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Don't trigger Sheriff Snowflake — or he may have you killed

Source: Pro Libertate
by William Norman Grigg

"Sheriff David Clarke of Wisconsin's Milwaukee County is the most fragile of precious snowflakes, and one of the most self-enraptured petty tyrants in recent American history. While settling in for a January 15 flight from Dallas to Milwaukee, Clarke — attired in Dallas Cowboys fan regalia – was asked by fellow passenger Dan Black if he was, indeed, the sheriff. When Clarke grunted in the affirmative, Black shook his head in well-earned disgust and proceeded to his seat. From behind, Black heard the truculent tax-feeder ask if he had a 'problem,' to which the puzzled man shook his head in reply. When Black disembarked at Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport, he was surrounded by a thugscrum of Clarke's deputies, who detained and questioned him regarding his views of their boss. Black remained in custody until he was escorted from the airport. After Black filed a complaint with the county commission, Clarke published the document on his department's Facebook page — supplementing it with a threat to assault any other Mundane who gives him a dirty look." (01/28/17)


What does Donald Trump mean for the police state?

Source: Cop Block
by Trevor Maxwell

"Like the average police personality, Trump is an idiot with a savant talent for shrewd, calculating and manipulative behavior. The feedback between the Idiot-in-Chief and the Idiots-in-Badges is going to have very real consequences on the safety, freedoms and liberties of citizens." (01/24/17)


If cops can't kill mundanes on a whim, what's the point of having police?

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Will Grigg

"To the ears of reasonable people, the expression 'de-policing' would refer to the process of abolishing police departments — not the exercise of restraint by police officers in the use of lethal force by police officers. The latter would be described as 'de-escalation,' an approach that was once taught to, and expected of, officials whose formal designation, after all, is 'peace officers.' De-escalation is incompatible with the militarized mindset of police who have undergone 'Bulletproof Warrior' and 'No More Hesitation' training that indoctrinates them to view the public they supposedly serve as an undifferentiated mass of menace." (01/20/17)


Trump regime condemns America's "dangerous anti-police atmosphere"

Source: Reuters

"The Trump administration condemned what it called the 'anti-police atmosphere' in America and called for more law enforcement and more effective policing in a statement on the White House website after President Donald Trump's inauguration. 'The dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America is wrong. The Trump administration will end it,' said the statement on (www.whitehouse.gov) after it was taken over by the new administration." (01/20/17)


America’s blue wall of terror

Source: The New Republic
by Michael Eric Dyson

"Some of you, my beloved white friends, seem genuinely surprised that most black folk fear the police. You are shocked that we think of them as a brutalizing force. You cringe when we say they are out to do everything but serve and protect us. You think we are manufacturing stories about our bad encounters with police. You think that we must have done something wrong to provoke such remorseless cruelty. When I was seventeen years old, I was with my brother Anthony and a childhood friend, both a year older than me, and we were stopped by four Detroit cops patrolling the neighborhood in an unmarked police vehicle. … One of the officers … announced that our Ford Galaxie appeared to be stolen. That much was true. It had been stolen and returned to us more than a month prior. But the police had retrieved the car without removing it from their list of heisted vehicles. I wanted to quickly, but carefully, prove that the car had been legally returned, that it belonged to our father, and that we had the proper ownership documents for it. … 'Sir, I am reaching into my back pocket to get my wallet that has the car’s registration,' I said." (01/19/17)


Quiz: Policing facts and stats

Source: Cop Block
by Trevor Maxwell

"Do you think you know just how much wrongfulness police perpetrate on the populace? The answers to these questions may surprise even the most ardent student of the police state." (01/18/17)


Survey: Majority of police support reforming marijuana laws

Source: Smell the Truth

"Despite recording a high volume of marijuana-related arrests, new data finds that the majority of the law enforcement community are now in support of marijuana legalization. A Pew Research Center survey published on Wednesday found that only 30 percent of police officers believe that marijuana should remain completely prohibited, while 68 percent agree with some form of legalization. Out of 7,917 law enforcement officers surveyed from 54 police and sheriff’s departments across the U.S., 32 percent say that marijuana should be legal for both recreational and medical purposes. 37 percent say only medical use should be legal." (01/13/17)


When a fugitive dies, "blue privilege" makes all the difference

Source: Pro Libertate
by William Norman Grigg

"Pleasant Grove, Utah resident Ashleigh Holloway Best killed herself in the early hours of May 17, 2016 when she lost control of the stolen 2002 Lincoln Navigator she was driving and plowed it into a tree. The man who was pursuing the thief, Kenneth Lee Drew, was the authorized representative of the vehicle's lawful owner. On January 11, Drew was sentenced to prison because the thief foolishly killed herself. If Drew had been a government-employed law enforcement officer, rather than a private repossession agent, he would likely have received a hazardous duty commendation following Best's admittedly tragic death." (01/15/17)


Too much focus on what police DO and not enough about what policing IS

Source: Cop Block
by Trevor Maxwell

"While most police criticism is focused on cases of individual police abuse, corruption and brutality; the more important discussion is about the agendas, inherent flaws and unintended consequences of the institution of policing as a whole." (01/11/17)


Survey: Two-thirds of cops say marijuana laws should be relaxed

Source: Albuquerque Journal

"A Pew Research Center survey of nearly 8,000 police officers finds that more than two-thirds of them say that marijuana use should be legal for either personal or medical use. The nationally representative survey of law enforcement, one of the largest of its kind, found that 32 percent of police officers said marijuana should be legal for medical and recreational use, while 37 percent said it should be legal for medical use only. Another 30 percent said that marijuana should not be legal at all. Police are more conservative than the general public on the issue." (01/11/17)