Remember the rigged election?

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

"Remember the 2016 presidential election? You know, the contest that still bedevils us? The one allegedly rigged by the Russians and fake news? The one the outcome of which Michael Moore (and others) suggested, even this week, should be overturned by 'the courts' simply by installing Hillary Clinton as president? Turns out one major element of the election process was rigged: the debates run by the Commission on Presidential Debates." (02/17/17)

Charity is not how we solve poverty

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Jason Sorens

"[S]aving people isn't simple. Giving money to a charity that claims to help people may not do very much good and may even do net harm. Extreme poverty in the world today is generally the fault of some human organization or institution, usually a government but often rebel groups, gangs, and other purveyors of violence. People lift themselves out of poverty when they are free to trade and to enjoy the fruits of their labors. They remain poor only when they face violent threats to their lives, liberties, and property. If giving to a charity empowers some vicious gang or government that keeps people poor, you've just made poor people's lives worse." (02/19/17)

Ecuador: Ruling party candidate seen leading president vote

Source: Lexington Herald-Leader

"Ecuadoreans voted for a new leader Sunday, and exit polls indicated socialist President Rafael Correa's hand-picked successor was close to the threshold needed to win outright and avoid a runoff against his nearest rival. As balloting ended, a survey released by pollster Cedatos said ruling party candidate Lenin Moreno had just over 39 percent of the votes, compared to 30.5 percent for former banker Guillermo Lasso, the closest contender among seven opposition candidates." (02/19/17)

Johnny Rocket Launch Pad, episode 116

Source: Johnny Rocket Launch Pad

"Anarchy with order! A spontaneous order as a matter of fact! This week we are privileged to talk to Christopher Chase Rachels, who sheds some light on topics in which minarchists might have to second guess themselves. This is an extremely interesting interview that will keep you laughing, and making you smarter at the same time!" [various formats] (02/17/17)

This isn't just Trump, but who the Republicans are

Source: Our Future
Dave Johnson

"So far President Donald Trump has signed very few bills. One lets coal companies dump waste into streams. Another lets oil companies bribe foreign dictators in secret. Now he is moving to block a Labor Department 'fiduciary rule' that requires financial advisers to act in the best interests of their clients when advising on retirement accounts. Here’s the thing: this isn’t just Trump doing this. The Republican-controlled House and Senate passed those two bills, and the Republicans have been fighting that fiduciary rule tooth and nail. It’s not just Trump, Republicans as a party are using Trump to engage in a general assault on protections from corruption, pollution, corporate fraud and financial scams. This is who they are." (02/17/17)

I'm baack!

Source: The Libertarian Enterprise
by L Neil Smith

"All the time that I was sick, I wanted to write about two things especially: living politically with Donald J. Trump; and observing his unique style at news conferences. In the first instance, it's important to remember that nobody (in my circle of acquaintances, anyway) voted for the man because they thought he is a libertarian. He is not. I don't know what he is, and I don't think he does, either. The important thing (to me) is that he isn't Hillary Clinton and that he isn't trying to start a nuclear ('NOO-klee-err') war with Russia — and anything else is gravy. Real libertarians (as opposed to those shriveled dwarves running the so-called Libertarian Party) will be wise to practice the same vigilance they would if Hillary had won." [editor's note: Those "shriveled dwarves" were practicing said vigilance back when Smith was endorsing and voting for Trump, who is exactly as anti-libertarian as Clinton – TLK] (02/19/17)

Spain: Barcelona protest to support refugees draws thousands

Source: BBC [UK state media]

"Some 160,000 people have demonstrated in Barcelona to demand the government allow more refugees into Spain from war-hit areas such as Syria. Marchers carrying placards and banners (many in the Catalan language) accused the Madrid government of dragging its feet over the issue. They say it has not honoured its pledge made in 2015 to allow more than 17,000 refugees into Spain within two years. Over that time, Spain has accepted only about 1,100 refugees. Police gave the estimate of the turnout at Saturday's protest in the capital of Catalonia, organised by the Our Home is Your Home group, with many denouncing the government for not living up to its promises." (02/18/17)

The Jason Stapleton Program, episode 543

Source: The Jason Stapleton Program

"I said yesterday that we were going to have some great clips of Trump's recent press conference and today I deliver." [various formats] (02/17/17)

The did-you-talk-to-Russians witch hunt

Source: OpEdNews
by Robert Parry

"In the anti-Russian frenzy sweeping American politics and media, Democrats, liberals and mainstream pundits are calling for an investigative body that could become a new kind of House Un-American Activities Committee to hunt down Americans who have communicated with Russians. The proposed commission would have broad subpoena powers to investigate alleged connections between Trump's supporters and the Russian government with the apparent goal of asking if they now have or have ever talked to a Russian who might have some tie to the Kremlin or its intelligence agencies. Such an admission apparently would be prima facie evidence of disloyalty, a guilt-by-association 'crime' on par with Sen. Joe McCarthy's Cold War pursuit of 'communists' who supposedly had infiltrated the U.S. government, the film industry and other American institutions." (02/18/17)

New US travel ban to spare green card holders

Source: Reuters

"A new version of a Trump administration travel ban will not stop green card residency holders or travelers already on planes from entering the United States, U.S. Secretary for Homeland Security John Kelly said on Saturday. U.S. President Donald Trump's initial attempt to clamp down for security reasons on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries and on refugees snarled to a halt amid a judicial backlash and chaos at airports. 'The president is contemplating releasing a tighter, more streamlined version of the first (order). And I will have opportunity to work (on) a rollout plan, in particular to make sure that there's no one in a sense caught in the system of moving from overseas to our airports,' Kelly said at the Munich Security Conference." (02/18/17)