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CIA torture report: Where's our next heroic whistleblower?

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

"What do the CIA, the US Senate, and the White House have to hide? My guess is quite a bit. Should they be allowed to hide those things from the taxpayers who pay the bills and whose lives are put at risk by the criminal acts of the US intelligence community? Absolutely not. Will they get away with hiding it? Not forever. The days of governments being able to permanently bury secrets are over, thanks to heroes like Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and the folks at WikiLeaks." (06/03/17)


Flynn refuses Senate subpoena, invokes Fifth Amendment

Source: USA Today

"Embattled former national security adviser Michael Flynn is asserting his right against self-incrimination in declining to provide a Senate committee documents related to its investigation into possible collusion between associates of President Trump's campaign and the Russian government. Flynn relayed his decision to invoke the Fifth Amendment to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Monday, according to a person familiar with the matter who was not authorized to comment publicly. Earlier this month, the panel had issued the formal request for data and communications involving the former Army lieutenant general and Russian officials as part of the committee's ongoing investigation." (05/22/17)


US Senate intel panel subpoenas Flynn for Russia-related documents

Source: Fox News

"The Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenaed former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Wednesday for papers related to the panel's investigation into alleged meddling by Russia in the 2016 election. Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina, the Republican chairman, and Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, the committee of Democratic vice chairman, said the panel had first requested the papers from Flynn on late on April 28. Burr and Warner said in a joint statement Flynn 'declined, through counsel, to cooperate with the Committee’s request.' … Flynn attorney Robert Kelner declined to comment on the newly issued subpoena to the Associated Press. Flynn had previously been in talks with the committee about agreeing to be interviewed as long as he was granted immunity." (05/11/17)


US Senate confirms Trump's chief trade negotiator

Source: The Hill

"The Senate on Thursday easily confirmed President Trump’s nominee for United States trade representative. After months of delays, Robert Lighthizer sailed through in an 82-14 confirmation vote. The bulk of the Trump administration’s trade agenda has been in a holding pattern, leaving issues such as the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the direction of future global deals up in the air while Lightizer waited for Senate approval." (05/11/17)


US Senate confirms Wilson as Air Force secretary

Source: Politico

"The Senate confirmed Heather Wilson to be Air Force secretary Monday, making her only the second of President Donald Trump's nominees to be approved for a Pentagon post. The vote was 76-22. Only Democrats opposed Wilson, a former Republican congresswoman from New Mexico. Her confirmation was a rare victory for the Trump administration in its long slog to fill senior vacancies at the Pentagon." (05/08/17)


Trump regime makes show of "briefings" to prep Congress for North Korea military misadventure

Source: Politico

"Senators were alarmed by a Trump administration presentation Wednesday at the White House complex about the dangers of North Korea, though lawmakers in both parties said it was unclear what the president’s next action against the combative nation will be. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary James Mattis, who led the session, did not divulge whether the United States is considering military options against North Korea after recent weapons tests and military activities were conducted by the regime of Kim Jong Un. … The administration briefed House members afterward at the Capitol." (04/26/17)


Entire US Senate to visit White House for North Korea "briefing"

Source: United Press International

"The entire U.S. Senate will visit the White House on Wednesday to receive a classified briefing on North Korea — a rare move that signals the Trump administration's growing focus on the potential threat from socialist nation. All 100 lawmakers in the upper chamber are set to attend the meeting, along with select other officials involved in the government's decision-making process, such as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary James Mattis." [editor's note: Well, that sounds rather ominous … – TLK] (04/24/17)


US Senate confirms Sonny Perdue as agriculture secretary

Source: ABC News

"The Senate on Monday confirmed former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue to be agriculture secretary in President Donald Trump's administration as the farming industry looks to Washington for help amid a downturn in the market. Perdue won confirmation on a strong bipartisan vote of 87-11, as several Democrats backed a Trump nominee after razor-thin outcomes for his choices earlier this year. Perdue's cousin, Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., voted 'present' but presided over the vote and announced the final tally." (04/24/17)


Calling Hatch home

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

"Back in 2012, U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch pledged that, if elected, his current six-year term would be his last. On Election Day 2018, Hatch will be 84 years old — and have spent more than half his life in Washington. Still, Utah’s senior senator just announced he intends to run for re-election for an eighth term. Why? Our newly-elected president, Hatch told a Salt Lake City TV station, 'is all over me to run again.' And so is the leadership in the Republican Senate — and even in the House. Or so he says. But what about the people of Utah?" (04/13/17)


US Senate goes "nuclear" to advance Gorsuch confirmation

Source: The Hill

"The Senate voted Thursday to move forward with Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court nomination after Republicans took a historic step that lowers the vote threshold for high court nominees to a simple majority. Senators voted 55-45 to end debate on Gorsuch's nomination, setting up a final confirmation vote for Friday. Thanks to a procedural move that changed Senate rules earlier Thursday, a simple majority was needed to move forward. Democrats had successfully blocked Gorsuch's nomination from getting 60 votes earlier, prompting Republicans to employ the 'nuclear option,' which effectively ends filibusters [sic] for all Supreme Court nominees." [editor's note: Not achieving cloture is not a "filibuster." A filibuster consists of dragging out debate with lengthy speeches, etc. – TLK] (04/06/17)