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Trump regime prosecutors consider vexatious/malicious prosecution of WikiLeaks heroes

Source: Washington Post

"Federal prosecutors are weighing whether to bring criminal charges against members of the WikiLeaks organization, taking a second look at a 2010 leak of diplomatic cables and military documents and investigating whether the group bears criminal responsibility for the more recent revelation of sensitive CIA cyber-tools, according to people familiar with the case. The Justice Department under President Barack Obama had decided not to charge WikiLeaks for revealing some of the government’s most sensitive secrets — concluding that doing so would be akin to prosecuting a news organization for publishing classified information. Justice Department leadership under President Trump, though, has indicated to prosecutors that it is open to taking another look at the case, which the Obama administration did not formally close." (04/20/17)


The problem with how Jeff Sessions talks about crime

Source: The Nation
by Collier Meyerson

"Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that consent decrees — formal agreements between municipalities and the Department of Justice (DoJ) to improve local policing, often put in place in response to discriminatory practices — can 'reduce the morale of police departments.' He wasn’t just paying lip service to police officers; earlier in the month, Sessions ordered a review of all consent decrees across the United States. … 'Every place these decrees, and as you’ve mentioned some of these investigations have gone forward, we’ve seen too often big crime increases,' Sessions continued …. The Nation asked the Justice Department what evidence Sessions has connecting spikes in crime to cities under consent decree. A spokesperson for the agency declined to comment. This isn’t the first time Sessions has connected scrutinizing law enforcement to an increase in crime. During his confirmation hearings in February, Sessions falsely connected criticisms of police forces to high rates of crime in urban centers." (04/20/17)


Sessions to Baltimore cops: Go back to murdering people while I review your plans to cut that out

Source: Time

"Baltimore's mayor and police chief worked closely with Justice Department investigators to scrutinize the city's police force and embraced a plan they crafted to overhaul the troubled department. So they were surprised by the Justice Department's sudden request Monday for more time to see how the proposed changes might conflict with the aggressive crime-fighting approach new Attorney General Jeff Sessions favors. Democratic Mayor Catherine Pugh and Police Commissioner Kevin Davis believed the proposed agreement would repair public trust in the police while also quelling violence. They swiftly voiced their opposition to the requested delay, and pledged to press ahead with the business of transforming the police department, with or without a court-enforceable consent decree." (04/04/17)


US DoJ drops Playpen child porn case so that it can continue to hide its methods

Source: ZDNet

"Justice Dept. lawyers are asking a federal court to drop a case against a dark web child porn site because it says it cannot reveal how it used a browser exploit to target thousands of unsuspecting visitors to the site. A court filing posted late on Friday in Washington state said that because the government is 'unwilling to disclose' how it carried out the hacks, it has 'no choice but to seek dismissal' of the case. 'The government must now choose between disclosure of classified information and dismissal of its indictment. Disclosure is not currently an option,' said the filing." [editor's note: The DoJ claims to work for "us," which means that under their own theory that information is "ours." The judge should start levying financial sanctions on everyone at DoJ involved in the Playpen fiasco until they have either paid back the taxpayers for its costs or decide to stop hiding stuff from their supposed bosses – TLK] (03/06/17)


MD: Baltimore, US DoJ reach consent decree agreement on police reform

Source: Hartford Courant

"The city of Baltimore and the U.S. Department of Justice on Thursday signed an historic agreement that, if approved in federal court, will mandate a range of costly police reforms in coming years, from how officers stop residents on the street to how they are trained, supervised and disciplined. … The Justice Department began investigating the Baltimore Police Department — with the support of city officials — in 2015, after the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray from injuries suffered in police custody. Gray's death sparked widespread protests that later devolved into rioting, looting and arson." (01/12/17)


US DoJ to investigate itself over Servergate probe

Source: CNN

"The Justice Department's internal watchdog announced Thursday it has launched a probe into the department and the FBI's handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server. The announcement, which was expected, comes after criticism of the Justice Department's handling of the investigation, particularly on how the public was notified about the controversy, which was a major issue on the 2016 campaign trail." [editor's note: Wait before you cheer, Clinton fans. Investigating the investigation implies revisiting that investigation. Your gal skated once, but there's a new sheriff on the way … – TLK] (01/12/17)


Alabama Republican congresscritter plays "war on whites" card

Source: The Hill

"Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) said accusations of racism against Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), Donald Trump's attorney general nominee, stem from Democrats' ongoing 'war on whites.' 'It's really about political power and racial division and what I refer to, on occasion, as the 'war on whites," he said on WBHP 800 Alabama radio …. Brooks was answering a question about criticism of Sessions's record on civil rights, which is under fresh scrutiny while he undergoes Senate confirmation hearings." (01/11/17)


FBI exposed for letting child predators walk free just to keep its hacking tool secret

Source: The Free Thought Project

"The Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Department of Justice would rather let hardened pedophiles go free than to turn over information related to their methods of gathering evidence against such suspects. In some cases, the FBI has reportedly run porn sites in order to gather information on child porn seekers. And in other instances, the FBI has infected suspects' computers with malware, all in an effort to gather the evidence necessary for a conviction. Labeled 'The Playpen,' the FBI's kiddie porn sting operation on Friday saw the latest suspect to walk free." (01/07/17)


Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse to pay off consumers, US bureaucrats

Source: Seattle Times

"Nine years after the collapse of the U.S. housing market sent shockwaves through the global economy, two European banks have agreed to offer American homeowners and borrowers billions of dollars' worth of help under a settlement related to the sale of risky securities that helped spark the 2008 crisis. Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse said Friday they agreed to the tentative settlements with the U.S. Justice Department over their dealings in mortgage-backed bonds. Deutsche Bank, Germany's biggest, agreed to pay $7.2 billion — $3.1 billion in fines and $4.1 billion in consumer relief. That relief could include easier terms on loan repayments terms for homeowners and borrowers. Neither Deutsche nor Credit Suisse, which agreed to a similar settlement under which it would pay $5.3 billion, including $2.8 billion in consumer relief, provided details on what the consumer compensation would entail." (12/23/16)


Forensic science is a mess, and the Justice Department wants to keep it that way

Source: Reason
by CJ Ciaramella

"A White House council has declared junk science all too common in the criminal justice system, but the Department of Justice is refusing to implement recommendations that would increase safeguards against scientifically invalid testimony and require greater disclosure of misconduct and shoddy work. In September the President's Council of Advisers on Science and Technology (PCAST) released a report finding 'a dismaying frequency of instances of use of forensic evidence' — such as analyses of hair, bite marks, and shoe prints — 'that do not pass an objective test of scientific validity.' This is not just a theoretical problem. Last year, the FBI admitted that nearly every one of the experts at its microscopic hair analysis lab had given scientifically invalid testimony. The breaches affected almost 270 cases. Of those, 32 defendants were sentenced to death, and 14 were executed or died in prison." (for publication 01/17)