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Reagan redux? The federal budget battle shapes up

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“The developing Trump plan is the usual tinkering around the edges, searching for ‘waste, fraud and abuse’ in ‘discretionary spending.’ Baby steps like that will never bring the budget into balance, but they’re still too much for Congress. ‘Discretionary spending’ is politicianese for ‘spending Congress uses to buy votes back home.’ … Some Republicans point out that a balanced budget is impossible without reforming ‘non-discretionary’ spending — Social Security, Medicare and so forth. They’re right. But they’re also making excuses: They won’t cut the spending that it’s easy to cut unless they can also cut the spending that it’s hard to cut, and come hell or high water they’ll find a way to lose the latter fight. We’ve been here before.” (01/23/17)


Trump calls key part of GOP tax plan “too complicated”

Source: Yahoo! News

“How President-elect Donald Trump might actually execute his policy promises is starting to come into focus. And one thing that’s clear is the typical complications lawmakers and citizens alike have come to expect from major pieces of legislation don’t seem likely to be acceptable to Trump. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Trump spoke out against one of the most contentious parts of the House Republican plan to overhaul the US tax code. According to the Journal’s report published Monday night, Trump called the border adjustment element of the House Republican plan ‘too complicated,’ adding that, ‘Anytime I hear border adjustment, I don’t love it. Because usually it means we’re going to get adjusted into a bad deal. That’s what happens.'” (01/17/17)


The GOP is trying to kill you

Source: In These Times
by Kate Aronoff

“The Purge movies revolve around a relatively simple premise: A shady regime—comprised almost entirely of wealthy white men—has come to power in a not-too-distant United States. Their hallmark policy is the titular purge, said to foster low crime rates and widespread prosperity via an annual night of cathartic bloodletting. At least that’s their side of the story. The way the purge actually works is that the wealthy (those who can afford to hire private militias) hunt down the poor for sport. Those in dire poverty, often communities of color, are most vulnerable. The middle classes, which can afford weapons, help pick off the poor or shutter up their apartments, praying that hired guns don’t come knocking down the door. The winners are the regime, and the ranks of the ultra-wealthy from which it emerged. The losers? Everyone else.” [editor’s note: Funny how this scenario has been alleged for decades, on a private island, only with both Ds and Rs allegedly shooting people, not just raping children – SAT] (01/06/17)


Congressional Republicans launch long-promised repeal of ObamaCare

Source: Washington Post

“Congressional Republicans launched their long-promised effort on Wednesday to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, even as they acknowledged that they may need several months to develop a replacement along conservative lines. Signifying how enormous a priority the issue is for the incoming administration, Vice President-elect Mike Pence met privately to discuss it with House and Senate Republicans. He offered no details afterward on what a new health-care law might look like but vowed to unwind the existing one through a mixture of executive actions and legislation. Meanwhile, President Obama made a rare Capitol Hill appearance, meeting behind closed doors with Democrats from both chambers. He urged members of his political party not to help the GOP devise a new health-care law.” (01/04/17)


GOP-style obstruction won’t work for Democrats

Source: USA Today
by Jesse Ferguson

“On Inauguration Day in 2009, top Republican leaders and strategists gathered for a private dinner at the Caucus Room restaurant to discuss how they were going to obstruct and derail Barack Obama’s presidency. It wasn’t a policy dinner about their ideological concerns, Robert Draper wrote in his 2012 book about the GOP-run House. It was a political dinner about obstruction as a tactic. Today, many Democrats (myself included) are asking whether our party leaders need to have a similar dinner on Jan. 20, 2017, to discuss how we can obstruct and oppose every move by the Trump administration.” (01/03/17)


US House Republicans vote to give themselves ethics impunity

Source: Politico

“In one of their first moves of the new Congress, House Republicans have voted to gut their own independent ethics watchdog — a huge blow to cheerleaders of congressional oversight and one that dismantles major reforms adopted after the Jack Abramoff scandal. Monday’s effort was led, in part, by lawmakers who have come under investigation in recent years. Despite a warning from Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), House Republicans adopted a proposal by Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) to put the Office of Congressional Ethics under the jurisdiction of the House Ethics Committee. The office currently has free rein, enabling investigators to pursue allegations and then recommend further action to the House Ethics Committee as they see fit. Now, the office would be under the thumb of lawmakers themselves.” (01/02/17)


The hacking hoax

Source: The Libertarian Enterprise
by L Neil Smith

“Okay, class, let’s get this straight, once and for all. We have been told, mostly by a gaggle of Marxoid Democratic circus clowns, shocked, hysterical, and desperate to generate some excuse for their massive humiliation in the recent election, that their candidate, the ‘smartest woman in the world,’ lost only because, somehow, the evil Russians cybernetically manipulated the electoral system, delivering the victory to the unthinkable, the unspeakable, the deplorable Donald J. Trump. Yeah, right. It’s important for everyone who knows that this is nonsense to speak up, before it congeals into another myth — like Albert Gore winning the popular vote in 2000 (until corruption in California and elsewhere is factored in). Russia did not ‘hack’ the recent election, altering the outcome.” (01/01/17)


Understanding the Russian “hacking” meme

Source: La Bocca della Verita
by Gene Callahan

“The election of Donald Trump as president was a (legal) coup against the military-industrial complex that has dominated the US for decades. The people who have benefited from that dominance are now staging a counter-coup. … After the recount ploy failed, and the electoral college revolt failed, the reigning elite were left with a conspiracy theory: the Russians did it!! (It is hilarious how anyone opposing the idea of this vast Russian conspiracy has been smeared as a ‘conspiracy theorist!’)” (12/31/16)


US House GOP proposes fines for showing taxpayers stuff leadership doesn’t want seen

Source: CNN

“House Republican leaders are proposing new fines as a way to crack down on Members of Congress who violate rules governing floor debate. The move is a response to Democrats’ sit-in in June protesting the refusal of the GOP to schedule votes on gun control measures. That protest halted legislative business and forced GOP leaders to cut short the week’s planned votes. The GOP leadership, which controls the cameras in the chamber, recessed the House and shut down official coverage, but Democrats turned to livestreaming tools like Periscope and Facebook Live to broadcast dozens of members making speeches from the House floor. … The rules package for the 115th Congress … includes a provision imposing a $500 fine for any House member who uses electronic photography or audio recording that broadcasts any proceedings from the House floor in the future.” (12/28/16)


Forget the Russians and Comey: Hillary Lost because she didn’t bring out the Obama coalition

Source: Reason
by Nick Gillespie

“In the immediate aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s suprising loss to Donald Trump, Democrats had all sorts of answers for why the former senator and Secretary of State ultimately tanked in the general election. None of them, naturally, had anything to do with Clinton or the often-baffling choices her campaign made (she visited Chipotle more often than Wisconsin during 2016). Russia ‘hacked’ the election, don’t you know, and ‘fake news’ suckered voters out of pulling the lever for second-most-disliked candidate in the race. Clinton laid a good chunk of the blame on FBI Director James Comey’s late-breaking announcement he was once again investigating questions about her private email server. … Cooler, more fact-based analyses based on preliminary vote counts, exit polls, and voter interviews demonstrate that Clinton abjectly failed to replicate the ‘Obama coalition’ that allowed the current president to be the only two-term president since Ronald Reagan to win a majority of votes in each of his elections.” (12/27/16)