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The logic of drug legalization

Source: CounterPunch
by Jeff Berg

“The Drug Lords of today exist because of the extraordinary profits resulting from criminalization. Estimates run in the half a trillion range globally per year. By way of comparison there are only twenty or so countries with a national economy of that size. The situation is exactly analogous to the prohibition era. When gunfights, beatings, murders and firebombs were the business strategy of choice for the pushers of alcohol. Once booze was legalized the bootleggers were immediately driven out of business. Alcohol is heavily taxed today there are however no Bootlegging Lords on the playground pushing cheaper booze on our children. Nor would such pushers exist for any other drug that we might choose to legalize.” (11/15/17)


Can marijuana help addicts kick opioids?

Source: Cato Institute
by Jeffrey A Singer

“Late last month Donald Trump’s administration declared the rising death rate from opioid overdoses a national public health emergency. Thirty-three thousand lives were lost to this scourge in 2015, and early reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention paint an even bleaker picture for 2016. Policymakers working for the president are doubling down on a policy aimed at restricting opioids. But this policy isn’t working. In fact, it might even be contributing to abusers’ switch to more potent drugs such as heroin in recent years.Yet there is an approach that can truly curb the rising rate of overdose deaths that is staring them right in the face: legalizing marijuana.” (11/14/17)


Blame drug cartels on the drug war

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Brian Saady

“Even if the drug war were to end today, there would still be street crime and gangs in the far-distant future. However, these issues would be on a dramatically smaller scale. Mexico’s street gangs could never ascend to the level of an organized crime outfit without the massive profits from illegal drugs to pay for the necessary weaponry, hitmen, political protection, etc.” (11/09/17)


To beat the opioid crisis, Virginia’s Ralph Northam should think like Portugal

Source: Reason
by A Barton Hinkle

“President Trump has declared the opioid scourge a national emergency, but his solution is tissue-thin: a few minor tweaks to federal policy, such as relaxing Medicaid rules regarding treatment facilities, and a promise of ‘really great advertising’ …. Any questions?’ Which will accomplish nothing. … Republican Ed Gillespie, who lost last night to Democrat Ralph Northam, produced a substantive and thoughtful — albeit insufficient — plan to address the drug crisis. It began with the recognition that addiction ‘is a disease — not a moral failing’ and that ‘We cannot arrest our way out of the current epidemic of addiction.’ … The war on illegal drugs can’t cure addiction any more than Prohibition cured alcoholism. And this gives Virginia’s next governor an opportunity to break with the useless past. He should declare Virginia’s part of the war on drugs over, and announce a different policy to replace it: Virginia is the new Portugal.” (11/08/17)


FDA warns companies to stop telling the truth about marijuana

Source: CBS News

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning this week to four companies illegally selling marijuana products online that promise to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure cancer without evidence to support these claims. The agency said in a statement that it has grown increasingly concerned about the growing number of products being marketed as treatments for serious diseases like cancer. … ‘Substances that contain components of marijuana will be treated like any other products that make unproven claims to shrink cancer tumors. We don’t let companies market products that deliberately prey on sick people with baseless [sic] claims that their substance can shrink or cure cancer and we’re not going to look the other way on enforcing these principles when it comes to marijuana-containing products,’ FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., said in a statement.” [editor’s note: Studies in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (1975) and Nature Medicine (2000) establish that cannabis has anti-carcinogenic properties. This “warning” isn’t about safety or efficacy. It’s about government control and pharma profits – TLK] (11/02/17)


Trump’s war on opioids will be a disastrous, expensive failure

Libertarian Party

Source: Libertarian Party
by staff

“On Oct. 26, President Donald Trump declared opioid abuse a public health emergency and promised to redirect federal resources to the problem. In his speech announcing yet another war on drugs, Trump told a story about his brother Fred’s addiction to a completely legal substance: alcohol. We all know how disastrous alcohol prohibition was in the early 20th century, so could a new government battle against opioids be any more successful? ‘Of course not,’ said Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark.” (11/01/17)


Treating vices like crime causes crime

Source: Eastern New Mexico News
by Kent McManigal

“Are you tired of watching government make the same tired mistakes? At least they could have the decency to make some new and different mistakes for a change. Which recycled mistake caught my attention this time? The government has decided opioid abuse is a ‘public health emergency.’ I haven’t seen much mention of making new criminal laws yet; just suggestions to use this as an excuse to throw away more of your money. The implication being this prodigal spending will magically fix something.” (11/01/17)


PA: Regime opens up medical marijuana registry for patients and caregivers

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“The Pennsylvania Department of Health said Wednesday patients in need will be able to get medical marijuana within six months. State officials announced the development in Harrisburg while unveiling a new patient and caregiver registry. Patients and caregivers can register at the health department’s website” [editor’s note: Why should patients, caregivers, growers or sellers have to “register” with anyone to group, sell, recommend or consume a PLANT? – TLK] (11/01/17)


Trump declares opioid crisis a public health emergency

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

“President Trump declared Thursday afternoon that the opioid crisis — which is killing more than 100 people each day — is a public health emergency. … With Trump’s declaration, the federal government will waive some regulations, give states more flexibility in how they use federal funds and expand the use of telemedicine treatment, according to senior administration officials who briefed reporters on Thursday morning. But the president stopped short of declaring a more sweeping national state of emergency that would have given states access to funding from the federal Disaster Relief Fund, just as they would be following a tornado or hurricane.” [editor’s note: If he really considered it an emergency, he would have announced that he’s directed DEA/FDA to de-schedule all opiates and make them available over the counter, since the “crisis” is driven ENTIRELY by the war on drugs making known dosage/purity product legally unavailable to people without permission slips – TLK] (10/26/17)


Do we really need a drug czar?

Source: Cato Institute
by Michael D Tanner

“Last week, Representative Tom Marino withdrew from consideration as drug czar, after reports emerged suggesting that he had played a role in legislation making it easier to import Fentanyl, the painkiller that has become a driving force behind America’s opioid crisis. Most will chalk this up to another case of poor vetting by the Trump administration and move on to speculation about the next nominee. But maybe we should be asking another question: Why do we need a drug czar in the first place?” (10/25/17)