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There is no “war on cops”

Source: Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Tate Fegley

“With the FBI releasing the 2016 Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted data this month, reports on police deaths have once again found their way into headlines. Such reports offer a great illustration of how reporting the same facts in different ways can dramatically change how big a problem seems to be. Also interesting is the information that is reported depending on the media outlet. NPR, for example, emphasizes the number of police killed with firearms specifically, rather than the general category of ‘feloniously.’ Fox News will emphasize the ‘War on Cops’ narrative while reporting total officer deaths rather than violent officer deaths, presumably because the former is a bigger number. This is misleading, however, since it includes deaths due to things such as heart attacks, accidents, and extreme weather.” (10/30/17)


TX: Whataburger fires employee for refusing to serve gang members

Source: Dallas Morning News

“A Whataburger employee was fired after she refused to serve two Denison police officers early Saturday morning, the company announced Saturday afternoon. The woman had claimed her boyfriend was ‘beat up’ by cops, the Denison chief wrote in a Facebook post Saturday. The chief said the allegation was found to be untrue and no one was injured in that routine arrest. The female employee cursed at the officers and the on-duty manager’s response was ‘I don’t get into politics,’ the post said. … Whataburger’s corporate communications office released the following statement Saturday afternoon: ‘We took swift action and this person is no longer employed by us,’ the statement read.” (10/14/17)


TX: Student shoots and kills burglar/kidnapper; re-captured by accomplices

Source: New York Daily News

“A student at Texas Tech University is accused of shooting dead a campus police officer on Monday night after drugs were found in his room, a school official said. The suspect, 19-year-old Hollis Daniels, escaped after the shooting, sending the school in lockdown as police launched a manhunt in Lubbock, Texas, authorities said. Nearly two hours later, Daniels was tackled by a campus officer and arrested near the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum around 9:30 p.m. Campus police were conducting a student welfare check earlier Monday when they found drugs and drug paraphernalia in the suspect’s room, according to the school’s spokesperson Chris Cook. After Daniels was transported to the Texas Tech University Police headquarters at 413 Flint Ave, he pulled out a gun and shot the officer in the head before fleeing on foot, Cook said.” (10/10/17)


FL: Cops abduct man over parody account that allegedly hurt police department’s “brand”

Source: Gizmodo

“A Florida man has been arrested for running a parody Twitter account impersonating a Miami Beach Police Department spokesperson — a story we’ve already seen play out with two similar cases over the past few years. Although it has never ended well for authorities, police officers arrested 48-year-old Ernesto Orsetti on Wednesday at his Miami Beach home, the Miami New Times reports. MBPD Chief Dan Oates reportedly called Orsetti’s behavior ‘outrageous’ and said he would be ‘held accountable’ for ‘threatening to damage the reputation of our superb Public Information Officer, as well as the Miami Beach Police Department brand.’ … In 2014, a man in Peoria, Illinois was raided by the city’s police after creating a satirical account mocking its mayor. He was awarded $125,000 in damages after an unsuccessful attempt to bring charges against him during a case in which the defense argued a First Amendment right to satirize government officials.” [hat tip — David Klaus] (10/06/17)


GA: Sheriff, deputies indicted after illegal searches of students

Source: Florida Times-Union

“The sound system squawked at 8 a.m., just as the school day was revving up at Worth County High School. The campus was now on lockdown, the announcement said. Neither the teachers nor students at the south Georgia school knew what was going on. For the next four hours, 40 uniformed officers — the entire staff of the Worth County Sheriff’s Office — fanned through the school in Sylvester, ordering students against the walls of classrooms and hallways, demanding the kids hand over their cellphones. All 900 students were searched, part of a drug sweep ordered by Sheriff Jeff Hobby. He did not have a warrant. … By noon, when cells phones were handed back and classes resumed, no drugs had been found. … students came forward charging they had been inappropriately groped and manhandled by deputies. A class-action federal civil suit followed. And now, this week a grand jury indicted Hobby and two deputies for their part in the high school raid. Hobby faces charges of sexual battery, false imprisonment, and violation of oath of office.” (10/06/17)


NYC: On-duty cops “handcuffed 18-year-old girl, took her to deserted spot and raped her”

Source: Independent [Ireland]

“An 18-year-old girl says two NYPD officers raped her after arresting her, according to reports. Two detectives and their supervisor have been stripped of their badges and guns while the NYPD Internal Affairs’ Bureau’s investigation is ongoing, according to the New York Daily News. … According to her attorney, Michael David, she was handcuffed and driven by the police officers to a secluded spot where they forced her to perform sex acts on them. … The officers in question did not deny the sexual acts occurred, but both claimed they were consensual …” (10/02/17)


GA: Officer at DUI stop tells nervous driver “we only kill black people”

Source: New York Post

“A lieutenant from a police department in Georgia is under investigation after a dashcam video obtained by Channel 2 Action News appears to show the officer telling a driver during a DUI stop, ‘Remember, we only kill black people.’ Lt. Greg Abbott of the Cobb County Police Department reportedly asked the driver to grab her cellphone, but she replies that she’s afraid to move her hands because she has ‘just seen way too many videos of cops …’ Abbott responds, ‘But, you’re not black. Remember, we only shoot black people. We only kill black people, right? All the videos you’ve seen, have you seen the black people get killed?'” (08/31/17)


CA: Video of road pirate pointing gun at victim draws mixed reactions

Source: United Press International

“Video of a California police officer pointing a gun at a passenger for nine minutes during a traffic stop has gone viral, leading some to criticize the officer’s tactics. The video, taken in Campbell, Calif., in July, and posted to Facebook by a person who goes by the name of ‘Feo Mas,’ shows the officer with his gun pointed at the passenger, who repeatedly asks the officer to lower the weapon. ‘Why are you still pointing the gun at me, bro?’ the man says. ‘My hands are right here.’ The man’s hands are visible, on his lap or in the air, throughout the video.” (08/07/17)


Making people mad

Source: Kent’s “Hooligan Libertarian” Blog
by Kent McManigal

“People are tired of me harping on cops. I know it. They’ve told me so. It makes them mad. It hurts their feelings. It makes them … uncomfortable. They don’t want to hear it. I understand why. But I’m not sure I want to stop. It’s just too important for liberty to make sure to drive the point home, and to never let up. To never give an inch. Cops are where the boot heel of tyranny meets the human face. Without their active aggression, there would be no such thing as political power. The opinions of the bullies of the State would be nothing but a bit of hot air, quickly lost to the gentlest breeze. Next to cops, presidents are nothing.” (07/25/17)


NV: Las Vegas police officer will be charged in killing of unarmed man

Source: Los Angeles Times

“A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer will be criminally charged in the death of an unarmed black man last month outside the Venetian casino, authorities said Monday. Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Kenneth Lopera was expected to be charged with involuntary manslaughter and oppression under the color of office — each count carrying a maximum sentence of four years in state prison. … 40-year-old Tashii Brown approached Lopera and an unidentified officer at a coffee shop at the Venetian. Brown was described as acting erratically and told officers he was being chased. But then he took off and Lopera ran after him — activating his body camera in the process. What his video captured — as did other surveillance footage — was Lopera, who has said he thought Brown was trying to hijack a vehicle, firing his Taser seven times. He then punched Brown and administered a chokehold once he was lying on his stomach. When Brown was subsequently unresponsive, CPR was administered and he was rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.” (06/05/17)