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CA: Trump regime supporters, foes clash at rally

Source: United Press International

"Four people were arrested after pro-Trump supporters and counter-protesters sparred at a Make America Great Again rally in Huntington Beach, Calif. Elsewhere, rallies across the nation Saturday were generally peaceful with only a few arrests. … three men were arrested on suspicion of illegal use of a Taser, and one woman was arrested on suspicion of assault and battery. The Los Angeles Times reported a counter-protester allegedly attacked a female organizer, Jennifer Sterling, with pepper spray. Flag-waving Trump supporters then tackled, punched and kicked the offender, who was wearing a black mask. The man jumped over a fence and ran along Pacific Coast Highway. He was detained by California Highway Patrol officers." (03/26/17)


Inconsistencies in Trump's national security policies

Source: Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland

"The recent North Korean missile tests raise questions about contradictions in President Donald Trump's national security policies. During his campaign Trump implied that the United States should fight fewer wars overseas and demanded that U.S. dependents, Japan and South Korea, do more for their own defense, perhaps even getting nuclear weapons. Yet a recent article written by David Sanger, a national security reporter for the New York Times, noted that Trump had tweeted that North Korean acquisition of a long-range missile 'won't happen' and that his administration was considering preemptive military strikes on North Korea's nuclear and missile programs or reintroducing U.S. tactical (short-range) nuclear missiles into South Korea, which were removed twenty-five years ago. So which is it — demanding U.S. allies do more or ramping up America's efforts to make them even more reliant on American power? And this is not the only Trump policy contradiction." (03/24/17)


Trump's police state escalation exacerbates Obama's strangulation of US farm sector

Source: Cedar Rapids Gazette

"[Arnulfo] Solorio is one of a growing number of agricultural businessmen who say they face an urgent shortage of workers. The flow of labor began drying up when President Barack Obama tightened the border. Now President Donald Trump is promising to deport more people, raid more companies and build a wall on the southern border. … Farmers are being forced to make difficult choices about whether to abandon some of the state's hallmark fruits and vegetables, move operations abroad, import workers under a special visa or replace them altogether with machines. … raises and new perks have not tempted native-born Americans to leave their day jobs for the fields. Nine in 10 agriculture workers in California are still foreign born, and more than half are here illegally [sic], according to a federal survey." [editor's note: But oh, how the immigration authoritarians will whine about prices going up … – TLK] (03/23/17)


Trump signs bill authorizing NASA funding, Mars exploration

Source: Denver Post

"President Donald Trump signed a bill into law Tuesday that updates NASA's mission to add exploration of Mars and authorizes $19.5 billion in spending for the U.S. space agency for the current budget year. It's the first time in seven years that there has been an authorization bill for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, also known as NASA, said Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, a chief sponsor of the bill." (03/21/17)


Comey confirms Russia inquiry, rejects Trump wiretap claims

Source: Bloomberg

"FBI Director James Comey confirmed the bureau is probing potential ties between President Donald Trump's associates and Russia during the 2016 campaign and said there's no evidence to support the president's allegation that his predecessor 'wiretapped' Trump Tower last year. 'I have no information that supports those tweets and we have looked carefully inside the FBI,' Comey told the House Intelligence Committee during a hearing Monday that lasted more than five hours. … Comey cautioned he wouldn't be able to discuss many details of what remains a classified probe and said that his refusal to answer a question shouldn't be taken as a tacit confirmation. 'Please don't draw any conclusions from the fact that I may not be able to comment on certain topics,' he said, adding it 'really isn't fair to draw conclusions.' Nonetheless, Trump tweeted during the hearing: 'FBI Director Comey refuses to deny he briefed President Obama on calls made by Michael Flynn to Russia.'" (03/20/17)


Trump's budgetary blueprint retains America's welfare state

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Richard M Ebeling

"[A] cursory or a detailed look at President Trump's budgetary proposals reveals that he plans to leave the 'entitlement programs' — Social Security, Medicare and related spending — untouched while merely reallocating the approximately 30 percent of the federal budget's 'discretionary' expenditures from one set of activities to another. Neither the total amount of government spending nor the likely budget deficit is threatened with meaningful reduction." (03/20/17)


Trump regime to appeal travel ban rulings "soon"

Source: CNN

"White House press secretary Sean Spicer confirmed Thursday that the Trump administration plans to appeal rulings from two federal judges that have temporarily blocked the revised travel ban. 'The danger is real and the law is clear,' Spicer said. A ruling by a federal judge in Hawaii Wednesday resulted in a temporary restraining order nationwide, hours before it was set to go into effect. In a decision published Thursday morning, another federal judge in Maryland specifically blocked the 90-day ban on immigration for citizens of six Muslim-majority countries." (03/16/17)


Why is Donald Trump lunching with a Saudi war criminal while Yemenis are starving?

Source: Antiwar.com
by Medea Benjamin

"While President Trump sat down for a sumptuous meal at the White House on Tuesday, March 14 with Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, millions of Yemenis are going hungry thanks to Trump's lunch guest. Prince Salman is only 31 years old, but as the king's favorite son, he was put in charge of the nation's two most critical sectors: the economy and the military. A brash defense minister, the young prince made the disastrous decision to interfere in an internal conflict in neighboring Yemen." (03/16/17)


Judge: Trump travel ban can't be enforced on Syrian family

Source: CBS News

"A federal judge on Friday blocked President Trump's administration from enforcing his new travel ban against a Syrian family looking to escape their war-torn homeland by fleeing to Wisconsin. … A Syrian Muslim man who was granted asylum and settled in Wisconsin has been working since last year to win U.S. government approval for his wife and 3-year-old daughter to leave the devastated city of Aleppo and join him here. … The Syrian man filed a new complaint on Friday afternoon, alleging the new order is still an anti-Muslim ban that violates his freedom of religion and right to due process. He asked Conley to block its enforcement against his family. [US District] Judge Conley granted that request, saying there were daily threats to the Syrian man's wife and child that could cause 'irreparable harm.' He issued a temporary restraining order barring enforcement against the family." (03/11/17)


Trump plan "pays for" immigration police state boost with cuts to Coast Guard, TSA

Source: Politico

"The Trump administration wants to gut the Coast Guard and make deep cuts in airport and rail security to help pay for its crackdown on illegal immigration [sic], according to internal budget documents reviewed by POLITICO — a move that lawmakers and security experts say defies logic if the White House is serious about defending against terrorism and keeping out undocumented foreigners. The Office of Management and Budget is seeking a 14 percent cut to the Coast Guard's $9.1 billion budget, the draft documents show, even as it proposes major increases to other Department of Homeland Security agencies to hire more border agents and immigration officers and construct a physical barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border. … the administration would slice the budget of the Coast Guard and cut 11 percent in spending from the TSA — reductions that critics say would weaken safeguards against threats arriving by sea or air." [editor's note: Very wise cuts on their own; too bad he wants to use them to "pay for" other stuff that's at least as evil – TLK] (03/07/17)