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UK: Desperate to remain PM, May plays "blame the Russians for everything" card

Source: Sky News [UK]

"Theresa May has launched a powerful attack on Russian President Vladimir Putin's foreign policies during a speech in the City of London. The Prime Minister pledged the UK will continue to play a leading diplomatic role after Brexit, suggesting a post EU divorce trade deal would support Europe's commitment to open economies and free societies in the face of Russian threats to the international order. … Mrs May accused Russia of 'seeking to weaponise information' as she criticised Moscow's meddling in elections and hacking of Denmark's defence ministry and the German parliament." (11/14/17)


UK: 40 Conservative MPs sign letter of no confidence in May

Source: Yomiuri Shumbun [Japan]

"Forty British members of Parliament from Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party have agreed to sign a letter of no-confidence in her, The Sunday Times newspaper reported. That is eight short of the number needed to trigger a party leadership contest, the mechanism through which May could be forced from office and replaced by another Conservative. May has been struggling to maintain her authority over her party since a snap election on June 8, which she called thinking she would win by a wide margin but instead resulted in her losing her parliamentary majority. … In the event of a leadership contest, if a challenger defeated May he or she would take over as Conservative leader and as prime minister." (11/13/17)


UK: May to crack down as sex harassment allegations grow

Source: The Guardian [UK]

"Theresa May has insisted that she is determined to take tough action to protect Westminster staff against sexual harassment as MPs in both major parties predicted more sleaze allegations would emerge in the coming days. The prime minister wrote to the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, calling on him establish an independent mediation service for staff wanting to raise concerns about MPs’ behaviour and to enforce a grievance procedure which is currently voluntary." (10/30/17)


Brexit: May, Juncker aides in Twitter spat over dinner leaks

Source: Reuters

"The European Commission said on Monday it was the victim of a smear intended to disrupt Brexit negotiations after a newspaper report that its president Jean-Claude Juncker disparaged Theresa May’s 'despondent' demeanor over a dinner last week. It was the second time in six months that a correspondent for Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, who is respected for his access to Juncker’s entourage, has published an account of the EU chief executive’s reactions after a dinner meeting with the British prime minister on Britain’s EU withdrawal. Sunday’s story, which painted an unflattering picture of a British leader worn down by party in-fighting and 'pleading' for help from the EU, sparked a Twitter spat between aides past and present to May and Juncker." (10/23/17)


UK: Queen "furious at being misled by Theresa May over DUP deal"

Source: Independent

"Buckingham Palace was infuriated with Theresa May after she misled the Queen about the progress of negotiations as she sought to form a government, it has been reported. Tensions are said to have arisen between senior courtiers and Downing Street after the Prime Minister said she had secured the support of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), only for it to take another 17 days before a deal was finalised. … A Conservative adviser, however, said Ms May did not intentionally misled the Queen, because her chief whip, Gavin Williamson, 'thought he had assurances he didn’t have' from the DUP." (10/01/17)


UK: May seeks to unite divided cabinet before big Brexit speech

Source: Washington Post

"Prime Minister Theresa May tried to unite her fractious Cabinet behind her plan to reboot faltering Brexit negotiations Thursday, as senior European Union officials suggested British hopes of moving the divorce talks on to a new phase next month might be dashed. May gathered ministers to reveal details of a speech she will deliver in Florence, Italy on Friday. The British leader has chosen one of the historic hearts of Europe as the location for an address that the government says will stress Britain’s desire for a close and special relationship with the bloc after Brexit. EU leaders want more than warm words — they want details." (09/21/17)


UK: May leaves door open for allowing infant to be treated abroad instead of murdering him

Source: Fox News

"Prime Minister Theresa May left the door open for the terminally ill infant Charlie Gard to receive treatment outside the United Kingdom, as hospitals in the U.S. and the Vatican offered to take him. May told the House of Commons Wednesday that she understands that the 11-month-old’s parents are in an 'unimaginable situation' and are trying to do what’s right for their child, but that in cases like this doctors are forced to make 'heartbreaking decisions.' … Gard is suffering from a rare genetic condition that has damaged his brain and left him unable to breathe without assistance. His parents have said they want to take him to the U.S. for an experimental medical treatment … However, a succession of judges backed specialists at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London who've said the therapy won’t help Charlie and may cause him to suffer." [editor's note: The "heartbreaking decision" of whether or not to "allow" the parents to seek treatment elsewhere is not those doctors' decision to make – TLK] (07/06/17)


UK: May's Tories seal governing deal with DUP

Source: Bloomberg

"Prime Minister Theresa May kept her grip on power by reaching a deal with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, which will support her minority government in key votes in the U.K. Parliament. Broadcasters aired footage of Conservative Chief Whip Gavin Williamson and the DUP’s Jeffrey Donaldson, the party’s longest-serving member of the Westminster Parliament, signing the accord and shaking hands. … The so-called confidence and supply agreement caps 17 days of discussions after the Conservatives unexpectedly lost their parliamentary majority in this month’s snap election. With May relying on the DUP’s 10 lawmakers to win votes in the House of Commons, talks have centered on extra money for Northern Ireland and plans for the U.K.’s exit from the European Union." (06/26/17)


UK: Beleaguered May rips up Tory manifesto, unveils bare-bones Queen's Speech

Source: Daily Mail [UK]

"Theresa May vowed 'humility' today as she unveiled a bare-bones Queen's Speech with a laser focus on delivering Brexit. The Prime Minister is bidding to shore up her troubled government with a two-year legislative programme that sweeps away much of the Tory manifesto. Plans notable by their absence include scrapping the winter fuel allowance and the triple lock on state pensions, ditching free school dinners, expanding grammar schools and a vote on repealing the foxhunting ban. Instead, eight of the 27 laws announced by the monarch are dedicated to pushing through the process of cutting ties with Brussels and ending free movement rules. A pared back domestic agenda will see tougher counter-terrorism measures, consumer reforms and major infrastructure projects brought to the fore." (06/21/17)


A softer Brexit may be May's best hope — for now

Source: Cato Institute
by Ryan Bourne

"It is unclear whether the Prime Minister’s position is tenable in anything other than the short-term. But the disastrous election result last week has thrown the previous clarity on the government’s approach to Brexit into disarray. Everyone now has a view on 'what the result means' for our EU exit negotiations, and no two people can be heard to agree. The question on everyone’s lips appears to be this: does the result suggest the public wants a 'softer Brexit,' which would see the UK remain in the Single Market?" (06/13/17)