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Wray’s timeline on Porter security clearance contradicts White House

Source: CBS News

“FBI Director Christopher Wray testified at Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Tuesday that the FBI followed protocol and procedures with its background investigation for the security clearance of former White House staff secretary Rob Porter. His timeline of events, however, does not match the timing that has been put forth by members of the Trump administration. … The White House said it was originally informed of the Porter allegations by the FBI in November, though Wray said the investigation was completed in July. Porter was still working under an interim security clearance while the FBI conducted its background investigation and reported its findings to the White House.” (02/13/18)


Trump regime to propose $1.5 trillion “infrastructure” boondoggle

Source: The Hill

“The White House on Monday will propose its long-awaited $1.5 trillion infrastructure package aimed at overhauling U.S. public works. The plan is structured around four goals: to generate $1.5 trillion for an infrastructure proposal, streamline the permitting process down to two years, invest in rural infrastructure projects and advance workforce training. … The Trump administration confirmed a $200 billion direct federal investment for the package, which will be included in the White House’s Monday spending blueprint for fiscal 2019. Half of the federal seed money would go toward an incentive program to match financing from state and local governments, while a quarter of the appropriations would be used for rural projects in the form of block grants to states so governors may decide where to invest.” (02/11/18)


Is Trump preparing for war with North Korea?

Source: The Atlantic
by Peter Beinart

“The more closely you read Donald Trump’s comments about North Korea in his State of the Union address, the more plausible it becomes that he is preparing for war. First, there’s the sheer emphasis he placed on the subject. In his speech, Trump devoted a mere sentence to Russia and China. He devoted 23 words to Israel, 34 to Afghanistan, and 48 to Iran. Even the war against ISIS, which Trump cites as the main foreign-policy achievement of his first year in office, garnered only 302 words. North Korea received 475. Second, there are the things Trump didn’t say. The Olympics begin in South Korea in 10 days, and the South Korean government hopes participation by athletes from the North will ease hostility on the Peninsula. But Trump didn’t mention the games. In fact, he didn’t mention diplomacy at all. Even more strikingly, he didn’t mention either sanctions or China.” (01/31/18)


Protectionism: Trump’s tariff-ic attack on your wallet

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“On January 22, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer fired the first shots of the Trump administration’s 2018 trade agenda: Tariffs of 30% on imported solar panels, and tariffs starting at 20% on imported residential washing machines. In the name of ‘protecting’ jobs — ‘America First!’ — the administration is dead-set on making you poorer.” (01/28/18)


Trump regime intentionally makes electricity, laundry more expensive for Americans

Source: CNN Money

“The Trump administration is imposing tariffs on imported solar panels and washing machines. The announcement marks President Trump’s first major trade action of 2018 and follows his campaign promise to get tough on America’s trading partners. A tariff, or tax, of 30% will be applied to imported solar panels, most of which come from China. Tariffs will begin at 20% on large residential washing machines, according to the announcement Monday from U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. ‘The President’s action makes clear again that the Trump Administration will always defend American workers, farmers, ranchers, and businesses in this regard,’ Lighthizer said in a statement.” [editor’s note: I guess that’s true, if by “defend” Lighthizer means “bend over and screw without lube” – TLK] (01/22/18)


SCOTUS to rule on Trump Muslim ban

Source: Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

“The Supreme Court agreed Friday to decide the legality of the latest version of President Donald Trump’s ban on travel to the United States by residents of six majority-Muslim countries. The issue pits an administration that considers the restrictions necessary for Americans’ security against challengers who claim it is illegally aimed at Muslims and stems from Trump’s campaign call for a ‘complete shutdown of Muslims’ entering the U.S. The justices plan to hear argument in April and issue a final ruling by late June on a Trump policy that has been repeatedly blocked and struck down in the lower courts.” (01/20/18)


Trump regime to appeal court’s DACA ruling

Source: The Hill

“The Department of Justice is appealing a federal district court judge’s decision to block the Trump administration from ending the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The department said it filed a notice of its appeal to the 9th Circuit Court and intends later this week to ask the Supreme Court to rule on the merits of the case so the issue can be ‘resolved quickly and fairly for all the parties involved.’ The Trump administration filed its appeal a week after a federal district court judge in San Francisco said the Obama-era program must remain in place and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) must continue to accept renewal applications from immigrants currently in the program.” (01/16/18)


Trump waives Iran sanctions for what regime says is last time

Source: The Hill

President Trump will again waive sanctions against Iran that were lifted as part of the landmark 2015 nuclear deal, the White House said Friday. But the Trump administration is imposing new, nonnuclear sanctions in response to Iran’s ballistic missile activity and its crackdown on anti-government protestors. Trump also warned that this will be the last such waiver, calling for a follow-on deal with Europeans and a legislative fix from Congress.” (01/12/18)


Trump clears path for states to require employment for Medicaid

Source: Bloomberg

“The Trump Administration moved Thursday to allow states to impose work requirements on their Medicaid programs for the first time, the latest alteration of the nation’s health-care system through administrative action after Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare failed last year. The change will allow states to craft programs that would require Medicaid recipients to prove they are working, training for a job, or volunteering in their communities, according to guidance issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Critics say the rules could mean more Americans are left without health insurance. But administration officials argue that the work requirements will strengthen the program and improve health outcomes by encouraging Americans to train for and seek out jobs.” (01/11/18)


America’s relationship with Europe: Collateral damage if Trump kills the Iran deal

Source: The American Conservative
by Trita Parsi

“What was once only whispered is now clearly said: Europe is readying itself for a post-American world, even after the end of the Donald Trump era. And in a surprising twist, the fate of the U.S.-European Union axis may come down to what Trump decides to do with the Iran nuclear deal later this month. Many drew a sigh of relief back in December as the congressional deadline to impose new sanctions on Iran passed. The nuclear deal had survived another challenge, they thought. But the celebrations were premature. Trump can kill the deal this week by simply doing nothing. We’ve seen this movie before — but this time America’s relationship with Europe is at the center of the drama.” (01/10/18)