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Security theater: Heimatsicherheitsdienst says Pennsylvania police shootings were “terror attack”

Source: CNN

“The Department of Homeland Security is calling a series of shootings targeting law enforcement in Pennsylvania a ‘terror attack.’ Authorities said Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty, 51, was shot and killed by police Friday in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, after he fired several times at law enforcement officers throughout the city. The string of shootings began just steps from the state’s Capitol building when El-Mofty fired several times at a Capitol Police officer and then, shot and injured at a state trooper. Later, he used two handguns to open fire at several officers who then returned fire and killed him, according to a statement from the Dauphin County district attorney’s office.” [editor’s note: “Terrorism” consists of attacks on civilian non-combatants to create a climate of terror that lends itself to achieving a political objective. Police are the opposite of civilians and the opposite of non-combatants. So whatever else this may have been, it wasn’t a “terror attack” – TLK] (12/24/17)


Pakistan: Suicide bombers attack church, killing nine

Source: Chicago Tribune

“Two suicide bombers struck a church in Pakistani on Sunday, killing nine people and wounding more than 50 others, authorities said, in the first attack on a church claimed by the country’s Islamic State group affiliate. Hundreds of worshippers were attending services ahead of Christmas when the bombers appeared in the city of Quetta and clashed with security forces. One assailant was killed at the church entrance. The other made it inside, said Sarfaraz Bugti, home minister for the southwestern Baluchistan province. … The Islamic State group later claimed responsibility for the attack on their Aamaq news agency, saying two ‘plungers’ from their group had stormed the church, without providing further details.” (12/17/17)


Russia: Kremlin says US tip-off helped halt terrorist attack

Source: Reuters

“Russian President Vladimir Putin telephoned U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday to thank him for a tip-off that helped prevent a terrorist bomb attack on a cathedral in the Russia city of St Petersburg, the Kremlin said. Information provided by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) allowed Russian law-enforcement agencies to arrest the would-be attackers before they could carry out their plan, the Kremlin said in a statement posted on its Internet site. A senior Trump administration official confirmed Trump and Putin had spoken on Sunday. However, there was no immediate confirmation from U.S. authorities that they had shared the intelligence with Russian officials.” (12/17/17)


The ever-expanding war on terror

Source: Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland

“In an effort to further tighten the screws on North Korea in what is likely to be another failed U.S. attempt to convince North Korea to give up its nuclear program, President Trump put that country back on its list of countries sponsoring terrorism. North Korea will join Iran, Sudan and Syria on the list. In response, North Korea has conducted another ballistic missile test. Originally, some justification existed for putting North Korea on this list in 1988. In 1987, according to a North Korean agent, Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un’s father and predecessor as North Korean leader, directed that a bomb be placed on a South Korean passenger jet, which resulted in the deaths of 115 civilians. Although for years after that incident, North Korea remained a quirky, despotic country trying to get nuclear weapons, it did not commit any acts that objectively could be called terrorism, if that term is used to describe deliberate attacks on civilians to attempt to scare them into pressuring their government for changes in policy.” (12/11/17)


The collapse of the Islamic State and the rise of the “fail-bomber”

Source: The Intercept
by Murtaza Hussain

“Several years after it first launched its insurgency in Iraq and Syria — an uprising that the group’s leadership attempted to internationalize through acts of global terrorism — the Islamic State has seen its territorial holdings and leadership structure decimated by a military campaign led by an unlikely alliance of U.S.- and Iranian-backed forces. In the short term, however, the net result of destroying the Islamic State as an actual organization may be an increase in so-called fail-bombers — lone individuals of questionable competence. … By all accounts, these do-it-yourself terrorists do not seem capable of carrying out complex attacks like those that shut down Paris and Brussels.” (12/11/17)


NY: Cuomo wants Internet companies to spy on users for him

Source: New York Daily News

“In the wake of Monday’s terror attack in Manhattan, Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo questioned whether internet companies should do more to stop would-be attackers. Cuomo, in a series of cable news appearances, noted that the suspect in the botched bombing, Akayed Ullah, likely downloaded bomb-making information from the web and the governor said internet service providers may need to start sounding the alarm when people frequent such sites. Internet service providers already have ‘machine learning tools’ that allows them to track usage and target advertising, Cuomo said.” (12/11/17)


Nigeria: At least 50 killed in mosque bombing

Source: Chicago Tribune

“A teenage suicide bomber detonated as worshippers gathered for morning prayers at a mosque in northeastern Nigeria, killing at least 50 people, police said Tuesday, in one of the region’s deadliest attacks in years. Police spokesman Othman Abubakar told The Associated Press they were ‘still trying to ascertain the number of injured because they are in various hospitals.’ While there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the bombing in Mubi town in Adamawa state, suspicion immediately fell on the Boko Haram extremist group.” (11/21/17)


Trump says US will designate North Korea as just like the US


Source: CNBC

“President Donald Trump on Monday said the U.S. is designating North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. The designation ‘should have happened a long time ago,’ the president said in remarks made at the start of a Cabinet meeting, citing the regime’s nuclear weapons program, acts of international terrorism, and the death of 22-year-old student Otto Warmbier. The designation will impose further sanctions and penalties on the regime. Trump said that the Treasury Department would be announcing an additional sanction on North Korea tomorrow.” (11/20/17)


Afghanistan: Islamic State forces attack Kabul TV station

Source: Washington Post

“The extremist Islamic State group carried out an attack on Tuesday against one of Afghanistan’s most popular Pashto-language TV stations located in the heart of the capital Kabul, leaving at least two dead. A suicide bomber detonated himself at the station gates killing one security guard while one of the three assailants slipped into the compound and killed a female employee. At least 20 others were injured in the attack. The militants, who wore police uniforms, battled for three hours with security forces, filling the city with the sound of gunfire and explosions and forcing the station to halt its broadcast.” (11/07/17)


NY attack: Saipov charged with terror offenses

Source: CNN

“The suspect in New York’s deadliest terror attack since 9/11 has been charged with federal terrorism offenses in connection with Tuesday’s attack in Manhattan in which eight people were killed, the acting US Attorney for the Southern District of New York said Wednesday. Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, a 29-year-old Uzbekistan native who was living in New Jersey, is charged with providing material support to ISIS and violence and destruction of motor vehicles, Joon H. Kim told reporters. Saipov appeared in federal court in a wheelchair and didn’t enter a plea, a source at the US Attorney’s Office told CNN.” (11/01/17)