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Iran: Revolutionary Guard Corps commander reminds Trump that sanctions can run in both directions

Source: Siasat Daily [India]

"Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has warned the United States against blacklisting their force, saying that Tehran would treat US troops like Daesh terrorists. Chief Commander of the IRGC Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari's warning came after the White House said on Friday that US President Donald Trump is expected to announce new measures against Iran, including the prospect of additional targeted sanctions, support for terrorism, cyber operations and the designation of the IRGC as a 'terrorist organization.' 'If America’s new law for sanctions is enforced, this country will have to move its regional bases outside the 2,000 km radius of the Iranian missiles' range,' Press TV quoted Jafari as saying." (10/08/17)


What did Washington achieve in its six-year war on Syria?

Source: Campaign For Liberty
by Ron Paul

"After six years of war the Syrian government has nearly defeated ISIS and al-Qaeda and the US-backed 'moderates' turned out to be either Islamist extremists or Kurdish soldiers for hire. According to a recent report, the US has shipped two billion dollars worth of weapons to fighters in Syria via eastern Europe. Much of these weapons ended up in the hands of ISIS directly, or indirectly through 'moderates' taking their weapons with them while joining ISIS or al-Qaeda." (10/02/17)


US regime suspends all visas for Cubans, withdraws most staff from embassy in Havana

Source: Miami Herald

"Cuban Americans seeking to have their relatives join them from the island will not be able to do so — at least for the time being — as a result of a significant withdrawal of staff from the U.S. Embassy in Havana announced on Friday. It is not known how long the suspension of the visa reunification program will last. The suspension is the result of the withdrawal of more than half of the American staff from its the embassy in Havana following mysterious sonic attacks that have caused several health problems to about 20 diplomats, officials in Washington announced Friday. Additionally, Washington will issue a new alert warning Americans not to travel to the island due to the attacks." (09/29/17)


The dangerous misunderstanding at the core of the North Korea debate

Source: The Atlantic
by Peter Beinart

"When he unveiled a new national security strategy in 1955, Dwight Eisenhower similarly insisted that, '[t]he United States and its allies must reject the concept of preventive war.' In explaining John F. Kennedy’s refusal to launch a preventive attack during the Cuban missile crisis, Robert Kennedy explained: 'My brother is not going to be the Tojo of the 1960s.' … Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy would likely be appalled to find that in 2017, an American president seems to consider preventive war preferable to deterrence. And linguistic subterfuge helps make that possible. George W. Bush helped initiate the rhetorical deceit. In calling his attack on Iraq 'preemptive,' he laundered a term for wars launched in response to imminent attack, and thus considered legitimate under international law. Tragically, his lie has stuck. During the Obama administration, the [New York] Times used the term to describe a potential Israeli strike on Tehran. Now the paper uses it to describe a potential American attack on Pyongyang. In so doing, it normalizes something Americans once rightly considered barbaric." (09/26/17)


North Korea is the most predictable regime on Earth. The real threat is the erratic US government.

Source: The Intercept
by Peter Maass

"For an excruciatingly long stretch of time, the North Korean regime has been saying the same thing (sometimes crazy-sounding) and acting the same way (sometimes firing missiles or detonating nuclear devices) and generally doing a bang-up job of going to the brink but never over it. North Korea has had just three leaders in its entire existence: Kim Il-sung, then his son, Kim Jong-il, then his son, Kim Jong-un. It’s crucial to understand that rather than being a wild card, North Korea is perhaps the most predictable regime in the world; they are not the X-factor in today’s unnerving game. … the dynamics have changed, and it’s not due to the Dennis Rodman-loving Kim Jong-un or the nuclear weapons he is fond of detonating (as was his father, who created North Korea’s nuclear program and oversaw its first detonations — the family’s consistency is as crushing as its brutality). We now have Donald Trump and cable news, playing the 24/7 jester on his West Wing wall." (09/26/17)


Syria: Russian Ministry of Defense claims US special ops forces and hardware spotted at Islamic State positions

Source: Russia Today [Russian state media]

"The Russian Ministry of Defense has released aerial images which they say show US Army special forces equipment north of the town of Deir er-Zor, where ISIS militants are deployed. US Army special units provide free passage for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) through the battle formations of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists, the ministry said in a statement. … The images released by the Russian Defense Ministry encourage speculation that the US and SDF forces have some sort of 'understanding' with IS terrorists operating in the region, according to Ammar Waqqaf, the director of the Gnosos think tank." [editor's note: Yes, it's Russian state media. No, it doesn't seem noticeably less reliable than the US stenography outfits pretending to be a free press – TLK] (09/25/17)


North Korea: Regime notices that Trump declared war, says it can take countermeasures

Source: US News & World Report

"North Korea's foreign minister said on Monday that U.S. President Donald Trump had declared war on North Korea and that Pyongyang reserves the right to take countermeasures, including shooting down U.S. strategic bombers even if they are not in the country's air space. 'The whole world should clearly remember it was the U.S. who first declared war on our country,' Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho told reporters in New York." (09/25/17)


Iran: Regime conducts new ballistic missile test despite [sic] Trump pressure

Source: The Hill

"Iran announced Saturday that the country has conducted a successful test of a new ballistic missile design despite [sic] pressure from the Trump administration to stop, and vowed to continue its weapons development. The new missile design has a range of 1,200 miles, according to a Reuters report. State broadcaster IRIB quoted an Iranian commander who stated that the country would not seek 'permission' for future weapons tests." [editor's note: There's no "despite" about it. Any "sovereign nation" will generally not just reject, but flagrantly act in contradiction to, demands from a perceived enemy. "Pressure from the Trump administration" of this type, be it versus Iran, North Korea, or any other state, will almost inevitably get exactly the opposite of the allegedly desired result – TLK] (09/23/17)


Russia: Regime threatens retaliatory strikes against US troops and their allies in Syria

Source: Washington Post

"Russia on Thursday raised the threat of a direct confrontation with U.S. forces in Syria, saying that the Russian military would target areas occupied by American units and U.S.-backed militia if Moscow’s troops come under fire. The warning came amid rising tensions in the Syrian desert between the United States and its Kurdish and Arab allies on the one hand, and Russia, the Syrian regime and Iranian-backed militias on the other as both converge on Islamic State-held territory in eastern Syria. Russian military spokesman Maj. General Igor Konashenkov said the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, or SDF, had twice in recent days shelled Syrian government positions outside Deir el-Zour, a strategic city in the region." (09/21/17)


Conservatives should want to preserve the Iran nuclear deal

Source: Cato Institute
by John Glaser

"Following the Obama administration’s signing of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which significantly rolled back Iran’s nuclear program and imposed rigorous limitations on it for the foreseeable future, Congress passed legislation requiring the president to certify every 90 days that Iran is complying with its obligations under the agreement. President Trump has done this twice so far. But he has given strong indications that he will refuse to do it a third time. With the next 90-day deadline approaching on October 15, the survival of the Iran deal hangs in the balance. The problem with Trump’s stated intention to refuse to certify Iranian compliance is that Iran is, in fact, fully complying." (09/15/17)