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What does Donald Trump mean for the police state?

Source: Cop Block
by Trevor Maxwell

"Like the average police personality, Trump is an idiot with a savant talent for shrewd, calculating and manipulative behavior. The feedback between the Idiot-in-Chief and the Idiots-in-Badges is going to have very real consequences on the safety, freedoms and liberties of citizens." (01/24/17)


If cops can't kill mundanes on a whim, what's the point of having police?

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Will Grigg

"To the ears of reasonable people, the expression 'de-policing' would refer to the process of abolishing police departments — not the exercise of restraint by police officers in the use of lethal force by police officers. The latter would be described as 'de-escalation,' an approach that was once taught to, and expected of, officials whose formal designation, after all, is 'peace officers.' De-escalation is incompatible with the militarized mindset of police who have undergone 'Bulletproof Warrior' and 'No More Hesitation' training that indoctrinates them to view the public they supposedly serve as an undifferentiated mass of menace." (01/20/17)


UK: Bristol police shoot Taser at their own race relations adviser

Source: New York Daily News

"A pair of Bristol police officers were caught on video firing a Taser at a man tasked with easing relations between the black community and law enforcement after they mistook him for a wanted criminal. Judah Adunbi, 63, was approached by officers while he was walking his dog near his home in the Easton area, the Guardian reported. Video footage recorded by a neighbor show police asking Adunbi to identify himself, which he refuses to do. Officers repeatedly ask the man his name and explain to him they believe he's a wanted person. 'I've done no wrong,' he tells them in the recording. 'Leave me alone.' When Adunbi tries to get through the gates and into his home, officers can be seen wrestling with him for a moment before stunning him in the face with the Taser. The discharge was enough to knock him to the ground." (01/22/17)


America’s blue wall of terror

Source: The New Republic
by Michael Eric Dyson

"Some of you, my beloved white friends, seem genuinely surprised that most black folk fear the police. You are shocked that we think of them as a brutalizing force. You cringe when we say they are out to do everything but serve and protect us. You think we are manufacturing stories about our bad encounters with police. You think that we must have done something wrong to provoke such remorseless cruelty. When I was seventeen years old, I was with my brother Anthony and a childhood friend, both a year older than me, and we were stopped by four Detroit cops patrolling the neighborhood in an unmarked police vehicle. … One of the officers … announced that our Ford Galaxie appeared to be stolen. That much was true. It had been stolen and returned to us more than a month prior. But the police had retrieved the car without removing it from their list of heisted vehicles. I wanted to quickly, but carefully, prove that the car had been legally returned, that it belonged to our father, and that we had the proper ownership documents for it. … 'Sir, I am reaching into my back pocket to get my wallet that has the car’s registration,' I said." (01/19/17)


MD: Baltimore, US DoJ reach consent decree agreement on police reform

Source: Hartford Courant

"The city of Baltimore and the U.S. Department of Justice on Thursday signed an historic agreement that, if approved in federal court, will mandate a range of costly police reforms in coming years, from how officers stop residents on the street to how they are trained, supervised and disciplined. … The Justice Department began investigating the Baltimore Police Department — with the support of city officials — in 2015, after the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray from injuries suffered in police custody. Gray's death sparked widespread protests that later devolved into rioting, looting and arson." (01/12/17)


The scientific reason cops are highly vulnerable to experiencing hallucinations

Source: Cop Block
by Joshua Scott Hotchkin

"Whether or not police are actually under a real threat does little to remedy the cultural and official narrative of the dangers of policing. Being told that you will constantly be in danger causes you to react as though that were true, and especially when those reactions are tied to instinctual impulses manufactured in police training exercises that essentially teach officers to identify when they are allowed to kill. Under so much pressure to be prepared for self-preservation, hypervigilance becomes a reasonable perceptual model, but as we see, it can also lead to imagining those fears where they do not actually exist." (01/05/17)


What ignoring the problem gets you

Source: A Geek With Guns
by Christopher Burg

"Why hasn't anything been done to reduce the number of people being shot by police? Because the politicians rely on the police to be revenue generators and too many people worship the police as heroes." (01/04/17)


FL: Miami cops fired for saying they use black neighborhoods as a shooting range

Source: The Free Thought Project

"Three rookie police officers were fired just before days Christmas after joking in chat logs about using Miami's black neighborhoods as a shooting range, according to an internal investigation. 'Anyone know of an indoor shooting range in Miami?' one officer asked in a WhatsApp group chat, according to a story first reported by the Miami Herald. 'Go to model city they have moving targets,' replied Kevin Bergnes. 'There's a range in overtown on 1 and 11. Moving targets and they don't charge,' added Miguel Valdes." (12/31/16)


Cop justice NYPD style

Source: Authority!
by Timothy J Taylor

"Consider this recent video showing Sgt. Eliezer Pabon of the New York Police Department shoving a handcuffed defenseless 14-year-old boy with his back to him against and through a plate glass window. It shattered very nearly killing the kid who underwent 4 hours of surgery to remove shards of glass from his lung and near his heart. Apparently, the 89 pound teenager said something to the cop that he didn't like. Sgt. Pabon was found guilty by the department for using excessive force …. Did he have to go to trial? Did he have to go to prison? Well, of course not. His superiors had requested that he be docked 30 days' vacation. The Commissioner instead decided to dock him only five days." (12/28/16)


The LAVA Spurt, episode 27

Source: The LAVA Flow Podcast

"Cops get the court's go-ahead to shoot your dogs. What would happen if you did the same thing? This is the twenty-seventh episode of The LAVA Spurt, The Cops Help All Dogs Go To Heaven Edition." [various formats] (12/22/16)