For GOP on healthcare, there's no "moving on"

Source: Cato Institute
by Michael F Cannon

"On Friday, House Speaker Paul Ryan trudged to the White House to tell President Donald Trump Republican leaders didn't have the votes to pass their health care bill. Then, moments before a scheduled vote, leadership withdrew the bill. Paul Ryan says it was a 'setback' and that Republicans are 'moving on' from health care. Meanwhile, Donald Trump says Obamacare will explode and it won't be pretty. 'We will be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future,' Trump told the media after the House pulled the bill. There is no way this will stand. No matter what President Trump says, he is not done with Obamacare. Congress still needs to rescue Americans from this law. Now they have a chance — and a responsibility — to do it right." (03/27/17)

Ten lessons from the Republican healthcare debacle

Source: The American Prospect
by Paul Waldman

"At the end of last week, the legislative Hindenburg that was the Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act met its end in a blazing inferno of failure and recrimination. This was the most momentous occurrence of the early period of the Donald Trump presidency, and it's full of lessons that will be good to keep in mind in the coming days. Here are ten of the most important ones: 1.) Don't hire a businessman to do a politician's job. … 2.) Donald Trump is not a very good negotiator. … 3.) Paul Ryan is not very good at being speaker of the House." [editor's note: It gets better, or worse, depending on your own focus – SAT] (03/26/17)

GA: Idiot bureaucrats try to tell couple what name their child can't be given

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"An Atlanta family is at odds with the state over their right to give their daughter the last name of their choosing. Elizabeth Handy and Bilal Walk, claim that Georgia officials are refusing to grant their daughter — ZalyKha Graceful Lorraina Allah — a birth certificate. … State officials, however, said the child's name — ZalyKha Graceful Lorraina Allah — does not fit the naming conventions set up by state law. They say that ZalyKha's last name should either be Handy, Walk or a combination of the two." (03/27/17)

Cop supporters share the guilt

Source: Kent's "Hooligan Libertarian" Blog
by Kent McManigal

"Cop — all cops — are evil gang scum, not because of who they were born, but because of what they choose to do. That is simply the plain truth. But, it would be a waste to spend all your life worrying about it. Or them. So, I don't. There are many harmful things in the world. Disease, natural disasters, a variety of bad characters, thieves, and bullies. Cops are just one of many. You'd go crazy focusing on all the bad stuff. Yes, police are a cancer on society, but just like other forms of cancer, they aren't going to magically go away tomorrow. I accept this fact and ignore the Blue Line Gang most of the time. The biggest problem, the one which makes me speak out, is that here you have a deadly cancer … that people worship! What's up with that?" (03/27/17)

Cato Daily Podcast, 03/27/17

Source: Cato Institute

"How should Congress repeal and replace ObamaCare now that the American Health Care Act has failed? Michael Cannon explains." [various formats] (03/27/17)

Conservative renaissance

Source: Mises Canada
by Bryce McBride

"As the Conservative Party of Canada enters the final months of its leadership race, it is a good time to both assess the challenges facing the country and formulate responses to these problems that reflect both Conservative and Canadian core values. More specifically, it is a good time to think about how best to reduce our dangerously high levels of debt and reverse the cartelization and regulatory capture of the economy by powerful special interests. As our drift towards crony capitalism has sapped economic vitality, so have we come to rely on increased borrowing to boost economic activity. Thus, a Conservative economic platform promoting competition will also indirectly address our looming debt crisis." (03/27/17)

Give Americans straight talk on Syria

Source: USA Today
by Noah C Rothman

"'Vietnam Syndrome' haunted the United States for over a decade after the fall of Saigon. Yet American military missions did not end amid this period of national insecurity and introspection; they were simply not subject to much public debate. Americans did not want to know. A similar malady seems to have accompanied America’s withdrawal from Iraq. U.S. military deployments around the world haven’t abated. If anything, they are intensifying. In Syria, in particular, the slow draw-up of regular American forces has been the focus of far less scrutiny than that mission deserves. But America’s political leaders are not leveling with the public, and the public doesn’t seem to care." (03/27/17)

Canada expected to legalize marijuana by July 2018

Source: Akron Beacon Journal

"Canadians should be able to smoke marijuana legally by July 1, 2018, a senior government official said Monday. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government will introduce legislation to legalize recreational marijuana the week of April 10th and it should become law by July next year, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to lack of authorization to discuss the upcoming legislation." (03/27/17)

Policing womanhood

Source: The Honest Courtesan
by Maggie McNeill

"It's a sad fact that more women than men support the violent policing of women's sexualities. Think about that: despite all the 'feminist' rhetoric supporting a woman's supposed right to control her body and sexuality, polls consistently show that more women than men are in favor of criminalizing prostitution; that is, more women than men believe male cops should deceive, rape, rob, brutalize, humiliate, cage and ruin the lives of other women for having sex for reasons of which these women disapprove. Presumably-sane women, many of whom would call themselves 'feminists,' think it's perfectly OK for a state mostly run by men to make laws giving other men the 'right' to guess why a particular woman is having sex, raping her if the cop claims it's to 'gather evidence,' then taking her possessions, locking her in a cage and inviting news media to splash her picture all over papers, TV and the internet … because her motivation for having sex is 'wrong.'" (03/27/17)

Nigeria: Governor, jailed for corruption, granted bail

Source: Killeen Daily Herald

"A former Nigerian governor sentenced to five years' jail for corruption has been granted bail to seek medical care after just 20 days in prison. Bala James Ngilari of northeastern Adamawa state was the first senior government figure successfully prosecuted since President Muhammadu Buhari won elections two years ago, in part because of promises to fight endemic corruption." (03/27/17)