucus would evaluate its impact on premium costs. … The White House initiative on Capitol Hill comes just after another vocal opponent of the last Republican bill, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., spent the weekend playing golf with President Trump and talking about health care.” (04/04/17)