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Trump regime abandons bid to bar transgender military recruits

Source: Newsweek

“The Trump administration has abandoned its bid to prevent openly transgender people from serving in the U.S. military, the Pentagon announced late Friday night. In July, the Trump administration attempted to delay an Obama-era Department of Defense ruling allowing openly transgender Americans to enlist in the military from January 1. … the policy has met with several federal court challenges — with two federal appeals courts upholding rulings that the Trump administration could not enforce the ban. In a statement to Reuters, the Department of Justice said it would not fight the January 1 deadline and was not challenging the court rulings, but that the Trump administration may consider other means of blocking transgender people enlisting.” (12/30/17)


Judge denies Trump request to delay transgender military enlistment

Source: The Hill

“The Trump administration must accept transgender recruits into the military by Jan. 1, a federal judge ruled Monday. The decision prevents a ban on enlisting new transgender troops that the administration had sought to implement after an earlier injunction against the president’s order. ‘The court will not stay its preliminary injunction pending defendants’ appeal,’ Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia wrote Monday. … The lawsuit was brought by the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) and GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) on behalf of six unnamed service members and two recruits.” (12/11/17)


US DoJ reverses transgender workplace protections

Source: CBS News

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions has reversed an Obama-era policy explicitly defining transgender workers as protected under employment discrimination laws, CBS News’ Paula Reid reports. The Wednesday policy reversal of what qualifies as employment discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act comes down to an idealogical [sic] disagreement over whether ‘sex’ is decided by a person’s birth certificate, or whether sexual discrimination includes broader gender identity. Title VII prohibits any employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin. Former Attorney General Eric Holder in 2014 interpreted ‘sex’ discrimination to apply to discrimination based on gender identity, while Sessions'[s] DOJ interprets that it only applies to discrimination between men and women.” (10/05/17)


Report: White House sets guidelines for Trump’s military transgender ban

Source: CBS News

“The Trump administration is set to send expanded guidance to the Pentagon in the coming days on how to implement its new ban on transgender people serving in the military, according to the Wall Street Journal. The new directives would allow for Defense Secretary James Mattis to consider a service member’s ability to deploy in deciding whether to remove them from the military or not. The Journal, citing U.S. officials familiar with a White House memo, says the document also directs the Pentagon to deny admittance to transgender individuals and to stop spending on medical treatment regimens for those currently serving.” (08/24/17)


TX: Big Oil weighs in against law letting bureaucrats feel up people who want to pee

Source: Los Angeles Times

“In a significant blow to Texas cultural conservatives, some of the nation’s most powerful oil and gas companies on Monday joined the chorus of business voices opposing Republican lawmakers’ contentious ‘bathroom bill’ targeting transgender people. Leaders of more than 50 Houston-based businesses, including BP America, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell and Halliburton, signed a letter to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott urging him not to sign a so-called bathroom bill that would harm their ability to attract and retain talent from around the world. … The state’s staunchly conservative Senate passed controversial legislation, Senate Bill 3, last week. It would restrict access to bathrooms, showers and changing facilities in government buildings and public schools based on the sex listed on a person’s birth certificate.” (07/31/17)


Trump, transgender personnel, and the US military

Source: Niskanen Center
by Matthew Fay

“Donald Trump decided to start yesterday morning by dropping a bombshell on Twitter. According to some reports, military officials worried an actual bombshell was being dropped due to a lag in the president’s multi-tweet announcement. Instead, Trump merely announced that he was banning transgender personnel from serving in the U.S. military. The details of the new policy are unclear though. There does not seem to have been policy process beforehand, nor implementation guidelines released afterwards. The New York Times reports Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who is currently on vacation, was informed of the decision a day before, and that he was ‘appalled’ the decision was announced via Twitter. However, whatever Mattis’ feelings on the subject, early reports suggested the Pentagon’s press office had not been properly informed. It is also unclear what prompted Trump’s decision.” (07/27/17)


The transgender double bind works to Trump’s advantage

by Thomas L Knapp

“Message one: Gender identity is a social convention and there’s no inherent problem with any gender identity. That is (for example — there are lots of possible permutations), a person who was born with the biological/anatomical characteristics of a ‘male,’ but who identifies and presents publicly as a ‘female,’ is not defective, broken, sick, etc. The person just happens to be outside the middle, ‘normal’ range of the bell curve representing gender identity. No biggie unless you’re some kind of bigot. Message two: ‘Gender dysphoria’ — a self-perceived disconnect between biological/anatomical characteristics and gender identity — is a medical condition for which treatment (including but not limited to psychological counseling, hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery) is appropriate. Message two gives Donald Trump, as well as military leaders who, for whatever reason, don’t want transgender people in the ranks of the armed forces, an out. If it is a medical condition, it is a PRE-EXISTING medical condition. And the armed forces have always rejected people with pre-existing medical conditions that might represent either a handicap for the recruit in accomplishing the mission or an extra expense or problem for the military in addressing. You’re not going to get into the military with cancer or hepatitis or paraplegia.” (07/27/17)


Trump announces new social engineering policy to appease delicate snowflake DoD bureaucrats

Source: USA Today

“President Trump said Wednesday that the U.S. military will not accept transgender troops into its ranks or allow them to serve in any capacity, reversing a policy that began under the Obama administration. In a series of morning tweets, Trump said that, after consulting ‘with my generals and military experts,’ the U.S. government ‘will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military.’ … The tweets appeared to take the Pentagon by surprise. It issued a statement saying only that it would work with the White House ‘to address the new guidance’ provided by the president.” (07/26/17)


TX: Senate still has nothing better to do than grandstand over who gets to use which bathroom

Source: The Hill

“The Republican-dominated Texas Senate on Tuesday gave its initial go-ahead on a ‘bathroom’ bill that would limit bathroom access for transgender people, according to reports. Senate Bill 3, which could be fully adopted Wednesday, is a controversial measure that would make it so ‘only by persons of the same sex as stated on a person’s birth certificate’ can use restrooms, changing rooms, and shower at schools as well as other public places.” (07/25/17)


The common “logic” of compulsory education, homophobia, and transphobia

Source: Center for a Stateless Society
by Vishal Wilde

“Anyone arguing against compulsory education will inevitably encounter (a variant of) this objection: ‘but a child cannot possibly know what is good for them and what they need to function well in society, we need some basic standards that everyone can conform to.’ This contention — that children and youth do not know ‘what is good for them’ and that these crucial choices should be made for them — shares common, purportedly logical grounds with transphobic and homophobic social attitudes. Such logic has been used to oppress LGBT peoples and is also employed when enforcing and imposing compulsory education.” (06/05/17)