Tunisia: Polling firm says outsider ahead in presidential vote

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

“A polling firm has projected an independent outsider, Kais Saied, as the winner in the first round of Tunisia’s presidential election, with jailed media magnate Nabil Karoui in second place. … Official preliminary results are expected by Tuesday. The projection gives Saied, a constitutional law professor without a party, 19.5% of the vote and Karoui 15.5%.” (09/15/19)


The Psychology of School Choice

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Jessica Koehler

“While humans differ on many psychological characteristics and have varied preferences, there is a sentiment that all students should be educated in the same way. … As adults, we likely realize our strengths and weaknesses, which leads to career choices that utilize these strengths. But, what about our kids? Many parents take for granted that the local public school option or the type of school they (parents) attended will automatically be the best option. What happens when that is not the case?” (09/15/19)


What Will Democrats Destroy First, Themselves Or The Country?

Town Hall

Source: Town Hall
by Derek Hunter

“What did we just watch? Was it a political party committing suicide, or was it the country? We’ll find out next November. That Democratic debate Thursday was something else, and by something else I mean horrifying. Not only wasn’t there a sane person on that stage, there wasn’t even a mildly crazy adult. ‘Bat feces crazy’ comes to mind. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren didn’t miss a beat as they promised to spend more money than exists by simply ‘taxing the rich.’ Their health care, free college, student loan forgiveness, everyone gets an electric car, peace, love, and understanding platforms only lacked giving everyone a cash-excreting unicorn. But it’s still early in the process. Kamala Harris wants to be clear about everything, then avoids every opportunity to get specific. All the candidates have had to disavow some of their past positions for being insufficiently ‘woke,’ but Harris has had to deny everything she’s done that brought her to this point.” (09/15/19)


Trump, Netanyahu discuss mutual defense treaty ahead of Israel elections

Source: United Press International

“President Donald Trump said he discussed the possibility of a mutual defense treaty during a phone call Saturday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Their discussion came three days before Netanyahu faces snap elections after being unable to form a coalition government earlier this year. … The phone call came on the same day Netanyahu called for an emergency meeting with the head of Israel’s Central Elections Committee, Supreme Court Judge Hanan Melcer, on election security. The Jerusalem Post said he’s concerned about alleged election irregularities in the Arab sector. ‘They will try to steal the election,’ he told KAN 11. Netanyahu’s Likud Party said the April election was stolen from the prime minister with forged votes.” (09/14/19)


The Anarchist Experience, episode 232

Source: The Anarchist Experience

“We discuss some of the talking points from the latest Democrat debate, including UBI, government ‘investment’ in infrastructure, reflecting on thoughts, and these HEADLINES: Did California Just Kill the Gig Economy? … Don’t Hate Me Because I Bag My Own Groceries.” [various formats] (09/15/19)


Wealth That Concentrates Kills

Source: Our Future
by Sam Pizzigati

“The weight of the wealth that sits at the top of America’s economic order isn’t just squeezing dollars out of the wallets of average Americans. That concentrated wealth is shearing years off of American lives. The latest evidence for that squeeze on American wallets comes from the Census Bureau. Researchers there have just released results from their latest annual sampling of U.S. incomes. In 2018, the new Census stats show, incomes for typical American households saw a ‘marked slowdown.’ In effect, average Americans have spent this entire century on a treadmill getting nowhere fast. The nation’s median — most typical — households pocketed 2.3 percent fewer real dollars in 2018 than they earned in 2000. The ‘vast majority’ of American households, note Economic Policy Institute analysts Elise Gould and Julia Wolfe, ‘have still not fully recovered from the deep losses suffered in the Great Recession.’ America’s most affluent households have been having no such problem.” (09/12/19)


Edward Snowden Says He Hopes France Will Grant Him Asylum

Source: US News & World Report

“Former U.S spy agency contractor Edward Snowden hopes France will grant him asylum, according to a France Inter radio interview to be broadcast on Monday. In excerpts made available on the French radio station’s Twitter account, Snowden says he would ‘love to see’ French President Emmanuel Macron make a gesture enabling him to live in the country. … Snowden has been living in Russia since 2013 after he revealed details of secret surveillance programs by U.S. intelligence agencies.” (09/15/19)


Turning Brexit into a crime

Brendan O'neill

Source: spiked
by Brendan O’Neill

“This week, the Remainer elite’s war on democracy reached fever pitch. There is now a distinct whiff of autocracy in their campaign to overthrow Brexit. Their aim seems to be to criminalise Brexit, to make it an actual offence to walk away from the European Union. Remoaner politicians constantly complain about the rhetoric of Brexiteers. But this week their own rhetoric became genuinely alarming. They now speak openly about imprisoning those who try to bring about a clean-break Brexit (‘No Deal’). They compare politicians who refuse to extend Britain’s membership of the EU to common criminals. So John Bercow, the puffed-up Speaker who abused his position in parliament to try to subvert the people’s will, says Boris Johnson will be no better than a ‘bank robber’ if he refuses to delay Brexit and take No Deal off the table.” (09/13/19)


Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock, 09/13/19

Source: Freedom’s Phoenix

“Angela Keaton on the FBI Must Destroy Memos Calling Antiwar.com a Threat — Starchild (libertarian activist) comes on the show to discuss International Data Collection on Students via Admission forms.” [MP3] (09/13/19)


MN: Man held in connection to fire that destroyed 119-year-old synagogue

Source: NBC News

“A man is being held in county jail in connection to the fire that burned down a Minnesota synagogue, police said on Sunday. … The Duluth PD, along with federal ATF investigators, are still looking into the motivation of the fire. A complaint is expected to be filed next week. ‘At this moment in time, there is no reason to believe that this is a bias or hate crime,’ [Duluth Police Chief Mike] Tusken said in a Sunday press conference, adding the classification of the crime is subject to change as the investigation continues. … Duluth police and firefighters responded to a report of a fire early Monday morning and found Adas Israel Congregation, a 119-year-old Orthodox synagogue, in flames. Although the fire department said no accelerants were used to start the blaze, officials said Sunday that the fire spread quickly throughout the synagogue, which is facing major structural damage. Firefighters were able to recover some of the synagogue’s religious artifacts early Monday morning.” (09/15/19)