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Venezuela: Two killed in latest round of anti-regime protests

Source: Artesia Daily Press

“Chaos erupted in western Venezuela during another round of protests against the socialist government, with buildings set afire, tear gas swirling around protesters and at least two people killed. A grisly video purporting to show the final moments of one man left dead in the turmoil capped Monday’s unrest as a morning of initially peaceful demonstrations turned violent outside Caracas, with two deaths reported at separate demonstrations in Tachira, a mountainous state bordering Colombia. … The violence added to a mounting toll of bloodshed as Venezuela’s opposition vows to step up near-daily demonstrations and Maduro shows no intention of conceding to opposition demands. More than three dozen people have been killed, including a national guardsman and a police officer, hundreds injured and as many as 2,000 detained in nearly seven weeks of protests.” (05/16/17)


Venezuela: Opposition boycotts meeting on Maduro assembly as street clashes rage

Source: Reuters

“Venezuela’s opposition boycotted a meeting on Monday to discuss President Nicolas Maduro’s plan for a new popular assembly, preferring to protest in the streets where they were again blocked by security forces firing tear gas. In familiar scenes from five weeks of unrest, youths with gas masks and makeshift shields faced off with police and National Guard troops in Caracas, after hundreds of demonstrators were stopped from reaching government offices. In Venezuela’s second city Maracaibo, a crowd of about 300 protesters shouting ‘Maduro Out!’ and ‘No to Dictatorship!’ was dispersed with multiple volleys of tear gas. Decrying Maduro as an autocrat who has wrecked the OPEC nation’s economy, Venezuela’s opposition is demanding elections to resolve Venezuela’s grave political crisis.” (05/08/17)


Venezuela: Maduro invokes constituent assembly measure

Source: Yahoo! News

“Venezuela’s socialist President Nicolas Maduro announced on Monday the creation of a new popular assembly with the ability to re-write the constitution, which foes decried as a power-grab to stifle weeks of anti-government unrest. ‘I don’t want a civil war,’ Maduro told a May Day rally of supporters in downtown Caracas while elsewhere across the city security forces fired tear gas at youths hurling stones and petrol bombs after opposition marches were blocked. Maduro, 54, has triggered an article of the constitution that creates a super-body known as a ‘constituent assembly.’ It can dissolve public powers and call general elections, echoing a previous assembly created by his predecessor Hugo Chavez in 1999 soon after he won office in the South American OPEC nation.” (05/02/17)


Fate of Venezuela hinges on unity of opposition

Source: Independent Institute
by Alvaro Vargas Llosa

“If the monolithic unity that Maduro’s regime has by and large maintained until now continues, we will see even more horrific violence. The man is hell-bent on remaining in power. However, it is by no means guaranteed that he will maintain that unity. There have been sporadic symptoms of dissent among Chavistas. One of them came from the attorney general, Luis Ortega, who chastised the Supreme Court for staging a coup against the National Assembly. One major factor in all of this will be the unity of the opposition itself.” (04/27/17)


Venezuela ablaze

Source: CounterPunch
by Robert Hunziker

“Questions come to mind when news about Venezuela depicts a nation under siege. For certain, the mainstream press in America is not on the President Nicolas Maduro bandwagon. From coast-to-coast, American media claims Maduro is a horrible despicable dictatorial creepy monster that flogs his own people and stifles democracy, same as all tyrants throughout history. But, is that really the truth?” (04/27/17)


Venezuela: Death toll rises as unrest enters fourth week

Source: Reuters

“At least one person was killed in political unrest in Venezuela on Monday as anti-government protests entered a fourth week with mass ‘sit-ins’ to press demands for early elections. A local government worker was shot dead in the Andean state of Merida at a counter-protest rally in favor of the socialist government, while another man there was wounded by a bullet and left fighting “between life and death”, state ombudsman Tarek Saab said. The confirmed death would bring to 11 the number killed in a month of unrest that has seen politically-motivated shootings and daily clashes between security forces armed with rubber bullets and tear gas and protesters wielding rocks and Molotov cocktails. At least 10 people have also died during night-time looting.” (04/24/17)


Venezuela: Regime claims mobile phone service Movistar sent mass messages calling for protests

Source: US News & World Report

“Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Thursday he had ordered an investigation of mobile phone operator Movistar, a unit of Spain’s Telefonica SA, for allegedly sending mass messages calling for protests against his leftist government. The country is undergoing a wave of anti-government unrest, with the opposition holding what it called the ‘mother of all marches’ on Wednesday. The government said those taking to the streets were ‘terrorists’ who were plotting to oust the president in a coup. Maduro said in a televised address on Thursday evening that Movistar received money from the opposition to send out information about the march.” (04/20/17)


Venezuela: Tens of thousands march against Maduro; two killed

Source: Los Angeles Times

“Tens of thousands of Venezuelans used a national holiday to demonstrate yet again against the government of embattled President Nicolas Maduro, and at least two people died as the government used heavily armed forces and tear gas to control the vast crowds. Marching on a day marking the beginning of Venezuela’s independence movement from Spain in 1810, protesters dressed mainly in white clogged freeways and main thoroughfares across metropolitan Caracas, the capital. Many held placards reading ‘Maduro out,’ ‘Down with dictatorship,’ and ‘Liberty.’ One of the fatalities was identified in social media as a 19-year-old Carlos Jose Moreno Baron, as having been killed by a gunshot to the head fired by informal motorcycle-riding militias who support Maduro known as ‘colectivos.’ … Later in the day, Paola Andreina Ramirez Gomez, 23, also was reported killed by gunshot in the San Carlos Plaza area of San Cristobal, capital of the western state of Tachira. It was not immediately clear who fired the shot.” (04/19/17)


Venezuela and our stupid obsession with US “leadership”

Source: The American Conservative
by Daniel Larison

“Another unwelcome side-effect of believing that the U.S. has the responsibility to ‘police’ the world is a tendency to think that other countries’ problems stem from a lack of ‘American leadership.’ Jackson Diehl offers the latest example of this error: ‘Still, Venezuela also tells a story of the eclipse of American leadership. For at least the past 100 years, the United States’ conception of its international mission included a determination not to allow another state in the Western hemisphere to fail.’ Considering that the U.S. has toppled governments in invasions, supported coups, or fueled civil wars in many of these countries, that is a questionable interpretation of what U.S. policy in our hemisphere has been for the past century. Regardless, Venezuela’s awful descent into ruin under Chavez and Maduro is not something that could have realistically been averted with more U.S. ‘leadership.'” (04/17/17)


Venezuela: Maduro pelted by angry crowd at rally

Source: euronews [European Union]

“A parade in honour of former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez’s Chavista movement, and attended by President Nicolas Maduro, was interrupted by critics who threw objects at the embattled leader in Bolivar state. The rally event, purportedly attended by his supporters, turned into a public display of opposition directly targeting the South American president on Tuesday. As Maduro waved goodbye, standing in an open air caravan, he and his security detail were pelted by onlookers with what Venezuelan media are claiming were eggs. … It comes after days of violent opposition protests in the country’s cities in which two people have been killed sparking international condemnation against Maduro’s authoritarian rule.” (04/12/17)