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WA: Purdue asks judge to dismiss city's frivolous Oxycontin suit

Source: King 5 News

"A federal judge in Seattle is deciding whether to allow Everett's suit against Purdue Pharma to continue. The suit involves accusations that Purdue knew its highly addictive painkiller Oxycontin was making its way to specific clinics and dealers in Everett but didn't do anything about it. The implication is that the company made huge sums of money while allowing people to get hooked on their painkiller. … Attorneys for Purdue refused requests for an interview. In court, they testified there are a lot of steps that happen between the company providing legal pharmaceuticals to a legal wholesaler and the drugs then making their way into an addicts [sic] bloodstream in Everett. They argued the company cannot be held responsible for that totality. The City of Tacoma recently filed a similar suit against Purdue." (09/19/17)


WA: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigns after latest child sex abuse allegation

Source: CNN

"Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced his resignation Tuesday, hours after new sexual abuse allegations surfaced against the embattled politician. Murray, a Democrat and the city's first openly gay mayor, said he was resigning effective 5 p.m. Wednesday so the scandal would no longer overshadow his office. The mayor's announcement comes after his cousin gave an interview with the Seattle Times alleging abuse, the latest in a series of similar accusations. The cousin is the fifth person to publicly accuse Murray of child sexual abuse since a lawsuit was filed against him in April. Murray denied the allegations, as he has in the past. Previously, he called them part of a political effort to stymy his progressive agenda and support for LGBTQ and immigrant rights." (09/12/17)


Boeing wins WTO ruling declaring its corporate welfare legal

Source: US News & World Report

"Boeing notched a key victory in a years-long legal case against its European rival, Airbus, after an international body rejected the European Union's claims that Washington state was giving Boeing illegal tax incentives. … Monday's decision by the World Trade Organization's appellate body reverses a ruling by a lower WTO panel in November that said that Washington state — which is home to much of Boeing's plane manufacturing operations — had provided prohibited subsidies through a tax incentive for production of the Boeing 777X. The panel also called on the U.S. government to take action to end the support. The U.S. had appealed the panel's decision in December. Monday's ruling, which is final, found that none of the tax incentives provided by Washington state were illegal." (09/04/17)


Why Seattle's minimum wage law is now destroying wages

Source: Acton Institute
by Dylan Pahman

"The first phase raised Seattle’s minimum wage from $9.47 to $11 per hour in 2015 with relatively no negative effect on unemployment or hours worked. So why is the second phase different? According to Ben Casselman and Kathryn Casteel at FiveThirtyEight, 'In high-cost Seattle, not many workers earned less than $11 an hour even before the law took effect.' … The point where minimum wages become relevant is where they are no longer below the labor market’s natural equilibrium, where supply freely meets demand. The difference between the first and second phases of the Seattle Minimum Wage Ordinance demonstrates this basic economic reality. Fixing prices on anything will have no effect so long as the price is below what buyers and sellers would freely agree to on their own anyway. However, when that is not the case, we end up with supply surpluses." (06/28/17)


Seattle surprise: When you raise prices by government diktat, people usually buy less

Source: Reason
by Nick Gillespie

"Three years ago, the city of Seattle voted to raise its minimum wage to $15 per hour, in the name of human decency and basic fairness. The minimum wage went from $9.47 to $11 per hour in 2015, and then to $13 per hour in 2016. Similar policies have been enacted or considered in countless other cities. Critics argued that boosting wages by bureaucratic diktat rather than increases in worker productivity or market demand would lead to fewer hours and fewer jobs for low-income and low-skill workers. Now what The Washington Post calls a 'very credible' study from researchers at the University of Washington's School of Public Policy and Governance finds that the critics were right. … The findings may surprise progressives who believe that the only limit to increasing pay for workers is the greed and selfishness of business owners, but they don't come as a surprise to people who recognize that the law of supply and demand can't be abolished by city councils." (06/27/17)


WA: Evergreen sprinkles a little security theater on its snowflake antics

Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Officials at The Evergreen State College in Olympia closed and evacuated the campus after receiving an unspecified threat of violence. 'In response to a direct threat to campus safety, the college is closing immediately for the day,' read a statement on the school's website. … The evacuation comes at a time when racial tensions at the university are running high. … In April, the university observed its annual 'Day of Absence' in which white students were asked to stay off campus and attend a program focusing on 'allyship and anti-racism work from a majority culture or white perspective.' … In March 15 email to Rashida Love, director of the First Peoples Multicultural Advising Services Staff, biology professor Bret Weinstein objected to the planned demonstration, calling it a 'show of force, and an act of opposition in and of itself.' That email led to demonstrations last week from students and faculty calling for Weinstein to be fired along with other campus officials." (06/01/17)


WA: Regime buckles to federal "REAL ID" imposition

Source: US News & World Report

"People in Washington state likely won't have to worry next year about the identification they take to the airport after Gov. Jay Inslee signed a measure Tuesday seeking to make the state one of more than two dozen in compliance with federal identification requirements. Washington and several other states have struggled for years to comply with the REAL ID Act, a 2005 federal law that requires state driver's licenses and ID cards to have security enhancements and to be issued to people who can prove they are legally in the United States [sic]. The law was passed after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to strengthen rules for identification [demanded] at airports and federal facilities." (05/16/17)


WA: Tunnel containing nuke waste collapses at Hanford site

Source: USA Today

"Hundreds of workers at Hanford Nuclear Reservation were evacuated Tuesday after part of a tunnel, which stores rail cars filled with radioactive waste, collapsed. Officials detected no radiation release, and no workers were in the tunnel when it caved in, said Randy Bradbury, a spokesman for the Washington state Department of Ecology. Around 11 a.m. PT, a robot was being used to sample contamination in the air and on the ground and had not found evidence of a release of contamination two hours later. Hanford contractors working nearby were removed from the area while those farther away on the the 586-square-mile site were told to remain indoors, according to the U.S. Department of Energy." (05/09/17)


WA: Man banned from Starbucks claims ageism

Source: KXLY News

"It's a story making headlines around the world: A man claims he was kicked out of a Spokane Starbucks because of ageism. The man says he slipped a note to a flirty barista asking her out, then came back the next day to discover he was no longer welcome at the location because the note made the woman uncomfortable. … In an email exchange with the man, he claims he has a lawyer and will be pursuing a lawsuit against Starbucks." (01/03/17)