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Mario Vargas Llosa is the perfect poster boy for Spanish unionism

Source: Antiwar.com
by Thomas Harrington

"Among the many unionists to arrive in Barcelona from the other parts of the state on Sunday was the Nobel-Prize winning Peruvian-Spanish novelist, Mario Vargas Llosa, who stood before the crowd and issued yet another iteration of the critique of Basque and Catalan nationalism that he has been monotonously issuing over the past 25 years. The stock script goes something like this. Nationalism is a malign disease that appeals to our most primitive and basic instincts and that is akin, in many ways, to the worst and most oppressive forms of religion. It divides people and leads inexorably to violence. It therefore has no place in modern and developed society like Spain." [editor's note: Well, the "stock script" is certainly true as far as it goes … – TLK] (10/11/17)


Spain: Rajoy threatens to impose dictatorship on Catalonia

Source: SBS [Australian state media]

"Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has taken the first step towards activating article 155 of the Spanish constitution, a so-called nuclear option that would allow him to suspend Catalonia's political autonomy and take over the region. In a televised address Rajoy said he had asked Catalan leaders to confirm if they had declared independence, 'which is a requirement for any measure the government can adopt under Article 155 of the constitution.'" (10/11/17)


Catalonia: Puigdemont seeks independence talks instead of declaring secession

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

"Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont has said his people voted for independence from Spain — but that he wants a negotiated solution with Madrid. He asked the regional parliament in Barcelona to suspend the effect of the vote so talks could begin — rather than breaking away immediately. A vote on 1 October resulted in almost 90% of voters backing independence, Catalan officials say. Madrid said it was illegal and Spain's Constitutional Court suspended it. Anti-independence voters largely boycotted the referendum ballot (which had a reported turnout of 43%) and there were several reports of irregularities. National police were involved in violent scenes as they manhandled voters." (10/10/17)


Catalonia: Hundreds of thousands rally against independence

Source: New York Daily News

"Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators flooded the streets of Barcelona on Sunday to call for Spain's unity and protest the results of a vote endorsing independence for the wealthy Catalonia region. Marchers, including some of the country's most acclaimed artists and writers, waved Spanish and Catalan flags while carrying anti-secessionist banners that said 'Together we are stronger.'" (10/09/17)


Catalonian, Spanish protesters call for talks

Source: Hereford Times [UK]

"Thousands of people have rallied in Madrid and Barcelona in a last-ditch call for Spanish and Catalan leaders to stave off a national crisis amid Catalonia’s imminent threat to secede from the rest of Spain. The demonstrations in the Spanish capital and the Catalan city of Barcelona were held simultaneously under the slogan 'Shall We Talk?' in an effort to push legislators in both cities to end months of silence and start negotiating. The crowd wore white T-shirts and respected the organisers’ call to not bring Spanish or Catalan flags." (10/07/17)


Spain: Court orders suspension of Catalonian parliament in attempt to block declaration of independence

Source: The Guardian [UK]

"Spain’s constitutional court has suspended a Catalan parliament session planned for Monday in an attempt to block an expected declaration of independence by the Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont. Upholding a challenge by Catalonia’s Socialist party, which opposes secession from Spain, the court ruled that allowing the regional parliament to meet and declare independence would violate the rights of the party’s MPs. The court warned that any session carried out in defiance of its ban would be 'null.' It said the parliament’s leaders could face criminal action if they ignore the court order." (10/05/17)


A few thoughts on the Catalan independence referendum

Source: Cato Institute
by Marian L Tupy

"For most Europeans, Spain without Catalonia is as strange of a concept as the United Kingdom without Scotland. But, independence can be a good way to lower tensions between peoples who no longer wish to remain a part of the same political entity and an excellent way to increase inter-jurisdictional competition, thereby allowing for greater institutional experimentation. Prior to the rise of the European nation states in the 16th and 17th centuries, Europe was sub-divided into hundreds of different states and statelets. Germany alone consisted of over 300 different political entities prior to Napoleon’s consolidation of the territories in 1806. These states offered their residents different sets of rights and responsibilities. They competed with one another in terms of policies, including religious tolerance and taxation. In fact, it was this territorial disunity that, scholars argue, enabled Europe to zoom past heavily centralized China to become the world’s leading economy." (10/04/17)


Catalonia: Crisis deepens as independence declaration looms

Source: CNN

"Spain's constitutional crisis deepened Wednesday after the nation's king lashed out at Catalan's secessionist leaders in a TV address and the region's President vowed to declare independence within days. … Both sides appeared set on a collision course after Sunday's banned independence vote went ahead in the face of a violent police crackdown. The Catalan police force, Mossos, told CNN that its highest-ranking officer had been summoned by Spain's high court in Madrid to answer accusations of sedition. Spanish authorities believe Mossos did not do enough to prevent the vote from taking place King Felipe's rare TV speech was unexpectedly hardline — he accused pro-independence leaders of 'unacceptable disloyalty' and made no mention of the nearly 900 people injured in clashes with Spain's national security forces. Instead, the monarch blamed the referendum's organizers for the strife." (10/04/17)


Disobeying Spain: The Catalan referendum for independence

Source: CounterPunch

"Voting can often be a fairly mundane task, a ritual we do as some sort of promise to ourselves and others that we care in the shaping of our society. It is a peculiar sensation based upon a collective understanding that the sum is great than its parts; that while our vote may not matter, voting itself matters. It is a commitment to a process, rather than a politic. On Sunday, all across Catalunya ballot boxes were ripped from people’s hands by masked police and a dangerous violence was unleashed, at random, upon some of the 2,262,424 people who stood in long lines to cast their vote. The repression dealt by the Spanish State to prohibit the Catalan Referendum, in every bloodied baton and ever rubber bullet, transformed the day from a question of independence to a question of democracy. People were voting for the right to vote." (10/03/17)


Secession is sweeping the world, and we should let it

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Jennifer Maffessanti

"A multitude of small nations that have to cooperate with each other to ensure their own success is preferable to a handful of large, self-sufficient nations who have the luxury of isolating themselves from each other. When goods are exchanged, so are ideas. And with ideas comes liberty. Seeking freedom from a government they deem oppressive is a step in the right direction. More nations from which to choose means more jurisdictional competition. Jurisdictional competition is how we got the Renaissance." (10/03/17)