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American detained trying to enter North Korea, while North Korean soldier escapes south

Source: Washington Post

“The Demilitarized Zone separating the two Koreas saw an unusual amount of action Monday, with an American man unsuccessfully attempting to cross into the North and a North Korean soldier successfully defecting to the South. … A 58-year-old man from Louisiana was arrested by South Korean forces Monday morning for crossing the Civilian Control Line, just outside the DMZ, as part of an attempt to get into North Korea ‘for political purposes,’ authorities said. … In a separate incident, a North Korean soldier manning a guard post on the northern side of the Joint Security Area — the area with the blue huts straddling the DMZ, where inter-Korean meetings are sometimes held — defected to the South. He was shot by North Korean soldiers while he was escaping across the line and is now being treated in a hospital, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said.” (11/13/17)


Chinese, South Korean regimes pledge to ease tensions over US missile defense system

Source: Time

“South Korea and China will push to normalize their ties badly strained over the deployment of a contentious U.S. missile defense system in the South, both countries announced Tuesday, with Seoul saying their leaders are set to hold summit talks next week. South Korea allowed the United States to install the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system on its soil this year, triggering angry rhetoric and economic retaliation from China which views THAAD’s powerful radar as a threat to its own security. South Korea and the United States have repeatedly said the system is only aimed at defending against North Korea’s advancing nuclear threats, rather than peering into Chinese territory.” (10/31/17)


US, South Korean and Japanese regime forces carry out anti-missile drill

Source: USA Today

“The United States, South Korea and Japan carried out their fifth joint military drill Tuesday, rehearsing to detect and track any ballistic missile launched from North Korea. The two-day exercise, in waters off South Korea and Japan, mobilized aegis combat system-equipped ships from each countries, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said, according to South Korean news agency Yonhap.” (10/24/17)


Trump and Kim madmen? Not so fast

Source: The American Conservative
by Peter Van Buren

“The seemingly accepted wisdom that President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are paired madmen on the edge of war has little to support it other than projected fears. There will be no war because war on the Korean peninsula benefits no one and is very bad for everyone. North Korea’s weapons, nuclear and conventional, are arguably the most defensive ever fielded. They have not been used offensively since 1953. They exist as a perfect example of how mutually assured destruction works.” (10/16/17)


North Korean hackers believed to have stolen US-South Korean plans to kill Kim Jong Un


Source: CNBC

“North Korean hackers are believed to have stolen a large amount of classified military documents, including a South Korean and U.S. plan to ‘decapitate’ North Korea’s leadership, according to South Korean news agency Yonhap Tuesday who cited a statement by a ruling party lawmaker. The news agency said that Democratic Party Representative Lee Cheol-hee said that the hackers broke into South Korea’s Defense Integrated Data Center (a center responsible for storing digital military data) in September last year to steal the secret files, with Operational Plans 5015 and 3100 mentioned in the article. Operational Plan 5015 relates to ‘the latest Seoul-Washington scheme to handle an all-out war with Pyongyang, which reportedly contains detailed procedures to ‘decapitate’ the North Korean leadership,’ Yonhap said.” (10/10/17)


South Korea: Regime threatens to drop “blackout bombs” on North

Source: news.com.au [Australia]

“South Korea is ready to deploy graphite bombs that can paralyse North Korea’s power grid in the event of a nuclear war. Military sources told the Yonhap news agency that the ‘blackout bomb’ works by spreading chemically treated carbon graphite filaments over electric facilities to short-circuit and disrupt the electricity grid. The weapons have been developed by South Korea’s Agency for Defence Development, as one element of the Kill Chain pre-emptive strike program. … The bomb is often referred to as a ‘soft bomb’ since it only affects targeted electrical power systems. It was first used by America against Iraq in the 1990—1991 Gulf War and again by NATO against Serbia in 1999.” (10/09/17)


South Korea: Dozens injured during protests as nation wrestles with North missile threat

Source: Independent [Ireland]

“Dozens of people have been injured in clashes between South Korean protesters and police as the US military added more launchers to the missile-defence system it installed in a southern town to handle North Korean threats. Seoul has hardened its stance against Pyongyang after its torrent of arms tests, the latest on Sunday being a detonation of what North Korea said was a thermonuclear weapon built for missiles capable of reaching the US mainland. The clashes came as South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe met in Russia’s Far East and repeated their calls for stronger punishment of North Korea over its nuclear ambitions, including denying the country oil supplies. The demand contradicted the stance of their host, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has dismissed sanctions as a solution.” (09/07/17)


Interventionism and the Korean crisis

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“Notice something important about North Korea’s behavior: None of it is aimed at Switzerland, notwithstanding the fact that Korea is about 1,000 miles closer to Switzerland than the United States. Why not? Why is North Korea’s attention devoted toward the United States and not toward Switzerland? The answer lies in interventionism, the immoral and destructive foreign-policy philosophy that undergirds the United States but not Switzerland. Notice that Switzerland has no troops stationed in Korea. The United States does — tens of thousands of troops. Notice that Switzerland does not conduct joint military exercises with the South Korea military. The United States does, on a regular basis. Notice that Switzerland is not committed to regime change in North Korea. The United States is.” (09/05/17)


Replacing Washington’s failed North Korea policy

Source: Cato Institute
by Ted Galen Carpenter

“Throughout the series of crises during the spring and summer, US and allied officials continued to insist that a nuclear-armed North Korea, especially one with a robust delivery system of ballistic missiles, is ‘unacceptable’ and ‘intolerable.’ The Trump administration warns that ‘all options are on the table,’ implicitly including a preemptive US military strike. Yet the actual policy response to date has varied little from the measures implemented over the past quarter century. The strategy consists of gradually tightening economic sanctions, combined with making unrealistic demands and vague threats if Pyongyang does not agree to return to nuclear virginity and abandon its missile program. One thing should be extremely clear by now: that strategy has failed miserably.” (09/04/17)


US fighter jets stage mock bombing drill over Korean Peninsula

Source: CNN

“Two days after North Korea flew a missile over Japan, the United States and South Korea staged their own show of force with state-of-the-art stealth fighters Thursday. Four US F-35B fighter jets joined two US B-1B bombers and four South Korean F-15 fighter jets in the joint US-South Korean flyover of the Korean Peninsula, an official with the South Korean air force told CNN. … They conducted a mock bombing drill, which simulated a surgical strike of key enemy facilities, over the Pilsung Range in the eastern province of Gangwon. In a statement, US Pacific Command said the flyover was a ‘direct response to North Korea’s intermediate range ballistic missile launch.'” (08/31/17)