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WI: Republican Assembly passes $3 billion welfare bill

Source: Wisconsin State Journal

“The State Assembly on Thursday passed a $3 billion incentive package for electronics manufacturer Foxconn to build its first U.S. plant in Wisconsin on the promise that the deal with bring up to 13,000 jobs to the state. Lawmakers passed the legislation authored by Gov. Scott Walker 59-30, after the chamber’s Republicans cheered it as a smart bet for taxpayers with massive upside for the state’s economy and over Democrats’ criticism that the deal is a gigantic gamble with state funds. … to make the plan a reality, Walker has proposed to give Foxconn $2.85 billion in refundable tax credits for jobs and for the construction of the campus. The company would be exempt from another $150 million in sales taxes, be eligible for lower utility rates and be exempt from some environmental regulations.” (08/17/17)


WI: Milwaukee’s village idiot isn’t leaving for DC after all

Source: Fox News

“Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a tough-on-crime conservative Democrat, will not accept a post with the Department of Homeland Security. It had been announced last month that he was taking a job as assistant secretary in DHS’s Office of Public Engagement. He was to serve as a liaison between DHS and local and state law enforcement agencies, according to The Daily Caller.” (06/17/17)


WI: Village of Milwaukee soon to be missing its idiot

Source: USA Today

“Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. will leave office next month to accept a federal appointment as an assistant secretary in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He will work in the department’s Office of Partnership and Engagement as a liaison with state, local and tribal law enforcement and governments.” [editor’s note: Clarke is the Trumptard thug who had someone arrested for noticing his NFL fandom preferences – TLK] (05/17/17)


WI: Inmate died after guards kept water from him for a week

Source: Washington Post

“Just a few hours into Terrill Thomas’s eighth day in solitary confinement at the Milwaukee County Jail last year, correction officers found the 38-year-old man on the ground and not moving. He was dead. Thomas had spent his final days begging for water, inmates later told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, because jail staff had shut off the flow to the pipes in his cell as punishment for bad behavior. The cause of death was ultimately ruled ‘profound dehydration’ and the medical examiner classified it a homicide — meaning death at the hands of others — an announcement that drew a torrent of rage from Sheriff David Clarke, a tough-talking and loyal President Trump surrogate. Still, nearly a year later, no criminal charges have been filed in Thomas’s death. But an inquest this week by prosecutors could shed more light on the circumstances of the case, whether someone should be held responsible and, if so, who and for what.” [hat tip — David Klaus] [editor’s note: Clarke is the idiotic two-bit tyrant who had a guy detained for noticing that he was wearing a non-Wisconsin football team’s jersey on game day and asking why – TLK) (04/25/17)


WI: Idiot Milwaukee pols want game companies to pay bribes to point at city parks

Source: Engadget

“Pokemon hunting is apparently a messy business. The Milwaukee County Board passed an ordinance requiring the creators of location-based augmented reality games like Pokemon Go obtain permits before using parks as in-game landmarks. Since it specifically targets game makers, it won’t keep Pokemon players out of the parks, but it sets ground rules for developers who want to use them in their games.” [editor’s note: Fair enough; Niantic should stop pointing at city parks and start pointing at city hall, the mayor’s home, etc. – TLK] (02/07/17)