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Vault 7: Wikileaks releases guide to CIA's "CouchPotato" tool

Source: Wikileaks

"Today, August 10th 2017, WikiLeaks publishes the the User Guide for the CoachPotato project of the CIA. CouchPotato is a remote tool for collection against RTSP/H.264 video streams. It provides the ability to collect either the stream as a video file (AVI) or capture still images (JPG) of frames from the stream that are of significant change from a previously captured frame." (08/10/17)


Dumbo: WikiLeaks reveals CIA system to take over webcams, microphones

Source: Russia Today [Russian state media]

"Details of the CIA's Dumbo project, a system that manipulates devices such as webcams and microphones on Microsoft Windows-operating systems, have been published by WikiLeaks. The program also corrupts video recordings, according to the leaked documents. The whistleblowing organization released the files as part of its Vault 7 series on the CIA's hacking capabilities." (08/03/17)


Wikileaks releases thousands of Macron campaign emails

Source: Telegraph [UK]

"More than 20,000 emails from Emmanuel Macron’s presidential campaign have been published by Wikileaks. The whistleblowing website released the trove of leaked emails on Monday as a searchable archive. It comes almost three months after the Macron campaign was hacked on the eve of his election. … The campaign has previously blamed Russian interests for the hacking and cybersecurity researchers have linked the attack to a group known as APT28 or Fancy Bears, the group believed to have hacked the US Democrats last year and which is often linked to the Kremlin. Russia has denied responsibility and the head of France’s cybersecurity agency, Guillaume Poupard, has said there is no evidence of Russian interference." (07/31/17)


Vault 7: New WikiLeaks dump details Android SMS snooping malware

Source: Naked Security

"Since launching its Vault 7 project in March, WikiLeaks has dumped documents outlining the CIA’s efforts to exploit Microsoft and Apple technology. In this week’s latest release, it focuses on malware called HighRise, which the agency used to target Android devices. WikiLeaks describes HighRise this way on its website: 'HighRise is an Android application designed for mobile devices running Android 4.0 to 4.3. It provides a redirector function for SMS messaging that could be used by a number of IOC tools that use SMS messages for communication between implants and listening posts.'" (07/14/17)


Assange: I urged Trump Jr. to publish Russia emails via WikiLeaks

Source: The Guardian [UK]

"Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder, has claimed that he contacted Donald Trump Jr and tried to persuade him to publish emails showing he was eager to accept sensitive information about Hillary Clinton via the anti-secrecy website. Instead, the US president’s eldest son did so via Twitter, igniting a firestorm of criticism around his apparent willingness to work with the Russian government against his father’s Democratic rival. 'Contacted Trump Jr this morning on why he should publish his emails (i.e with us),' tweeted Assange, who is based at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. 'Two hours later, does it himself.' Asked by another Twitter user to explain, Assange elaborated: 'I argued that his enemies have it — so why not the public?'" (07/12/17)


WikiLeaks hits Miami Democratic operative for saying he'd kill Snowden, Assange

Source: Miami New Times

"Evan Ross is a little-known but well-connected lobbyist in Miami-Dade County. He's also fairly active within the Miami-Dade Democratic Party: He's the former chair of the Miami-Dade Young Democrats and is now a precinct captain within the local party. He's used to operating behind the scenes and keeping a low profile in the local press. But Ross has now gone from backroom lobbyist to the target of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after the activist called him out by name on Twitter this weekend, sparking what Ross calls an online 'bullying' campaign. Assange highlighted the Dade Democrat because someone sent the Australian computer programmer Facebook screencaps of Ross threatening to kill Assange and whistleblower Edward Snowden." [editor's note: Looks more like blowhard BS than a credible threat to me, but good on WikiLeaks for outing the knucklehead – TLK] (07/04/17)


Vault 7: WikiLeaks dump reveals how the CIA can track your exact location

Source: Wired

"How many people specifically know where you are right now? Some friends and family? Your coworkers, maybe? If you're using a Windows laptop or PC you could add another group to the list: the CIA. New documents released on Wednesday as part of WikiLeaks' series of CIA hacking revelations detail a method the agency uses to geolocate computers and the people using them. The agency infects target devices with malware that can then check which public Wi-Fi networks a given computer can connect to at a given moment, as well as the signal strengths of those networks. From there, the malware compares the list of available Wi-Fi options to databases of public Wi-Fi networks to figure out roughly where the device is. The leaked documents detailing the project, which is known as ELSA, date back to 2013, and specifically address laptops and PCs running Windows 7. But experts say that the technique is straightforward enough that the CIA could have a version of it for every Windows release." (06/29/17)


As the Espionage Act turns 100, we condemn threats against WikiLeaks

Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation
by David Greene

"[T]he Espionage Act remains the most common grounds upon which leakers of U.S. governmental information are prosecuted. Indeed, the recent charges against the alleged source of the NSA Russian Election Systems Phishing documents are based on the Espionage Act. To date, however, the United States has never sought to prosecute a journalistic entity under the Espionage Act for either receiving secret government documents from a source or further disseminating the documents themselves or information from them in the course of reporting. There is nothing in the language of the law that prevents its use against a news organization, but it has been unofficially accepted that it should not apply to the press. So it is alarming that the Justice Department is reportedly taking a serious look at bringing criminal charges against Wikileaks and Julian Assange for disclosing classified information. In so doing, the Trump administration is threatening to step over a never-crossed line — applying the secret documents provisions of the Espionage Act to journalistic practices." (06/14/17)


WikiLeaks reveals CIA tool for spreading malware in latest Vault 7 release

Source: Ars Technica

"WikiLeaks just published details of a purported CIA operation that turns Windows file servers into covert attack machines that surreptitiously infect computers of interest inside a targeted network. 'Pandemic,' as the implant is codenamed, turns file servers into a secret carrier of whatever malware CIA operatives want to install, according to documents published Thursday by WikiLeaks. When targeted computers attempt to access a file on the compromised server, Pandemic uses a clever bait-and-switch tactic to surreptitiously deliver malicious version of the requested file. The Trojan is then executed by the targeted computers." (06/01/17)


A fair trial for Julian Assange

Source: OpEdNews
by John Kiriakou

"Policymakers at the Justice Department, the CIA, the FBI, and the White House clearly have not thought this through. It's one thing to criticize journalists who publish stories that contain 'classified' information. It's an entirely different thing to try to punish those journalists under the Espionage Act. And it's unprecedented in American history." (05/31/17)