MI: ICE thugs dine at cafe, then abduct three cooks

Source: Yahoo! News

“Federal immigration officers who took part in a ‘raid’ at a Michigan restaurant Wednesday first sat and ate breakfast, according to the eatery’s owner. Six U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents came to the Ann Arbor restaurant Sava’s on Wednesday morning, owner Sava Lelcaj said. Two officers were stationed at the front door, two stood at the back exit and two entered the restaurant and had breakfast at the bar with a view of the kitchen, other staff members told Lelcaj, who wasn’t present at the time. The officers who came inside did not initially identify themselves as ICE agents. They dined on waffles with bacon and egg whites with toast before inquiring about a kitchen worker who was not there, Lelcaj told HuffPost.” (05/25/17)


A call for a complete and transparent investigation into Seth Rich’s death

Source: PanAm Post
by David Unsworth

“The mysterious death of DNC staffer Seth Rich in Washington DC last July had received scant attention from the mainstream media, until the mantle of an investigation had been taken up by several top Republicans, most recently by former House Speaker and key Trump associate Newt Gingrich, as well as Fox News and radio host Sean Hannity. Indeed, it is time for a complete and transparent investigation into the Seth Rich murder, now that it seems possible that Rich was, indeed, a key source for wikileaks, presumably because he was angry over the DNC’s favoritism to Clinton over Bernie Sanders.” (05/25/17)


Lying DEA officials get a pass (just like Clapper)

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“Why aren’t those DEA officials who lied to Congress being criminally prosecuted for lying to Congress? Isn’t that still a criminal offense? Wasn’t that what CIA Director Richard Helms was convicted of doing? Actually, though, Helms is a good example of the immunity phenomenon for U.S. officials because in actuality he was guilty of perjury, which is a felony. Since he was a CIA agent, however, they gave him a sweetheart deal in which he pled guilty to a misdemeanor and received a moderate fine. They certainly didn’t do that with Martha Stewart, a private citizen who was convicted of lying to a federal investigator about some stock transaction. And she wasn’t even under oath.” (05/25/17)


Where is the Democrats’ plan to fix ObamaCare?

Source: Investors Business Daily
by staff

“This week ObamaCare suffered two more blows, making a replacement plan all the more urgent. Not that you’d know it, since all anyone wants to talk about is how horrible the Republican replacement plan supposedly would be. Why aren’t Democrats being pressured to produce their own fix? The big news this week is supposed to be the Congressional Budget Office’s decree that the Republicans’ ObamaCare replacement plan would cost 23 million their insurance coverage. This number should be taken with a huge grain of salt, given the fact that the CBO predicted twice as many would sign up for ObamaCare plans as did so. What got considerably less attention, however, was the announcement by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas that it will drop out of ObamaCare next year, citing the fact that it had lost more than $100 million on its ObamaCare business, which ‘is unsustainable for our company.’ If no other insurer steps up to the plate, that could leave 25 counties in the region with no ObamaCare plans, adding still more areas in the country that may end up with no insurers in their exchanges next year” (05/24/17)


US military investigates itself, absolves itself in killing of more than 100 civilians

Source: CNN

“The results of a US military investigation have found that many of the more than 100 Iraqi civilians killed in west Mosul in a US airstrike in March died because the building in which they were held had explosives inside that detonated after a US bomb hit the building. … The US had dropped a bomb on the building after Iraqi forces called in an airstrike because they were under fire from ISIS. The US military has consistently said it did not know civilians were in the building. The report finds there is no proof civilians were herded or forced into the building, but the belief is they were likely there based on what was happening in the neighborhood. At the actual time of the strike, when the Iraqi forces were under fire, there was not full line of sight to the building.” [editor’s note: When you drop a bomb, you’re responsible for where it goes, what it does, and who it kills – TLK] (05/25/17)


War College, 05/25/17

Source: Reuters

“Submarines are an accepted part of a strong navy and the cornerstone vessel of a superpower. But these stealth-killers of the ocean were once as derided and feared as the drone is now. This week on War College, former journalist and current naval historian Iain Ballantyne takes us through the history of the submarine. From the American Revolutionary War to the modern age of the nuclear triad, few weapons have been as controversial and as feared as the submarine. Find out why on this week’s episode.” [Flash audio or MP3] (05/25/17)


Populism’s false start

Source: National Review
by Ramesh Ponnuru & Rich Lowry

“The early Trump administration has been many things, but ‘populist’ hasn’t truly been one of them. When you discount the tweets, the all-consuming media controversies, the drama over personnel, and the Russia investigation — granted, that’s a lot of discounting — it has been a fairly conventional Republican administration on policy.” (05/25/17)


This Memorial Day, remember the victims of democide

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“I suppose there’s something to be said for the contraction of the holiday into just another weekend of shopping and recreation. War is horrible to contemplate and there’s a strong case for the proposition that long weekends are really for the living. But to be honest, I’d rather expand the holiday back to its original purpose — mourning and remembering all those killed in war and by state violence, not just those in uniform. And, furthermore, resolving to put a stop to the carnage.” (originally published 2016)


Fact check: No, the Republican healthcare bill would NOT cause 23 million people to “lose healthcare”

Source: Town Hall
by Guy Benson

“the latest Congressional Budget Office score of the House-passed American Health Care Act contains good news and bad news for the GOP. On the bright side, it appears that its central fiscal outcome complies with reconciliation rules, which would allow the process to move forward without a complicated tweak-and-do-over vote in the House. The nonpartisan scorekeeper also found that individual market premiums ‘would decline on average,’ and would reduce the federal deficit by $119 billion. On the other hand, media outlets are running with false headlines. … This is deeply misleading, for reasons that we explained in detail when the CBO released its March analysis of the initial ACHA. In short, the large bulk of those who are said to be ‘losing’ coverage do not currently have coverage. You cannot ‘lose’ something that you don’t have.” (05/25/17)


New Zealand: Test rocket makes it to space but not to orbit

Source: New York Daily News

“California-based company Rocket Lab said Thursday it had launched a test rocket into space from its New Zealand launch pad, although the rocket didn’t reach orbit as hoped. The company said its Electron rocket lifted off at 4:20 p.m. Thursday and reached space three minutes later. … Rocket Lab was given official approval last week to conduct three test launches from the remote Mahia Peninsula on the North Island. The company hopes to begin commercial launches later this year and eventually launch about one rocket every week.” (05/25/17)