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Tillerson takes aim at Russia after alleged gas attack by Syrian regime

Source: Reuters

“U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Tuesday the Syrian government may still [sic] be using chemical weapons against its own people following a suspected chlorine attack in a rebel enclave, and he said Russia bore ultimate responsibility. … Russia is a close ally of Assad, providing direct military support in Syria against the various rebel groups trying to oust him and also diplomatic cover in the U.N. Security Council. Tillerson was speaking during a meeting hosted by France on an initiative to target those responsible for chemical attacks, largely in Syria, after an international investigation into who is to blame for chemical weapons attacks in Syria ended in November after Russian opposition.” (01/23/18)


US regime says Turkish invasion of Syria is disruptive (apparently the US invasion of Syria isn’t?)

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

“Turkey’s air and ground offensive against Kurds in northwestern Syria has distracted from international efforts to finish off the Islamic State group and has disrupted humanitarian relief work, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Tuesday. Mattis raised the matter in an exchange with reporters after unrelated meetings in the Indonesia capital with senior government officials. He made clear that while the U.S. sympathizes with Turkey’s concerns about border security, Washington wants the Turks to minimize their military action inside Syria.” (01/23/18)


Syria: Regime accused in alleged chlorine gas attack

Source: New York Post

“Rescue workers in a Syrian rebel-held enclave near Damascus accused government forces of launching an attack with chlorine gas Monday that affected at least 13 people, according to reports. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, quoting local medical and other sources, said ‘gases’ released during a dawn rocket attack caused ‘cases of suffocation,’ Reuters reported.” [editor’s note: The evidence in the last two allegations doesn’t seem to have held up under scrutiny, so grain of salt recommended – TLK] (01/22/18)


Syria: Turkish forces commence invasion after days of airstrikes

Source: CNN

“Turkey launched a ground operation across the border into northern Syria on Sunday, in a move likely to raise tensions with the United States. Turkish officials said the troops entered the Afrin area a day after Turkish jets pounded targets there in an attempt to drive US-allied Kurdish militia from the area. ‘Operation Olive Branch is ongoing as planned and the ground operation has started,’ the Turkish armed forces said in a statement. The land operation comes hours after Turkish jets targeted US-backed, Syrian-Kurdish YPG militia in the area, killing at least eight people and injuring 13, according to the Syrian Democratic Forces General Command.” (01/21/18)


Syria: Turkey begins offensive against US-backed Kurdish forces

Source: The Hill

“Turkey’s military says it has begun attacking Kurdish-held positions in Syria’s Afrin region, including reportedly firing on positions held by a group that the U.S. has backed in the past. Reuters reports that the Turkish military fired on positions held by three Kurdish-majority groups including the YPG, a militia of Syrian Kurdish fighters that had been allied with coalition forces in the battle against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Turkey views the group as an extension of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which is considered by both Turkey and the U.S. to be a terrorist group. … A Turkish military leader told NATO leaders in Brussels this week that Turkey would not allow coalition forces to continue arming the YPG, according to Reuters.” (01/20/18)


Tillerson vows Trump regime will continue lawless Syria invasion/occupation

Source: Yahoo! News

“Secretary of State Rex Tillerson urged patience in waiting out Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, saying there’s no place for him in the war-torn country’s future while vowing that the U.S. military will remain to counter Islamic State, al-Qaeda and Iran. In remarks prepared for a policy speech Wednesday on the Syrian war, Tillerson called for closer cooperation with Russia to avoid conflict in ‘de-escalation zones.’ He also offered financial aid and diplomatic assistance to help rebuild areas shattered by almost seven years of civil war and said Assad’s eventual departure is inevitable.” (01/18/18)


Russian, Turkish regimes condemn US regime’s plans for escalation of Syria invasion

Source: Washington Post

“Russia, Turkey and the Syrian government on Monday denounced the U.S.-led coalition plans to form a Kurdish-led border force to secure the areas along Syria’s international border to the north with Turkey and to the east, with Iraq. The coalition told The Associated Press Monday that 230 new cadets have already been recruited to the force, which is anticipated to reach 30,000 troops in the next several years. According to the coalition, the core of the force is to be made up of fighters from the existing Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, the coalition’s main ally in the fight against Islamic State militants. The SDF currently controls nearly 25 percent of Syrian territory in the north and east.” (01/15/18)


Syria: Regime accuses Israelis of targeting Damascus military outposts with missiles

Source: Belfast Telegraph [Ireland]

“Syria’s military has accused Israel of launching missiles at its outposts near Damascus in a wave of three pre-dawn attacks, and claimed the Syrian air force hit one of the Israeli jets and shot down several missiles. The army said the Syrian air defence confronted the attacks on military outposts in the area of Qutayfeh in the Damascus countryside. Several missiles were launched from Lebanese air space at 2.40am, followed by two ground-to-ground missiles at 3.04am launched from the occupied Golan Heights, and four missiles at 4.14am, launched from the Tiberias area, or the Sea of Galilee, in northern Israel, the Syrian statement said. The Syrian army said the attacks caused material damage. The Israeli military declined to comment on the matter.” (01/09/18)


Syria: Explosion and air strikes in rebel-held Idlib “kill 40”

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“At least 40 people have reportedly been killed in an explosion and a series of air strikes across the rebel-held north Syrian province of Idlib. The blast, on Sunday night outside the headquarters of the Islamist rebel faction Ajnad al-Qawqaz in the city of Idlib, left 25 people dead. The cause was not clear but many believed a car bomb was responsible. Activists say another 15 people were killed in Syrian government and Russian air strikes elsewhere on Sunday.” (01/08/18)


Syria: US invaders threaten regime’s Russian guests, fire “warning flares”

Source: The Hill

“U.S. fighter jets intercepted two Russian fighter jets on Thursday over Syria, according to multiple reports, signaling an escalation between Washington and Moscow over the war-torn nation. Two U.S. F-22 jets reportedly fired warning flares after two Russian fighter jets flew east of the Euphrates River, which has been designated as a deconfliction line. The move is the latest in a series of incidents in which U.S. fighters have flown close to Russian warplanes over Syria. Russian and U.S. military officials agreed last month to fly on opposite sides of a 45-mile portion of the Euphrates River in an effort to prevent collisions in the busy airspace.” [editor’s note: Since US forces have no business in Syria and are there in violation of US law, Syrian law, and international law, they should get the f–k out. Easy peasy, self-made problem solved – TLK] (12/14/17)