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The Trump administration may increase the US role in the war on Yemen

Source: The American Conservative
by Daniel Larison

"As if it weren't bad enough that the U.S. has enabled the Saudi-led wrecking and starvation of Yemen for the last twenty-two months, Trump may make the U.S. even more complicit in a reckless, unnecessary war that has nothing to do with U.S. security. Worse still, this is being justified as sending a 'signal' to Iran, which is not a party to the conflict and offers the Houthis negligible support. It isn't possible to 'push back' against Iran in Yemen because Iran’s involvement in the war is minimal to non-existent. Ideologically-driven analysis that invents an Iranian 'empire' spreading across the region has been misleading Americans for years, but thanks to the many Iran hawks in the Trump administration it is now in danger of driving terrible policy decisions." (02/04/17)


War crimes: Key decision point for a new president

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

"New US president Donald Trump has a decision to make. Is he going to prosecute American war criminals who murder eight-year-old girls, or is he going to be a war criminal himself?" (02/01/17)


Yemen: America's shame

Source: Antiwar.com
by Justin Raimondo

"The ridiculous truth is that the imposition of a travel ban on Yemen — in addition to six other countries — has evoked more anguish than America's major role in making that country unlivable. Here's a very sad story about the plight of a young Yemeni girl who is being blocked from entering the US — but where is the outrage about what's being done to her homeland with our tax dollars and in our name? And make no mistake: the Saudi invasion of Yemen on behalf of a 'government' that has no popular support and was kicked out of office by its disgusted citizens is one of the worst atrocities in recent history. More than 25,000 have died, many more have been grievously wounded, and the country is being swept by famine. The result has been the empowerment of America's worst enemies — and by that I mean not just al-Qaeda." (02/01/17)


Yemen: Two dead on board Saudi invaders' warship after Houthi attack

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

"The Saudi-led coalition battling Yemen's Houthi rebels [sic] says two crew members have been killed in an attack on one of its warships in the Red Sea. A coalition statement said three Houthi 'suicide boats' had approached a Saudi frigate west of Hudaydah on Monday. One of the boats collided with the rear of the frigate and exploded, causing a fire, the statement added. However, a [Houthi government]-controlled news agency cited a source as saying the warship had been hit by a guided missile." (01/31/17)


Yemen: Trump gets his first US soldier killed in raid clusterf**k

Source: USA Today

"One U.S. service member was killed and three others wounded in a raid against al-Qaeda militants in Yemen, the first such operation ordered by President Trump. The raid resulted in the deaths of 14 militants and the capture of critical intelligence, the U.S. Central Command, which oversees military operations in the Middle East, said Sunday in a statement. A U.S. military aircraft involved in Saturday's raid experienced a 'hard landing' and had to be destroyed to avoid having it fall into enemy hands. The incident resulted in additional injuries, according to Central Command." (01/29/17)


Donald Trump becomes a war criminal

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Eric Schuler

"Just a day after President Trump was sworn in, a US drone strike was carried out in Yemen on his authority, killing three people. As usual, the individuals killed were reported as suspected Al Qaeda militants. Like most drone bombings, there wasn't much information available on this latest strike. The US government doesn't publicly discuss specific strikes (unless Westerners were killed), and the general state of chaos prevailing in Yemen at the moment means there are very few journalists in the region that could investigate the strike first-hand. We're left to rely on the claims of anonymous security and tribal officials, which serve as the source for the report above. But while we don't have all the facts on this particular case, we know enough to conclude that Trump probably just committed his first war crime." (01/26/17)


Yemen: Saudi invaders, quisling forces take strategic port of Mokha

Source: ABC News

"A top military official says forces allied with the internationally-recognized government of Yemen have seized control of a strategic Red Sea port, after waging an assault against Shiite rebels [sic]. Brig. Gen. Ahmed Seif al-Yafai said in press remarks on Monday that his forces have entered the city of Mokha, where dozens of families were seen fleeing days of clashes and bombardment." (01/23/17)


Yemen: Troops attack al Qaeda, 26 dead on both sides

Source: Akron Beacon Journal

"Pro-[Saudi puppet] government forces attacked al-Qaida militants in southern Yemen on Tuesday, killing 15 jihadis but losing 11 of their own troops, security officials said. The fighting began when troops backed by a Saudi-led coalition attacked an al-Qaida stronghold in the Marakasha mountains in Abyan province, east of the southern city of Aden." (01/03/17)