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So to Speak: The Free Speech Podcast, 01/26/17

Source: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

"On today's episode of So to Speak: The Free Speech Podcast, we are joined by journalist Mahir Zeynalov. Zeynalov writes for The Huffington Post and Al Arabiya, and was deported from Turkey in 2014 for criticism of the government. He faces arrest if he ever returns. During the show, we speak with Zeynalov about the mind-boggling number of journalists, academics, and civil servants purged from Turkish civil society, what the international community can do to help, and the confusing populist support that [president Recep Tayyip] Erdogan has within Turkey." [Flash audio or MP3] (01/26/17)


Reports: Istanbul nightclub attacker who killed 39 captured

Source: Yahoo! News

"A gunman suspected of killing 39 people during a New Year's attack on an Istanbul nightclub has been caught in a police operation, Turkish media reports said early Tuesday. The suspect was captured in a special operations police raid on a house in Istanbul's Esenyurt district, private NTV television reported. The broadcaster said he had been staying in the house belonging to a friend from Kyrgyzstan. The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the nightclub massacre, saying the attack in the first hours of Jan. 1 was in reprisal for Turkish military operations in northern Syria. The man identified as the suspect had been on the run since the attack." (01/16/17)


Erdogan vows to keep Turkish troops in Cyprus as talks stall

Source: Bloomberg

"Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to keep troops in Cyprus as future security arrangements turned into the biggest obstacle to a deal on reunifying the Mediterranean island after more than four decades. Talks on a landmark accord will resume next week after top officials from Cyprus, Greece and Turkey failed to reach an agreement in Geneva. Hurdles also remain over property rights and a rotating presidency for a proposed federal state. Negotiations on Jan. 18 will be at a technical level to seek proposals to resolve the differences and comments from Turkey and Greece suggest there's plenty of work to do." (01/12/17)


Could Turkey swing over to the Russian camp?

Source: Voltaire Network
by Thierry Meyssan

"Even though, historically, Russia has a weighty past with Turkey, and even though it has not forgotten the personal role played by current President Erdogan, to its detriment, during the the first Chechen war, it can not fail to be interested by the possibility of Ankara leaving NATO. On the other hand, the deep US state, which continues to pursue its imperial ambitions despite the election of Donald Trump, is ready to do whatever it takes to keep Turkey in the Atlantic Alliance." (01/10/17)


Turkey: Parliament debates giving greater powers to Erdogan

Source: Killeen Daily Herald

"Turkey's Parliament on Monday kicked off debate on proposed constitutional amendments that would hand Recep Tayyip Erdogan's largely ceremonial presidency sweeping executive powers and Erdogan himself the possibility to serve two more five-year terms. Erdogan, who has dominated Turkish politics for 14 years, has long pushed imbuing the presidency with greater political powers, arguing that strong leadership would help Turkey grow." (01/09/17)


Turkey: Regime says it may shut off US access to Incirlik air base

Source: United Press International

"Turkish officials said they are considering shutting down an air base being used by NATO allies in a bombing campaign against the Islamic State over a disagreement about a lack of allied support for Turkey's own military campaign in the Middle East. Turkish Foreign Minister Melvut Cavusoglu said Wednesday that Turkey has the right to shut off international access to Incirlik Air Base, the launching spot for U.S.-led air strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. He called the situation a 'confidence crisis' between the two nations. Turkey has been running its own bombing campaign against Kurdish fighters that it considers terrorists. The United States, however, has supported the Kurdish fighters as allies in the larger fight against the Islamic State." (01/05/17)


Turkey: Regime extends emergency rule to continue crackdown on opposition

Source: Reuters

"Turkey's parliament voted overnight to extend emergency rule by three months in a move which the government said was needed to sustain a purge of supporters of the U.S.-based Muslim cleric accused of orchestrating July's failed coup, state media said. Emergency rule, first imposed in Turkey after an attempted putsch on July 15 and then extended in October, enables the government to bypass parliament in enacting new laws and to limit or suspend rights and freedoms when deemed necessary." (01/04/17)


Turkey: 39 killed in Istanbul nightclub attack

Source: Yahoo! News

"Thirty-nine people, including many foreigners, were killed Sunday when a gunman went on a rampage at an exclusive nightclub in Istanbul where revellers were celebrating the New Year. As police launched a dragnet for the assailant, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the carnage sought to sow chaos and undermine peace, but Turkey would never bow to the threat. The attack on the waterside Reina nightclub began when 2017 in Turkey was just 75 minutes old, after a year of unprecedented bloodshed that saw hundreds die in strikes blamed on Kurdish militants and jihadists." (01/01/17)


Syria: Truce brokered as Russian, Turkish regimes grab initiative from US regime

Source: Bloomberg

"Russia and Turkey announced they've brokered a cease-fire agreement in Syria that they hope will pave the way to a peace settlement ending the nation's civil war, seizing the initiative from the U.S. after years of failed diplomacy. … The deal sidelines the U.S., which had led peace efforts [sic] without success for years, most recently when a similar cease-fire negotiated with Russia collapsed after only a week in September. Russia said the U.S. may join the accord once Donald Trump takes office as president in January. Russia stepped up its diplomatic campaign after its forces helped Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to defeat rebel fighters in the country's largest city, Aleppo, this month in a turning point in the war." (12/29/16)


Russian, Turkish regimes accuse US regime of supporting "terrorist" groups vs. Syrian regime

Source: Al Jazeera

"Turkey and Russia have separately accused the United States of backing what they call 'terrorist groups' in Syria, on the same day they agreed to push for talks in Kazakhstan next month over the conflict. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that he had evidence that US-led coalition forces give support to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) and Kurdish groups, namely the People's Protection Units (YPG) and the Democratic Union Party (PYD). … The US state department dismissed Erdogan's claims as 'ludicrous.'" (12/28/16)