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The scourging of Julian Assange

Source: CounterPunch
by John Wight

“Julian Assange’s latest attempt to have his outstanding UK arrest warrant dropped has failed in what stands as one of the most blatant and cruel examples of the British legal system being wielded as an instrument of persecution against a man whose only crime is speaking truth to power. … If Julian Assange had been confined to a foreign embassy in Moscow or Beijing for five years, on the same grounds on which he has been confined to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, his plight would have been a cause celebre, sparking calls for boycotts, sanctions, and action at the UN on the part of free speech and prisoner of conscience liberals in the West who are never done excoriating Russia and China.” (02/15/18)


UK: Judge upholds Assange’s continued unlawful detention

Source: The Hill

“A British judge on Tuesday rejected WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s plea for British authorities to drop legal action against him for jumping his bail in 2012. Reuters reported that Judge Emma Arbuthnot refused to drop a years-old arrest warrant on Assange, who has been holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for 5 1/2 years. … The ruling was the latest hit to Assange’s effort to leave the embassy he has inhabited for years. The Ecuadorian government granted the WikiLeaks founder citizenship last month and requested that British authorities grant him diplomatic status to allow him to leave the country. That request was rejected.” (02/13/18)


The UK’s hidden hand in Julian Assange’s detention

Source: CounterPunch
by Jonathan Cook

“It now emerges that the last four years of Julian Assange’s effective imprisonment in the Ecuadorean embassy in London have been entirely unnecessary. In fact, they depended on a legal charade. Behind the scenes, Sweden wanted to drop the extradition case against Assange back in 2013. Why was this not made public? Because Britain persuaded Sweden to pretend that they still wished to pursue the case. In other words, for more than four years Assange has been holed up in a tiny room, policed at great cost to British taxpayers, not because of any allegations in Sweden but because the British authorities wanted him to remain there.” (02/13/18)


UK: Regime lawyers lobbied Swedes to press on with Assange extradition

Source: The Times [UK]

“A lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service appeared to lobby Swedish prosecutors to keep extradition proceedings against Julian Assange active, according to an email exchange. The chief prosecutor in Stockholm was accused of ‘cold feet’ amid rumours that the sexual assault case against Mr Assange would be dropped more than four years ago, according to the emails released as part of an Information Commission tribunal.” (02/12/18)


UK: Judge will rule on Assange’s bid to end his unlawful political detention

Source: ABC News

“A British judge is scheduled to rule Tuesday on Julian Assange’s bid to force Britain to drop a warrant for his arrest, a development that would remove a substantial legal hurdle to his leaving the Ecuadorean Embassy in London that has been his refuge for more than five years. … Assange’s legal team argued in Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Jan. 26 that a U.K. arrest warrant for Assange should be dropped. Lawyer Mark Summers said the warrant had ‘lost its purpose and its function’ since it’s related to a sex crimes investigation against Assange in Sweden that has ended without him being charged with wrongdoing. Swedish authorities are no longer pursuing Assange, but he still faces arrest in Britain for jumping bail in 2012.” (02/05/18)


Report: Texas woman impersonating Sean Hannity with fake Twitter handle successfully dupes Assange

Source: New York Daily News

“A woman in Texas impersonated Fox News host Sean Hannity and duped Wikileaks founder Julian Assange with a series of direct messages on Twitter, according to a report. Technical writer Dell Gilliam secured the handle @SeanHannity__ after the Fox News host’s Twitter account @SeanHannity went down on Saturday morning, the Daily Beast reported. Gilliam, who amassed more than 23,000 followers by pretending to be Hannity, sent a direct message to Assange that read, ‘I’d like to set up a time for us to talk. When may be good for you?’ Assange responded, ‘Back! Good to see. Most of today is good. Try other channels.’ When Gilliam kept up the conversation and asked if he was available for a call, Assange made a second mention of messaging ‘on other channels.’ He added, ‘Have some news about Warner.'” [editor’s note: It can’t be that hard to convincingly impersonate Hannity. Just assume a 75 IQ and add some alcohol and you’re pretty much there – TLK] (01/30/18)


UK: Julian Assange’s health in “dangerous” condition, say doctors

Source: The Guardian [UK]

“Julian Assange’s long stay in the Ecuadorian embassy in London is having a ‘dangerous’ impact on his physical and mental health, according to clinicians who carried out the most recent assessments of him. The pair renewed calls for the WikiLeaks publisher to be granted safe passage to a London hospital. Sondra Crosby, a doctor and associate professor at the Boston University’s school of medicine and public health, and Brock Chisholm, a London-based consultant clinical psychologist, examined Assange for 20 hours over three days in October. … The UK government refused an earlier request to allow Assange safe passage for hospital treatment. A fall-back position would be to allow doctors with the necessary medical equipment into the embassy, but the size of the equipment needed appears to rule out this option.” [editor’s note: There’s a simple solution to this, and that is to make it very clear to the UK regime figures responsible for Assange’s political imprisonment that THEIR continued health is inextricably linked to HIS continued health so long as that imprisonment continues – TLK] (01/24/18)


Ecuador grants citizenship to Assange in bid to end London embassy standoff

Source: Washington Post

“Ecuador has granted citizenship to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the South American nation’s foreign minister announced Thursday, in a bid to resolve an ‘unsustainable’ situation at its embassy in London, where Assange sought refuge more than five years ago. But a standoff with British authorities continued, as the Foreign Office rejected an Ecuadoran request that it grant diplomatic status to Assange, insisting instead that the Australian national ‘leave the embassy to face justice.’ Ecuador’s foreign minister, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, subsequently said that Assange would not leave the embassy in the absence of security guarantees.” (01/11/18)


Ecuador: Regime may seek mediation with UK regime over Assange

Source: Independent [UK]

“Julian Assange could be kicked out of Ecuador’s embassy in London after the country’s foreign minister said the situation was ‘not sustainable.’ The WikiLeaks founder was granted asylum in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden over rape allegations, and has been holed up in Knightsbridge for five-and-a-half years. Swedish prosecutors have dropped their investigation into the allegations, but Mr Assange, who denied the allegations, fears he will be extradited to the United States if he leaves the building and that there is a sealed indictment ordering his arrest. … Maria Fernanda Espinosa, Ecuador’s foreign minister, said her country was now seeking possible mediation to resolve the impasse, which she called ‘not sustainable.’ ‘We’re considering, exploring the possibility of a mediation,’ she said, adding that a third country or person could lead a potential mediation.” (01/10/18)


“Dead man’s switch?” Mysterious Assange tweet sends Twitter into a frenzy

Source: Sputnik [Russian state media]

“An odd, cryptic tweet by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange featuring some sort of code and a link to the video of a 2008 rap song has sent Twitter into speculation mode over its meaning. The tweet, which remains Assange’s last entry as of 5pm GMT, includes a 60 character code composed of letters and digits [fb4e568623b5f8cf7e932e6ba7eddc0db9f42a712718f488bdc0bf880dd3], along with a link to M.I.A.’s Paper Planes, a song featuring the chorus ‘All I wanna do is (gunshot, gunshot, gunshot, gunshot) and (click, ka-ching) and take your money’ and the lines ‘If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name’ and ‘I’ve got more records than the KGB, So, uh, no funny business.’ The message has led to a flurry of speculation over what exactly Assange was trying to say. Was it an encryption key indicating that a fresh batch of WikiLeaks files was on the way? Or a code for a ‘dead man’s switch’ triggered to release its cache of ‘life insurance’ files in case the freedom of information activist was assassinated?” (01/01/18)